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October 28, 2008

By Contributor

Prop. 1

City officials didn’t explain adequately how light rail is better than buses

In the letter “Thumbs up on Sound Transit Prop. 1,” Mayor Ava Frisinger and City Councilman Fred Butler asked us to vote yes on Prop. 1.

I’d like to hear an explanation from them how exactly Prop. 1 would benefit Issaquah residents after light rail will take away express lanes on the Interstate 90 floating bridge and buses would have to use no-right of way regular lanes.

It seems to me that buses are much better, less expensive and a more flexible way of transportation than light rail, at least for people living in I-90 corridor.

Michael Fichtenholtz


Buses, light rail can co-exist crossing I-90

I have heard concerns expressed about the loss of the middle lanes to accommodate light rail across Interstate 90. The existing middle lanes are currently reserved for HOV traffic headed west in the a.m. and east in the p.m.

The HOV lanes will be moved to the outside lanes. One lane will be a dedicated HOV lane in the west direction and one will be a dedicated HOV lane in the east direction. They will not be reversible, but will provide a 24-hour dedicated lane in each direction.

The result is that buses and HOV traffic will have a dedicated east and west lane to replace the existing reversible center express lanes.

Please call if you have questions.

Fred Butler


Initiative 1000

Personal experience shows assisted  suicide law would take dignity away

I am living Initiative 1000. My dad was diagnosed with colon cancer over a year ago. He went through six months of chemotherapy and had a clean bill of health.

Then, a few months later, he found out that not only did the cancer return, but also it advanced. He began another agonizing round of chemotherapy. After a few treatments, his reaction was so bad he ended up in the hospital in early August.

When he wasn’t improving the doctor gave him horrifying news; he would die within three to six months. I was heartbroken. The Walla Walla Hospital informed us that hospice would take over his care. I met an angel, Nurse Mickey. Hospice came and set up a bed in my parent’s house. Then, two nurses would visit regularly. Nurse Mickey treated my dad with gentle compassion. If my dad experienced any pain, they took care of it.

Luckily God blessed our family with my dad’s presence for two months. During this time, each of us had a chance to say goodbye. Family members who haven’t spoken to us in years came and shared how my father made a difference in their lives. Friends from his childhood sent messages of how they valued my dad’s life-changing friendship.

I won’t lie. At times, it was hard to see my dad fade a little each day. When he couldn’t get out of bed, it was difficult, but does that mean his life wasn’t valuable? Every moment was a precious gift from God. On Oct. 1, 2008, my father, Michael Feeney, died at age 66. I will always remember my dad’s never-ending faith in God and others.

The hospice care gave my dad a chance to die with dignity. Initiative 1000 takes that dignity away. It is more like death on demand. If it passes, then what happens next? People with disabilities? Uninsured? Depressed?

When we start playing God we lose the value of human life and dignity. When I go to the polls I will vote no on Initiative 1000. What will you do?

Molly Feeney


Decision 2008

National, local Democrat tickets  have many outstanding candidates

We are so fortunate this election to have outstanding candidates starting with Barack Obama for president. Add Chris Gregoire as governor to continue her strong leadership and Darcy Burner for Congress to finally give us representation in the other Washington.

Here in the 5th Legislative District, we have lucked out with great candidates. I encourage everyone to vote for Phyllis Huster for Senate, Jon Viebrock and David Spring for the House.

These hardworking candidates are honest, intelligent, and realistic. They are not in the pockets of large corporations and lobbyists. Our candidates care about us and our issues out here. We need Phyllis, Jon and David working for us down in Olympia.

Phyllis has an extensive background helping manage huge budgets. We sure need that now for the winners will have to deal with our state problems, just as other states all over the USA.

Jon is a working man, working every day as he campaigns. He is a construction drywall foreman, so he fully understands what working men and women are facing. An honorably discharged Marine, he also supports our military families.

David’s background is extensive in education. He has a passion for helping our students achieve their goals and get new schools built.

When you vote in November, don’t stop after the first few. Be sure to support our 5th District candidates: Phyllis, Jon and David. They’ll bring to Olympia fresh outlooks and commitment to work to resolve our problems.

Nancy D. San Carlos


Fred Jarrett would serve honorably  if elected to state Senate

I have known Fred Jarrett for 45 years, since we first met in the North Mercer Junior High School band, last chair trombonists, both. Throughout that time, I have seen Fred accomplish great things for our community through his hard work, bipartisan spirit and his willingness to really listen to constituents.

That is why I was so surprised when I received Fred’s opponent’s negative attacks in the mail. The latest attack charges Fred with things that I know aren’t true, and I believe most people know that as well.

The Fred Jarrett I know has honorably served our community as a representative and I know he will continue that record as a senator. I am honored to vote for him for senator and I hope you will, too.

Paul Haaland

Mercer Island

Vote for David Spring, who will truly  represent the people of the 5th District

Who is Glenn Anderson? I’ve been told he’s my 5th Legislative District representative, but he seems to be a ghost. I never see him or hear from him. Not a letter, an e-mail, an invitation to a meeting — nothing.

Maybe he really doesn’t represent me. I’ve learned that prior to becoming a state representative, Anderson was a lobbyist, advocating on behalf of banks, drug companies and oil companies. Now, as a state legislator, he is receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from these same industries. Maybe that’s who he represents.

I’ve also learned that Anderson has proposed paying for K-12 education by raising our property taxes (House Bill 1612). Many large corporations pay almost no state taxes at all. Why should I have to pay more so they can pay less?

I’m going to vote for David Spring. He isn’t taking campaign money from big business, and I do see and hear from him.

Dave Miller


Marcie Maxwell shows a better understanding of those in the 41st District

We have a real opportunity to elect an outstanding candidate to represent our 41st Legislative District.

For decades, Marcie Maxwell, has been a leader on the increasingly diverse 41st District playing field — improving education, addressing our needs and working to improve our quality of life. Her opponent Steve Litzow’s recent comments touting how superior his Mercer Island School District is to Renton speaks volumes. Does he realize, for example, that 44 percent of Renton children are eligible for subsidized lunches versus 1.9 percent on Mercer Island, or that Renton must deal with the complexities of more than 80 different language learners?

His apparent lack of understanding of the difference in demographics — Mercer Island versus Renton, is proof positive that he should stay put on the Mercer Island City Council. Maxwell is the only choice to represent our entire diverse 41st District.

Marlene Winter


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2 Responses to “To The Editor”

  1. James S on October 28th, 2008 7:06 pm

    “I’d like to hear an explanation from them how exactly Prop. 1 would benefit Issaquah residents after light rail will take away express lanes on the Interstate 90 floating bridge and buses would have to use no-right of way regular lanes. ”

    This simply isn’t true.

    Michael Fichtenholtz works for a big, daily newspaper. He should know better than to get his information from anti-rail sources which consistently put out bad information.

  2. Marcia Naeseth on October 29th, 2008 11:25 am

    NO to I-1000 Death by Leathal Drugs

    I am agains Initiavie No. 1000. My Mother was diagnosed with Alzheimers and at first she was depressed and felt so terrible about being a burden and was terribly frightened. Who wouldn’t be? We got help for her and she was very happy and at peace for the next 6 to 7 years. I enjoyed many moments with her as a daughter that I had never experienced with her when i was growing up, and for that I am greatful. There were times and moments which were difficult to deal with but, the joy of having her in our lives outweighed the discomforts, for her and for ourselves. She came to the point that she didn’t know who I was, that was o.k., I knew who she was, I learned to love my Mother and respect this phase of her life. I feel fortunate now that I was able to help my Mother as she helped me throughout my life.
    I-1000 will allow lethal drugs to be dispensed to patients, their families won’t be told. So when family members feel like they are a burden because of their problems and they are going through depression, they can obtain lethal drugs, instead of compassion, love and care.
    The American Medical Association opposes this law because it is a poorly written law that is not safe for anyone. Caregivers, family members, and loved ones deserve excellent end of life care, not lethal drug overdoses.
    Vote NO on I-1000, save a life.

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