Christmas fund helps local families all year

December 8, 2008

By Staff

The volunteers at Issaquah Church and Community Services listen to the stories of people who are down on their luck and try to help. But no matter how much they help, another person will be right behind them.

To date: $13,725

To date: $13,725

Issaquah residents who come to Church and Community Services are usually at the end of the line, not knowing how to stave off the bill collectors. And more often than not, this feeling of helplessness is a new experience for them.

There was the older couple who needed portable propane tanks for their small cooking stove. And the single mother of two who was faced with a big increase in daycare costs at the same time her car broke down. A father had been laid off at an escrow company and needed help with his mortgage while he looked for work. Another young man who lost his job just needed gas money so he could go live with his grandmother in Burien.

Church and Community Services can usually help a little, making payments via vouchers, never in cash. And it can refer families to other sources of help.

But Church and Community Services depends on the generosity of the hundreds of people who contribute to the Merry Christmas Issaquah fund, coordinated by The Issaquah Press since 1981. Without it, Issaquah families with emergency needs would have no place to turn.

You can help, too. Send tax-deductible donations to Merry Christmas Issaquah, c/o The Issaquah Press, P.O. Box 1328, Issaquah, WA 98027.

Donor names (but not amounts) will be published unless anonymity is requested.

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