100 percent of donations helps Issaquah families

December 15, 2008

By Staff

TO DATE: $16,945

GOAL: $50,000

As winter approaches, the calls increase from families needing a bit of financial help to keep them in their homes and the heat on. Not coincidentally, checks begin arriving about the same time for the Merry Christmas Issaquah fund, money that will be used to help those families in crisis.

The volunteers at Issaquah Church and Community Services know firsthand how important the donations to Merry Christmas Issaquah can be. 

“We would be unable to help those people who come to us when they are faced with an emergency,” said Church and Community Services President Pat Stegner. “Most often, it is help with utility bills, especially as winter progresses and the bills get bigger. But there are plenty of other emergencies that ICCS helps with.”

Church and Community Services primarily gives families one-time help with utilities and rent payments, but also helps with car repairs, bus vouchers, food, prescriptions, work uniforms and more. 

Donors appreciate that 100 percent of their donation goes directly to help those in need, thanks to volunteer staff. Phones and office space is contributed by the city of Issaquah. 

The good work of Church and Community Services is dependent on Merry Christmas Issaquah, a fund drive begun in 1981. 

“We aren’t able to provide much, but a little goes a long way when you are faced with eviction or a power shut-off,” Stegner said.

You, too, can help by making a tax-deductible donation. Names of donors (but not amounts) will be published unless anonymity is requested.

Send contributions to Merry Christmas Issaquah, c/o The Issaquah Press, P.O. Box 1328, Issaquah, WA 98027.

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