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December 15, 2008

By Contributor


Road dividers for preventing illegal turns only serve to uglify town

I can understand the reasoning behind installing the sticks in West Sunset Way, by the library, to prevent folks from making left turns from First Place Northwest onto Sunset. But do we really want to uglify our town just because of a few miscreants?

I think the sticks look like something you’d expect to see in downtown L.A. or Chicago or someplace gross, not in our cute little town of Issaquah.

I’d rather see the sticks go away and put up with (or ticket!) a few violators each day.

Mike Harrington


Harvest Dance

Community event helped donate $15,000 to Issaquah Food BankOn behalf of the Issaquah Harvest Team, I would like to thank the hundreds of people who supported the benefit dance at Pickering Barn on Nov. 21. It was a tremendous success — great music, food, dancing, libations and fellowship. Almost $15,000 was raised for the food bank. Given only two months lead time to get this going is a testament to the planning team and various groups that performed their parts so well.
David Harris — see what discussions over beer will do? And Jeri, Sue and Flo for showing up to every meeting and making it happen. Gloria, Ana, Cyndi, Marilyn and Kevin — words fail me. 

To Mayor Ava Frisinger, City Administrator Leon Kos and the city Parks Department; Kiwanis Club for insurance coverage and driving the auction (Lynda and Chris); Rotary Club — especially Lesley Austin for the financial oversight. Rowley Properties — Skip, you always make things happen. The AstroCats and Magnolia Road — what great bands — you involved people with great dance music. Our food and libations vendors — you blessed us with your tasty-licious wares. Those who donated and bought auction items, including the Ventures-signed guitar, the spa packages, wine and so much more. Fred Butler — can you hear me now?

Thanks to several churches who helped with prayers and participation, especially Our Savior Lutheran Church, St. Joseph Catholic Church, Latter Day Saints and many more. Your year-round support of the food bank is inspiring.

Our incredible Key Clubbers came out in droves that evening to help with set-up, soft drink sales and tear-down. Your enthusiasm was boundless — especially Becky and Barb. Our Issaquah newspapers — for publicity, ticket sales and much more. 

The Issaquah Valley Community Services team — John, Cherie and more than 125 volunteers — you continue to make a difference 52 weeks per year in the lives of thousands of people. It was a privilege to help in this small way.

Lastly: To the citizens of our fair city — you continue to amaze me with how you constantly define and live community.

Bill Werner



City responsibilities

Christmas tree is great; are our leaders supposed to promote Gilman Village? 

The Christmas tree looks wonderful! Certainly hope it will be possible in the future to keep the lights on.  

In response to the letter regarding Gilman Village: Seems to me it is not the responsibility of the city to promote it. Isn’t it a privately owned enterprise? Granted, it is a unique place, but still…

Judi Schrager


Southeast Bypass

Leaders were right to support route without any planned alternatives

When it was announced that the Southeast Bypass was dead — and that there was no other alternative being looked at — I was appalled. It’s like a spoiled child saying, “I don’t want that. Guess again.” Then, I found out there were a few right-thinkers on the council — Fred Butler, Eileen Barber and Rowan Hinds. They opposed dumping the bypass idea without another alternative to consider.

So, when I read in a letter to the editor that one citizen thinks those three should step down, and goes on to argue the point that summarily canceling the bypass was a right decision, I can’t help but believe he is one of the vocal minority living near the proposed path of said bypass.

His argument doesn’t make sense either. A traffic problem, or any problem, isn’t solved by saying there’s no solution. You solve the problem a piece at a time. 

Issaquah cannot do anything about Issaquah-Hobart Road congestion, but we can do something about the traffic through Old Town Issaquah. I support a bypass around Old Town. It would cut down on car emissions, allow the downtown to be more pedestrian friendly and encourage more use of those businesses in the area. 

I applaud Fred, Eileen and Rowan for not “going along” with the majority. With differing views on the council, I believe, more options are explored.

I hope the discussion about a bypass is reopened. We need it.

Lee Woods


Christmas in the Capitol

Honoring all religions should not include sign that denounces all religions

To the Honorable Gov. Gregoire,

I implore you to revoke the permit for the signage within the capitol building that mocks and denounces Christianity. No matter at what level of Washington state government the decision was made to allow such a travesty remains your direct responsibility. At this point, you have the opportunity to correct a clear embarrassment and misuse of governmental offices.

Calls requesting your office take appropriate action to remove the antireligion sign have been met with a blame shift to the offices of gubernatorial minions. The end result is no responsibility is assessed or action taken. The insult to the foundational religion of our culture continues to be attacked with governmental indifference. 

Following the politically correct shift in culture, religion is fair game to hate speech while even the simplest and most intended perception of slight to any other demographic is tantamount to a holocaust-esque proportion.

No intellectually honest person can misconstrue the intent of the sign’s message — it is clearly intended to suck the joy out of a holiday dear to the hearts of Christians. Denigrating the value system many Washingtonians hold dearly by labeling its congregants as misinformed, archaic in their thinking and essentially ignorant cannot be missed. Those of faith, and many who are not, would like to have the opportunity to celebrate the season’s meaning and spirit in the state’s capitol without the intrusion of political message — of any kind.

It is time for the governor to step away from political correctness and expediency. Do the right thing and remove the sign.

Mark L. Bowers


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One Response to “To The Editor”

  1. G Zhang on December 19th, 2008 5:15 pm

    Exhibiting a typical fundamentalist persecution complex, Mr. Bowers says that the Freedom From Religion Foundation ( sign “mocks and denounces Christianity.” Actually, the sign doesn’t mention Christianity. It mentions religion in general. But Bowers wants to be persecuted, so he narrows it down to his particular religion.

    I’ll magnanimously give the same advice to Mr Bowers that religious conservatives give to nonreligious people who don’t like religious displays on government property: “If you don’t like it, don’t look at it!”

    If the government opens a public forum on government property, then it must allow all speech. It can’t pick and choose. That’s unconstitutional. The best solution, of course, is to keep all this paraphernalia off government property.

    If you like a nativity scene, Mr. Bowers, put one up in your home or church. But you have no right to expect the government to help you exhibit your religion’s symbols.

    Besides, why anyone would want Big Brother getting involved in their sacred traditions is beyond me. It’s especially bizarre when this desire is expressed by small-government conservatives who don’t like govt intrusion into any other issues. Hypocrisy? You be the judge.

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