Pieter Broodryk

January 27, 2009

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Pieter Broodryk


Pieter Broodryk died Jan. 14, 2009. Always the eager one in everything he did, he left much too early, at age 51.

Adventure was always in his blood, and the wide-open spaces of his native country, South Africa, were never enough for this great man. So, in 1991, he left for America with his only love and soul mate of 30 years Alta, daughter Marne, son Pieter, five suitcases and a 13-inch TV. Even though he was proud of his roots, he became one of the fiercest and supportive patriotic citizens of the United States of America. 

Pieter was a brilliant career man and worked for several companies, including Washington Mutual, Sumitomo Bank and Wells Fargo. His career took him and his family all over the United States, to such places as Buffalo, N.Y.; Calabasas, Calif.; and finally, Sammamish. 

Pieter loved children of all ages, and in many ways was one of them with his childlike amusement of all things Disney and candy. He was the perfect grandfather to every child he met. With his jolly demeanor and generous spirit, he was the ideal Santa. One of his favorite activities was seeking out and opening his own Christmas presents, in the middle of July or as soon as he could find them. 

From the simplest of pleasures to the daunting task of remodeling the bathroom, Pieter enjoyed every aspect of life. He could often be found building R/C airplanes, playing with mechanical toys or gadgets or gardening in his greenhouse. This avid fisherman would spend hours on his boat catching fish with family and friends, even if the weather or the sea refused to cooperate. 

Pieter will be remembered as a gentle giant who left footprints on our hearts. He took enormous strides, entering the lives of others and changing them for good. He was never content until his house was bursting at the seams with people, and was always known to live life to its fullest, laughing as loud as he could. No one was a stranger to him. The countless lives he touched is the legacy he now leaves behind.

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