Press Editorial

March 17, 2009

By Staff

The death of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer is not to be taken lightly. Newspaper readers who understand the role newspapers play in our democracy — as government watchdog, purveyor of information and rough draft of history — will be feeling the pain this week as the Puget Sound region mourns the loss of its oldest daily newspaper.

None can feel the pain as much as those of us in the news business. We understand the loss of talent. 

Ironically, newspaper readership has never been higher. The interest in the fall election, the economy and global events has spiked readership, although many readers now prefer their news online instead of in print. Both matter. Both take independent journalism companies to get the job done.

Legislators are listening and are willing to act. Last week, the House passed a bill to lower the B&O tax on newspapers. It’s up to the Senate to seal the deal. It’s not a fix, but every bit of relief is critical and appreciated.

Since the announcement two months ago that the P-I would close if not sold, readers have been asking us more than ever about the health of this newspaper.

Let’s not kid around — times are tough. But we’re still here and must believe we will still be here next year and the year after. There are fewer pages in the paper these days, a direct reflection of fewer retail and classified ads. But our staff is dedicated to making every inch of news space fill our mission of connecting the community we serve.

Thank you, readers, for asking what you can do to help.

Yes, subscriptions are welcome, even though you may be receiving the paper for free. Call our circulation desk at 392-6434 or go online to our Web site —

Be sure to post your spring/summer garage sale in our classifieds. The results are worth it!

Support Issaquah Press advertisers. They are struggling, too, and need to know the community appreciates them being here. Be sure to tell them thanks for using The Press for their advertising. Their ad is not just good for business, it also shows support for your community and its newspaper.

Make a commitment to shop locally. Local stores hire local residents — your neighbors and friends. Employment opportunities and a healthy business district help maintain property values, too.

Our job is to keep the “unity” in community, but we do need community support. Thanks for asking. Thanks for caring.

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