To The Editor

March 23, 2009

By Staff


Readers are lucky to still get community news in wake of national failures

Your paper will be more appreciated for local Sammamish/Issaquah news in the future. Losing the Eastside Journal, we lost so much local news.My first story in print, in 1971, was in the Sacramento Union, a paper founded in 1851. Mark Twain’s ghost walked the halls of that right-winged paper. I am as sad today as I was in 1994, when the Union, and all of my memories all went to heaven.

Bye P-I. Thank god Art Thiel will have a blog. We are thankful for the small, local, neighborhood papers.

I still like to sit in the sun with a newspaper and turn the pages, something that a computer or these new reading devices lack. Page turning, and newspapers, where children can find relief in a busy day to read a comic, scour the news for a current event, where older adults who don’t use computers have a scope to the outside world. Not everyone will use a computer to keep up. And yes, there are still the older people who don’t watch television.

I hope America’s newspapers are around a long time. Keep up the good work.

January Holmes


Parking restrictions

More spaces needed along Issaquah-Hobart Road at Poo Poo Point

I was sorry to see that parking restrictions will soon be in place on the west side of Issaquah-Hobart Road near the Poo Poo Point landing field — and with the possibility of east side restrictions to come.

I recognize the potential hazards, but I’d hoped this was something we could work through without draconian restrictions. As one of the many frequent users of the trail (having run it about 800 times over nearly seven years), I think I’m qualified to say that Steve Williams’ assessment of the situation is off the mark and a bit revealing of what he does not know. 

I would venture to say that most of the hikers (and runners) on the trail are well outside the orbit of the Issaquah Alps Trails Club membership. There are numerous people who regularly hike (and run) the Chirico Trail several times a week. As Tom Allen alluded, even on days when weather keeps paraglider pilots off the mountain, there are still numerous hikers who park there, and their number swells in fair weather. It’s hands-down the greatest “health club” in Issaquah. Its popularity is growing — and it’s free.

Marc Chirico (like his fellow paraglider pilots) is a wonderful, positive-minded fellow, and he has graciously welcomed us all to enjoy his visionary project. Paraglider pilots are indeed easy targets for the congestion. I don’t think any of us nonparaglider users of the trail would want to make their great sport more difficult by limiting their opportunities to park. But I can foresee that happening.

And for practical reasons, Williams’ suggestion of carpooling is out of the question for most of us who use the trail regularly. Many of us don’t live far away, and we squeeze our trips into busy schedules. 

So, here is my plea: that county officials, rather than choking out use with restrictions, make a good effort to address the need for more parking at this immensely popular site. Hikers, we should unite with paraglider pilots to see that this happens.

Dan Reid


Rules of the road

Motorists, please stop for pedestrians  at the curb waiting to cross the street

As I understand the law, motorists must stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk, not waiting on a curb. And more than that, the pedestrian has to be in a motorist’s lane before he or she is required to stop. Yuk.

What this means for me, as a pedestrian, is that I must risk my 200 pounds against a 4,000-pound car, hoping that the driver sees me and decides to stop. Believe me when I say I don’t do that. Consequently, I am often standing on a curb, in the weather (cold, rain, whatever) waiting, while motorists drive by in their climate-controlled comfort.

So, this is an appeal to motorists — give pedestrians waiting on the curb a break. Please, stop for us. You can hurry our crossing if you use a hand signal indicating you are allowing us to cross. We can see you through your windshield. Thanks.

Lee Woods


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