Rapid response

April 13, 2009

By Staff

Our Rapid Responders answered these questions for us recently in response to issues in the news:

Question No. 1:What do you think of traffic cameras being used to catch speeders?

Speed cameras do nothing for safety. They simply gather revenue.

Paul Stewart, Issaquah

 Yes. “The measure of a man is what he does when no one is watching.”

Matthew Balkman, Issaquah


I’d rather have traffic cameras used to catch yellow/red-light violators. It’s like the colored stoplight system is just for decoration, because so many drivers ignore the yellow/red lights around town!

Michele Forkner, Issaquah


Question No. 2:

Do you make any special effort to keep your   vehicle from being broken into, either overnight or when you leave it while shopping or working?

Never leaving items in the passenger area of the car and/or ensuring any items are stowed in the trunk prior to arriving at my destination.

Jesica Sartell, Issaquah


When I was growing up in the ’30s and ’40s, no one had to lock his or her car or home, etc. Everyone respected others’ property. But these days, anything not tied down seems to be fair game in today’s hokey environment. 

Ken Sessler, Issaquah


My car is 23 years old. It is well-maintained and economical, but not very fashionable. I receive special attention from the “Fashion Police” in my Issaquah Highlands neighborhood. No further security measures are required.

K.S. Asmus, Issaquah


No special efforts. Just common sense — lock the doors and don’t keep anything of value inside.

Michelle Kolano, Issaquah


Yes. It has an alarm system (factory installed) and I always lock the car when I leave it anywhere.

Rick Fournier, Issaquah


I use my trunk far more, so there is nothing in view that might tempt a dirty, rotten thief. To ward off the technology thieves, I use the door lock system instead of my remote when I am leaving my car in a parking lot.

Suzanne Suther, Bellevue


Park in light places and don’t leave things out to tempt thieves.

Matthew Balkman, Issaquah


Question No. 3:

How do you feel city officials are doing in keeping taxpayers up to date with city budget information?

The changing financial climate poses a challenge when keeping taxpayers up to date. The Issaquah Press has been good at identifying some of the cost cutting measures.

Don Burnett, Issaquah


Grade F — no information for public at meetings, no info on Web site, only verbal responses to unknown numbers on TV. What economic downturn?

Connie Marsh, Issaquah


Communication is a two-way street and requires effort from everyone. I receive most of my information from city of Issaquah e-blasts and The Issaquah Press. If I notice a topic of interest, I attend meetings, download documents or e-mail City Council/officials.

Michelle Kolano, Issaquah


The access to information is easy if you know where to look. Anyone can review the 2009 proposed budget and/or track committee and council agendas pertaining to the budget at the city’s Web site — www.ci.issaquah.wa.us — or e-mail members of the council.

Suzanne Suther, Bellevue


Not well. The monthly update is not widely disseminated and doesn’t track with the budget line items. And monthly update entries float over the year.

Hank Thomas, Issaquah


They could do a better job. I think they are doing the status quo. With technology as it is, much more is possible, for little cost. 

Rick Fournier, Issaquah


Question No. 4:

Do you think students should have a second   weeklong winter break, as they do now?

A four-day weekend may be a better alternative with all of the snow days. It might be wise to see it as flexible in making up for snow days.

Don Burnett, Issaquah


Oh great, so we have to put up with the little snot-faces running wild for another week, do we?

Paul Stewart, Issaquah


Yes. I would rather the schools shorten summer vacation than reduce the number of breaks during the school year. Flexibility to go on trips and schedule other family activities throughout the year is very important. Summer vacation is more than long enough.

David Bangs, Issaquah


Yes to a second break. No mid-week days off for anything. A waste!

Matthew Balkman, Issaquah

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