Coming soon: Issaquah schools’ alumni directory

July 28, 2009

By Chantelle Lusebrink

Issaquah School District officials want to know where you are.Past students can expect phone calls and e-mails from a group called Harris Connect, who district officials and the Issaquah Schools Foundation have chosen to help them update their directory.

The listing will compile generations of Issaquah graduates and connect them with fellow alumni throughout the nation and the world.

“This is so we can have a connection to our alumni, our recent graduates all the way to those that graduated decades and decades ago. This will build a web and unite our alumni,” said Sara Niegowski, district director of communications. “If they choose to be listed, this book is published so that alumni from near and far can find information in there and connect or reconnect.”

The directory will give district officials a chance to make connections to alumni who may have an interest in district news and events.

All graduates from Issaquah will be contacted in the next week or two to determine whether they would like to be included in the directory and to confirm whether the information officials have is correct.

The directory is free to the district and to the foundation. Harris Connect will sell the directory to alumni and keep the proceeds.

“Basically, this directory will help us reach out to alumni that have had great memories and experiences in the Issaquah School District,” said Lynn Juniel, director of programming for the foundation. “We also hope that it will remind them, as alumni, that they have a great opportunity to support our schools and enable them to endow today’s kids with the same outstanding education that they received, by honoring past friends or teachers with a gift to the Issaquah Schools Foundation.”

The information will not be sold to outside vendors or solicitors, she said.

“If anybody is afraid that this is just a phishing scam, it isn’t,” she said. “We legitimately partnered with them for use of the information in a specific way and the information will only be used for that. This is not a company doing something independently.”

Get involved

If you are an alumnus and would like to proactively confirm your preference and information you can call the Issaquah School District line at Harris Connect at 800-366-6249.

Reach Reporter Chantelle Lusebrink at 392-6434, ext. 241, or Comment on this story at

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6 Responses to “Coming soon: Issaquah schools’ alumni directory”

  1. Eric on July 30th, 2009 9:14 am

    I complained to the district about this. I was positive that this was a phishing scam until I found it on the district’s site. The guy I talked to on their line was really shady and trying whatever he could to get my credit card #. I’m also furious that the school district would provide my personal information to an outside agency for marketing/sales purposes without my consent. It is completely unethical. I’m going to attempt to have all my information removed from this directory, on principal.

  2. Kelsey on July 31st, 2009 1:19 pm

    I felt like all they wanted was my money too. I understand its good to know what people are up to and where they are living now so that when your 10 year comes around or something special but, i dont want to give them 2 payments of only 49.99. Sorry, I dont have that money right now. and even though my year books got distroyed, I am not about to spend 100 bucks to find out that my classmates are still in the area. Besides thats what myspace and facebook are for lol…

  3. Jerri on July 31st, 2009 8:49 pm

    While the school district says that the purpose of this directory is to connect the ‘District’, the Issquah Schools Foundation and ISD alumni and not be used for marketing purposes, it concerns me that the district fails to see the irony of their statement. First of all, the Issaquah Schools Foundation does market Issaquah Schools and does solicit for donations. Many ISD alumni are in the marketing business, either marketing themselves and their business or providing that service for another business or individual. There is nothing that prevents an alumnus from using this directory for whatever purpose they choose once they purchase it. So, contributor and buyer beware. The $99.98 seems a little steep for information that could easily be accessed thru, My Space or Facebook. Again, buyer and contributor beware, once you give this to Harris Connect and you do so voluntarily, there is no real way to keep them from sharing your information with others outside the Issaquah Alumni Group. I’m truly surprised the the school board would endorse this type of activity when they are charged with maintaining the privacy of all our students. I hope there is an ‘opt in’ feature to this directory, that they can’t collect information and include it in the directory without the express consent of the alumnus listed. Just my thoughts, as much as I would like to know where every one is and how they’re doing, their privacy, my privacy belongs to me and it’s not for sale.

  4. Barbara McPherson Robbins on August 5th, 2009 1:44 pm

    Just heard from Joe . What is this all about?? I have NO intentions of telling a total stranger my credit card number or give any information. I did graduate from Issaquah in 1961, If there is something I can pick up, just let me know. No one tells me anything.

  5. Dave on August 9th, 2009 12:15 pm

    Visitor from a different school and a victim of a different school Harris project. Make No Mistake. This Harris Direct Alumni Directory project is very specifically to create a marketing book. It is not in the best interest of the alumni. If you receive mail, call them and specifically say you want to “opt out”

  6. Chuck on September 4th, 2009 8:52 am

    Issaquah Schools Foundation is NOT Issaquah School District. I am amazed in this time, with the Privacy Act, that the Issaquah School District could “sell” a marketing list to a company for “donations”. This is all a scam and is written to make it sound legitimate. If you do a search on this company, you will find each school district has an individual “company” set up to do business with this “non-profit” organization. Remember, even non-profits are paying salaries and “expenses”.
    You will also note in an Issaquah Press Article dated 9/23/2008 by Chantelle Lusebrink that a “foundation” with this same name “donated $130,000 to the Issaquah School District to aid non-english speaking students in education.
    Is this the same “foundation”? It appears to be. Did Issaquah School District sell out our private information for this donation?
    I think a “true reporter” would be all over this angle, especially if their families private information was at stake.
    Hours of our time is now being expended to stop publication and phone solicitation from a company we did not solicit and Issy School District povided our private information to.
    Class Action???

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