Press Editorial

October 27, 2009

By Staff

Dow Constantine for King County executive

The outcome of the race for King County executive will have a significant effect on our urban cities and surrounding unincorporated areas, which makes the choice a critical one. We’ve seen what happens when the leadership is misdirected and we’re looking forward to change.

Dow Constantine is our preferred choice.He is well grounded in the nitty-gritty details the county executive needs to master. He has a master’s degree in urban planning and has practiced law for 19 years. His volunteer years included efforts to preserve open space, and he later worked with disgruntled rural landowners to find solutions to the critical areas ordinance.

As a seven-year King County Council member, Constantine initiated county performance audits and has plans to use them to find and implement cost cuts. He has allies in the state Legislature, where he served in the House and Senate. As chair of the County Council’s budget committee, he led the charge to cut the former executive’s budget.

Constantine’s has elaborated plans to overhaul Metro bus routes to match today’s needs, make Sound Transit operations more efficient and seek more stable sources of revenue for transit.

From the get-go, he has been committed to keeping urban county parks open until a transfer of ownership is completed, and keeping police officers off the budget-cut list. We also like his plan to have a staff person assigned to work with small cities and rural areas.

Susan Hutchison, Dow’s opponent, has many fresh ideas, but they are ideas not yet grounded in substance. For example, she now thinks state Route 520 should be the cross-lake route for light rail, even though voters approved an Interstate 90 crossing over the bridge that was designed for just this use.

She touts her nonpartisanship roots without seeming to understand that nonpartisan does not mean she won’t need political savvy. We question her integrity — as evidenced by the details of her dismissal from her television career — and her commitment to public service — as evidenced by her dismissal as unimportant the fact that she missed voting eight times in the past eight years.

We encourage voters to think carefully about this vote. We think you’ll agree Constantine is the better choice.

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6 Responses to “Press Editorial”

  1. cgossamer on October 27th, 2009 6:29 pm

    Dow Constantine almost had my vote until I received a phone call from “Friends of Dow.” A woman asked for my husband, by name. (My husband and I both have names that could be either masculine or feminine. Usually people guess wrong and think my husband is the woman and I am the man. I suspect this is what happened here.) The first words out her mouth after asking for my husband were: “Dow Constantine is the only candidate for King County Executive who is Pro-Choice.” Now, I have to ask myself, what bearing could this possibly have on his role as King County Executive? It seems to me that he is trying to pander to women on partisan issues. I will not be pandered to by a man or a woman, and especially not a man who thinks my husband’s a woman!

  2. Samantha F. on October 27th, 2009 11:17 pm

    Dow Constantine voted for every unsustainable budget, every year, and now King County has a deficit.

    Dow Constantine was the chairman of the budget-writing committee in 2006 and bullied his colleges into voting for his wasteful ferry tax. With one exception, Councilmember Reagan Dunn was smart enough to vote against it.

    Now everyone, except Dow Constantine, agrees that the tax increase was a mistake. The ferry service, used by very few people, just does not justify the tax increase on EVERYONE who lives ANYWHERE in King County.

    Councilmember Julia Patterson has come out against it. And Councilmember Kathy Lambert said she only voted for it because Dow Constantine threatened to kill funding for the flood district.

    Dow Constantine was on the wrong side of public safety and public spending.

    Please do NOT vote for him.

    Vote for Susan Hutchison.

  3. hikingboots on October 28th, 2009 11:57 am

    To answer the post about Dow revealing his pro-choice stance: The county budget allocates money to family planning clinics, so an anti-choice executive could decide to strip such funding.

    Susan has refused to provide her stance on reproductive rights issues. At least if she came out stating she was anti-choice, she would be giving voters the ability to judge her and Dow with all the information about both candidates out in the open. Instead, she’s withholding information from the voters because she doesn’t want to alienate the pro-choice segment of the population. That’s cowardice.

  4. LoganD on October 28th, 2009 12:53 pm

    Hutchison has been trying to hide her true conservative beliefs this entire race. She refuses to make her endorsement questionnaire responses available on her website because Susan knows if voters are aware of her views they’ll see her for the right-winger she actually is.

    Her claims of being non-partisan are a joke when you look at who she has donated to in the past and her support for the right-wing think tank Washington Policy Center.

    Bush, Huckabee, Rossi – Susan donates exclusively to Republicans.

    A dishonest, anti-choice, anti-environment, TV personality with no experience is NOT what we need.

    The choice is simple.

    If you care about funding for health clinics that provide reproductive services to women, making sure that the Puget Sound is protected from corporations hell-bent on making a profit at the expense of our environment, or having an executive that is not afraid to be honest with the public about where they stand…


  5. MVH on October 28th, 2009 7:37 pm

    Susan Hutchison wanted to run for U.S. Senate as a Republican four years ago. She’s a regular at Republican Party events and fundraisers and has received vast amounts of money from all the usual Republican big money sources: Kemper Freeman, the BIAW, even the Glacier Northwest mine operators who Dow fought successfully on the Maury Island gravel mine issue. She’s spent most of the campaign lying about her views, her political background, and her supporters. Constantine is smart and qualified, even if he isn’t your dream candidate.

  6. JGH on October 29th, 2009 1:17 pm

    Susan Hutchison has shown she cannot make thoughtful decisions about the county and it resources. The recommendation to move the voter approved light rail alignment on I-90 to 520 would be throwing away about $30 million dollars that has already been spent on the engineering and planning for the I-90 alignment. It seems like endorsing this proposal is either a unthoughtful waste money or a plan to delay the light rail to the Eastside while adding money to the project with additional engineering costs. Either option shows poor leadership and vision. I am supporting Dow and his vision for the county. I agree with MVH, Constantine is smart and qualified, even if he isn’t your dream candidate.

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