Teacher layoffs imminent here

April 13, 2009

Although the state’s budget has yet to be reconciled, Issaquah School District officials are battening down the hatches and preparing for significant cuts, including teacher layoffs.

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Mirrormont residents draw line about garden

April 13, 2009

A 105-by-65-foot patch of land has become disputed turf for residents of the Mirrormont neighborhood. When residents applied for a $10,000 county grant to turn the parcel into a neighborhood vegetable garden, the president of the Mirrormont Community Association resigned in protest.

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Police investigate rape in Highlands home

April 13, 2009

Issaquah police are investigating whether a Medina police officer raped a woman he arrested during a traffic stop late last year. The alleged assault occurred at the officer’s Issaquah Highlands home, according to court documents. Read more

More anchor businesses quit

April 13, 2009

Dale Timmons, of Issaquah, purchases a case of motor oil at Joe’s on Northwest Gilman Boulevard on April 10, the day of the liquidation sale announcement. By Greg Farrar

Dale Timmons, of Issaquah, purchases a case of motor oil at Joe’s on Northwest Gilman Boulevard on April 10, the day of the liquidation sale announcement. By Greg Farrar

On the first day of its going-out-of-business sale, Joe’s was packed with bargain hunters angling for deals on skis, tents and other sporting goods.

Customers jammed the Northwest Gilman Boulevard store April 10, a day after Gordon Brothers Group, a Boston-based liquidator, announced it would close the chain. Joe’s filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in early March. Executives hoped to find a buyer for the beleaguered chain, but only liquidators submitted bids.

Frank Morton, a principal at Gordon Brothers, said the Issaquah store and 30 others would close after all of the merchandise is sold. Given the popularity of the merchandise, Morton estimated the liquidation sale would be complete in “weeks rather than months.” The store opened in August 1999. Read more

Speeders caught on camera face fines

April 13, 2009

Drivers could be fined $124 for speeding near four schools — even if no police officers are present. Officers will begin to issue citations this week for speeders caught by traffic cameras that overlook a busy Second Avenue zone near the four schools. Read more

AtWork! needs help finding student jobs

April 13, 2009


AtWork! officials are quickly trying to find jobs for three local developmentally delayed adults in the School to Work Program, before the funding runs out. 

“The School to Work program probably won’t continue, as it isn’t in the state budgets,” said Jane Kuechle, the organization’s chief development officer.

Legislators have told them funding is not likely going to be available, she said.

The program was started in 2001 to help students with developmental disabilities leave school with a job and help create a more seamless transition into adult life with supportive services from AtWork! The program costs about $6,000 per student each year.

For eight years, the program has had on average 10 students each year and has placed them successfully into jobs. 

“Having a job will help these students feel that they are valued, that they are confident, they have money to spend on the things they want and that they are accepted,” Kuechle said. 

“I think the No. 1 thing is sense of accomplishment and being a contributing member of the Issaquah community. The end result of that is increased self-esteem,” said Debbie Moore, a school-to-career specialist with the school district who works with AtWork! “I think that for businesses, it would support an atmosphere of diversity in the workplace. I think our students also reinforce real team effort within their organizations. 

“Other things businesses get with our students is a support network,” she added. “If something comes up or there is an obstacle being approached, or if they are having difficulty working with a student, our students, unlike other people, come with a point person to help them work through it.” 

Program workers are hoping community members in the area will call or e-mail them with tips for jobs, places that are hiring and new ideas, Kuechle said. 

elp a student find work

William, an Issaquah resident, is looking for work in the landscaping, warehouse or general labor fields. He has had paid and unpaid internships in landscaping, stocking, and maintenance. He is a very productive and hard worker. He is capable of working an eight-hour day, but would like to work with others. He struggles with speaking, but understands and follows all direction efficiently and with an attention to detail. 


Kevin is an Issaquah resident looking for work in the customer service, food or general labor industries. He can do light to medium physical tasks and can work in customer service. He has worked at an assisted living community, setting tables in the dining room, has worked at his school library arranging books and cleaning, and worked at a local drug store shelving merchandise, as well as recycling. Kevin struggles with communicating clearly with others, but understands and follows direction. He is looking to work between 13 hours and 15 hours a week at a job that has him working no more than three hours at a time. 


Maja is a Bellevue resident looking for work in the clerical and office, animal or general labor industries. She is well-spoken and enjoys interacting with animals and people, but struggles to speak up for herself. She is intelligent and capable of working between 15 hours and 25 hours a week for up to six hours at a time. She would do well in an office or working with animals.

Call 274-4030 or e-mail janek@atworkwa.org.

Building a better bridge

April 13, 2009





The first of 10 pilings is lowered into its hole April 10 for the new Bandaret Bridge over Issaquah Creek on Southeast May Valley Road. The 63-foot long ‘cage’ of rebar, weighing 17,000 pounds, was lowered into an 80-foot deep hole, with the cement pour to follow. Traffic is alternately one lane until November, when the $5.5 million bridge will be finished. By Greg Farrar

Local judge may be suspended

April 13, 2009

Judith Eiler

Judith Eiler

A King County District Court judge could be suspended for 90 days based on her conduct in an Issaquah courtroom. 

Judge Judith Eiler was censured April 10 by the state Judicial Conduct Commission for disrespectful behavior. Commissioners recommended to the state Supreme Court a 90-day, unpaid suspension for her. Read more

To The Editor

April 13, 2009


Grant applications for pea patches in Mirrormont a big waste of money Read more

Rapid response

April 13, 2009

Our Rapid Responders answered these questions for us recently in response to issues in the news:

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