City, sewer district officials reach water agreement

June 23, 2009

City and Sammamish Plateau Water & Sewer District officials will consider building a storm water runoff treatment system. The agreement between city and district officials will end a dispute related to storm water entering the underground Lower Reid Infiltration Gallery, a system used to recharge the aquifer beneath Issaquah. Read more

YWCA project gets $2 million state loan

June 23, 2009

A planned YWCA housing development in the Issaquah Highlands has received a $2 million state loan, Gov. Chris Gregoire announced June 17. Read more

Off The Press

June 23, 2009

Chantelle Lusebrink Press Reporter

Chantelle Lusebrink Press Reporter

Cool off this summer, but be water smart

For years, I was a lifeguard at Pine Lake on the Sammamish Plateau and if there’s one thing I always worried about when school let out, it was water safety and the times I was off duty.

Taking years of experience and at least 100 hours of training and classes, lifeguards are essential to keeping people safe in the water — children and adults. Read more

Special olympians

June 23, 2009


Eight members of the Issaquah Eagles Special Olympics team excelled and received medals May 29-31 at the 2009 Summer Games for track and field, held at Fort Lewis and McChord Air Force Base. Will Birdsey (second from left) receives an award and Wil Searing (right) receives one of three gold medals during one of the ceremonies. Other local participants were Sean Benson, Erick Gomez, Devin Christensen, Corey Lord, Lad Smith and Dan Sinnema. The Eagles’ medal count was seven gold, eight silver and two bronze. By Rhona Lord

Council members will consider Station 72 spending, agreement

June 23, 2009

Officials could release design money and approve a finance agreement related to the planned Eastside Fire & Rescue Station 72 when the City Council meets July 20. Read more

Student filmmakers host their own Oscars night

June 23, 2009

And the 2009 winners are…
4 Stephen Spielberg Award – Cody Hatfield
4 Best Male Actor – Austin Talbot
4 Best Female Actor – McCall Kistler
4 Best Picture – Radio Flyers
4 Best overall movie – Radio Flyers: Babysitting Predicament
4 Best Plot – Radio Flyers
4 Best use of sound effects – Twinkie Family
4 Best Action scene – Radio Flyers
4 Best montage –
4 Funniest Moment – Twinkie Family
4 Most Successful Group – Radio Flyers
4 Best parent actor – Janet Patto
Seventh-grader Jaden Mongauzy acknowledges the crowd as teammates Michael Butler, left, and Tanner Laine accept the award for best use of sound effects at the BLMS Oscars night. By Christopher Huber

Seventh-grader Jaden Mongauzy acknowledges the crowd as teammates Michael Butler, left, and Tanner Laine accept the award for best use of sound effects at the BLMS Oscars night. By Christopher Huber

For his age, Beaver Lake Middle School eighth-grader Cody Hatfield is good at making movies. He and his friends often make videos for fun and post them on YouTube.

But Hatfield also has a knack for acting, directing and editing movies in teacher David Clymer’s Advanced Video class.

He won the Steven Spielberg Award June 10 at the second annual BLMS Oscars night.

“I thought it was pretty cool,” Hatfield said. “Everyone told me that they thought I should win it.”

The award went to Hatfield because as a director and editor, he demonstrated skills that went above and beyond what Clymer taught in class. The Steven Spielberg Award was one of 13 categories highlighted at the event in the school library. About 25 students gathered with friends and family members to view the year’s best productions from all four production groups.

“I was pleased with it. It really represented just the overall breadth and creativity they put into all their productions this year,” Clymer said after the event. “It’s really fun to see what comes out of the favorite ones. It’s not always what you think it’s going to be.” Read more

Angela L. Malmassari

June 23, 2009

Angela Malmassari

Angela Malmassari

Angela L. Malmassari, of Issaquah, died at home June 18, 2009. She was 78. Read more

Cry wolf, and it could cost you

June 23, 2009

Officials consider false alarm ordinance

Home and business owners who cry wolf could face fines under a false alarm ordinance being considered by city officials. The proposed legislation would require alarm users to pay to register the devices as part of the effort to cut the number of false alarms. Read more

Radio club set to have a field day

June 23, 2009

On June 27, the Issaquah Amateur Radio Club operators will work to set up field radio communication stations, get on the air and try to contact other operators in the U.S. and Canada as part of the American Radio Relay League’s annual Field Day. Read more

Press Editorial

June 23, 2009

Rescue boat for EFR is an easy choice

When we learned that Eastside Fire & Rescue staff wanted funding for a boat, our first thought was, “They don’t have one already?” The purchase of a rescue boat, so firefighters can help people caught in raging waters, should be a priority, not a matter of debate. EFR’s coverage area is crisscrossed with fast-flowing rivers, streams and deep lakes, all of which are prone to flooding more often than not. Read more

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