Bring ideas to parks planning session Oct. 21

October 12, 2010

Bring ideas for the latest additions to the city parks system to Tibbetts Creek Manor.

A meeting to plan the future of Tollë Anderson, Cybil-Madeline and Issaquah Creek parks is scheduled for 7 p.m. Oct. 21 at the manor, 750 17th Ave. N.W. Residents can also complete a questionnaire about the parks at the city website.

The city plans to spend up to $1.6 million to complete the plan and build the initial phase of the 15.5-acre parks complex. Issaquah voters approved money to develop the parks in a 2006 bond.

Conservation rules and requirements attached to land donations limit how the creekside parks can be developed.

City Parks & Recreation Department employees kicked off the planning process during a public picnic at the site in late August.

In late May, parks officials picked Seattle landscape architecture firm The Berger Partnership to craft the overarching design, or master site plan, for the parks complex. The firm also designed Cal Anderson Park and Warren G. Magnuson Park in Seattle.

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King County Sheriff’s Office seeks owners of stolen items

October 12, 2010

King County Sheriff’s Office investigators plan to display dozens of items stolen from rural King County homes. The unclaimed property includes bicycles, computers, hand tools, ladders, lawn mowers, power tools, snowboards, wakeboards and water skis.

Investigators plan to display the items from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Oct. 14 at the Maple Valley precinct, 22300 S.E. 231st St. The office has set up a temporary message line at 206-205-3867.

Detectives invited victims of burglaries, thefts, vehicle prowls and similar incidents prior to Sept. 24 in southeastern King County to view the remaining unclaimed property.

If the incident occurred in a jurisdiction served by another agency or a contract city, victims need a copy of the incident report to view the property.

The items stem from the Sept. 24 arrest of a person in Spring Lake. State Department of Corrections officers arrested the person on a warrant.

The officers recovered a large amount of stolen property and contacted the sheriff’s office for assistance. Detectives believe the property was stolen during the past three months.

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Learn about long-term growth plans

October 12, 2010

Issaquah residents can take a sneak peek at the plan to re-envision more than 900 acres of the city Oct. 14.

Head to the Pickering Room at City Hall Northwest, 1775 12th Ave. N.W., from 6:30-8:30 p.m. to learn more about the Central Issaquah Plan and the proposed redevelopment of Rowley Properties land.

Joe Forkner, chairman of the Central Issaquah Plan task force, is scheduled to speak about the draft plan and offer a timeline for the project.

Representatives from Rowley Properties and the community advisory group for Rowley plan to address the meeting as well.

The event will include a brief workshop to prepare citizens to advocate for quality planning in order to preserve and enhance quality of life, natural beauty and community structure.

E-mail Cascade Land Conservancy representative Katie Collier at to R.S.V.P. or learn more.

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Press Editorial

October 12, 2010

Tucker, O’Brien for District Court judges

Few voters know just who to vote for when it comes to judicial candidates on their ballot. The closer to home, the more important the vote is — these are the judges you may very well meet for traffic tickets to misdemeanors.

The ballots this year include four choices for two District Court positions in the Northeast Division. Both of our recommended choices — Donna Tucker and John O’Brien — are preferred for the diversity of experience they bring to the job.

Tucker and Larry Mitchell are vying for Position 7.

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Letters to the Editor

October 12, 2010

Bike safety

Riders should also follow all laws

The long article in the Sept. 8 Press, addressing the purpose of the Issaquah Bicycle Club was keeping abreast of road construction for bikers’ safety, was interesting.

However, I was disappointed but not surprised that the article did not address that another of the club’s aims should be to stress that bikers should also obey all of the laws of the road for their safety and set that example for their children.

When I was growing up in the 1930’s, there were no helmet requirements, we did need a bike license tag on the bike and when we parked our bikes at school or anywhere in Garden City, Kan., we did not need to chain our bikes to a post to prevent them being stolen. Just a sign of the times, folks!

Ken Sessler


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Nimble dogs become masters of the agility course

October 12, 2010

Sisters compete with pet Shetlands in popular obstacle course competition

Once her leash is removed, 7-year-old Mandy is off, jumping over obstacles, running in between poles and flying through hoops as the Shetland sheepdog’s owner, Carol Carlisle, tells her what to do next.

Carol Carlisle runs beside he dog Mandy, on a course of jumps and weaves last month during an AKC Agility Trial at the Argus Ranch in Auburn. By Greg Farrar

Carlisle has always had shelties. While living in The Dalles, Ore., she was looking to train dogs for obedience when she took her dog to a friend who had shelties as well, and introduced Carlisle to agility. Carlisle trained with her sheltie, Grace Jo, until she was hit by a car.

Carlisle obtained Mandy through Barb Aulbach, of Caledon Kennel, in Scappoose, Ore.

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Off the Press

October 12, 2010

Wishes can come true, um, sort of

One day recently I stopped by a garage sale where they were selling gift bags. The bags, which cost $5, were sealed so customers wouldn’t know the contents until after purchasing one. So I spent $5. Over the years, I’ve wasted money on other meaningless purchases, like lottery tickets. So what’s $5?

When I got home, I opened the bag. There were baseball cards of Dave Cripe (1978 Royals), Gary Cooper (not the actor, 1980 Braves) and Frank Zupo (1961 Orioles) — I had to look these guys up in my Baseball Encyclopedia just to make sure they existed. There was a yo (string was missing, so it wasn’t a complete yo-yo), and an orange tie with purple stars. The bag also had something that looked like Aladdin’s lamp. The lamp was dingy and dusty, and in need of some serious polishing. I gave it a brisk brushing. All of a sudden, smoke poured out of the lamp and a man appeared.

Bob Taylor Press sports editor

“I am the genie of the lamp. My name is Bashar,” the genie said. I later researched the name and discovered he had a Persian name that meant “bringer of glad tidings.”

“Wow! My very own genie,” I thought.

But before I could make a wish, Bashar said, “I must warn you. I am retired. I have no wishes to give you.”

I thought “Oh, man, just my luck. A retired genie.”

Bashar noticing my frown, continued.

“You think you got problems, man. I live in an old genie’s home in Genieapolis, but I’m not sure how long I can afford to stay there. I’m down to my last shekel. I lost all my savings in Enron. I have emphysema from all that smoke I’ve been breathing from the lamp over the years. I have no health care,“ he said.

“If I had a wish, it would be that you could give me three wishes,” Bashar said before disappearing in a poof of smoke.

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Lymphoma survivor takes a leading role in Seattle’s Light the Night Walk

October 12, 2010

In September 2009, Newcastle resident and Maywood Middle School sixth-grader Sara Flash got sick and just would not get better. Doctors tried a variety of antibiotics to treat what they thought to be an ear infection, and then pneumonia.

Honored patient Stacey Mertes (center) speaks to walkers at Seattle’s Light the Night Walk Sept. 28 while Sara Flash, of Newcastle (right), and Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Executive Director Anne Gillinghamlisten look on. Contributed

Weeks after first becoming sick, Sara was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma and was at Seattle Children’s for chemotherapy. Read more

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Sammamish wife gives her husband the gift of life

October 12, 2010

Woman donates a kidney five days before couple’s 30th anniversary

Richard and Leslie Urie, of Sammamish, might have one of the more unusual stories to tell about how they celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary Aug. 9.

Richard and Leslie Urie, who live near Beaver Lake, got married Aug. 9 1980, in Glendale, Calif. She gave him a kidney Aug. 4 at the University of Washington Medical Center. By Christopher Huber

Just five days before their anniversary, Leslie gave Richard one of her kidneys during a transplant procedure Aug. 4 at the University of Washington Medical Center. Read more

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Host a Lithuanian

October 12, 2010

Come November, a group of eight Lithuanians will visit Issaquah to get a taste of the Pacific Northwest. Participants in the Lithuanian Youth Leaders program will go to high school and visit organizations, including Nordstrom, Microsoft, Boeing, Pike Place Market and the University of Washington.

The Lithuanian students will also celebrate Thanksgiving with their host families.

The program is coordinated by Across Cultures, supported by the Kiwanis Club of Issaquah.

To host a student from Nov. 15-30, contact Christina Bruning with Across Cultures at or 206-915-4391 before Oct. 22.

The program is endorsed by the U.S. ambassador to Lithuania and is funded in part by the Kazickas Family Foundation, Microsoft, Lithuania and the U.S. State Department.

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