Ready to sled

March 2, 2010

Locals Kari and Aaron Mattson and their children — Andrew, 5, a Sunset Elementary School student, Mackenzie, 3, and Quinn Weiss, 3 — try out a bobsled on display in Whistler, British Columbia. The family was among other Issaquah residents who journeyed north to the Olympics. Photo contributed

Oh, Canada

March 2, 2010

U.S. fans show their support at the ladies’ giant slalom event in Whistler. Photo by Chantelle Lusebrink

Issaquah residents return home with warm memories of the Vancouver Olympics

The hottest item during the Olympics in Vancouver and Whistler: red mittens adorned with a maple leaf on each palm.

By the time Issaquah resident Kristi Feder reached the Olympics, the too-hot-to-handle hand warmers had been sold out, and scalpers sold the fleece-lined mittens secondhand. The mitten episode illustrated the frenzy for all things Canadian at the British Columbia games.

“Vancouver pulled off a winner of Winter Olympics in spite of a rocky start,” Feder said. “Since weather was up to Mother Nature, they put all of their efforts into those things they could control and, for the most part, did a great job.”

Feder and other locals headed north for memorable moments — like watching figure skater Evan Lysacek become the first American man since 1988 to win gold — and high-profile snags — like the malfunctioning cauldron at the opening ceremony — as the Olympics opened closer than ever to Western Washington.

Don Alper, director of the Center for Canadian-American Studies at Western Washington University, said the games helped foster the close relationship between Washington and British Columbia and, in turn, the United States and Canada. Moreover, wall-to-wall media coverage highlighted the best attributes of the Pacific Northwest. Read more

King County Council appoints new judge to Issaquah division

March 2, 2010

King County Council members last week appointed Michael Finkle to serve as a judge in the Northeast Division of King County District Court. The division includes Issaquah, Sammamish, Bellevue, Redmond, Woodinville and parts of unincorporated King County. Read more

Gloria Teresa Scholl Seiler

March 2, 2010

Gloria Seiler

Gloria Teresa Scholl Seiler died Monday, Feb. 1, 2010, in Issaquah. She was 85. Read more

Meeting Mr. Ironhead — an introduction to steelhead trout

March 2, 2010

Fish Journal

Dallas Cross

The common and Latin names of ironhead and salmo mykiss have been changed to steelhead and oncorhynchus mykiss. However, they all designate one, native, sea-run rainbow trout found in rivers of the Northern Pacific Ocean. I still like ironhead, because of the rugged fight they give and their stubborn ability to hang in there despite habitat loss.

I had never fished for steelhead before I moved to Washington. In Idaho, three private dams on the Snake River had stopped historical steelhead runs in the lower Snake River. The remaining runs up the main Salmon River were too far away for a reasonable day trip. So, when I moved to Issaquah, my new friend, Ed Polf, encouraged me to fish the nearby rivers for this large and beautiful rainbow trout.

Ed had introduced me to sockeye fishing in Lake Washington from a leaky rowboat with a cranky motor we rented near where the Renton Airport adjoins the lake. We were marvelously successful. Thus, I had confidence in Ed’s fishing prowess when we set off for the rivers after steelhead. Read more

Success on the Internet is a double-edged sword

March 2, 2010

Hall Monitor Page Dormier Issaquah High School

In my generation, we spend a lot of time focusing on and comparing other people’s lives. What we ourselves strive for is to become the best and most talked about. The way we know so much about one another is simple — the Internet.

If teenagers want to get exposure when it comes to singing, acting, modeling or even selling their own products, the Internet is the best way to do so. Anyone can make his or her own Web site at any age. Therefore, teenagers have the opportunity to show what they are made of to people all over the world. Some even become famous off free Web sites, such as MySpace or YouTube. Sites of all kinds have given teens a chance to become successful even before they graduate from high school. Read more

Issaquah School District levy vote attracted 40 percent turnout

March 2, 2010

The election to determine the financial future of the Issaquah School District attracted more than 22,000 voters, final King County Elections results released last week show. Read more

Planners weigh applications for subdivisions

March 2, 2010

City planners will consider applications for new subdivisions near Talus and Tibbetts Valley Park. Read more

Sparkfarmer’s album debuts after seven years of ‘bowling night’

March 2, 2010

At left, Getty (left) flashes Dave Baumert a smile in the band’s Sammamish recording studio Feb. 4. By Christopher Huber

Members of the Sammamish-based band Sparkfarmer are the first to admit they don’t have any delusions of making it big, signing with a well-known label or touring the country in a fancy bus.

But they certainly love doing what they do.

The band, made up of longtime rockers, camping buddies and family men Dave Baumert, Getty, Steve Leigh and Tim Osborne, recently released their first CD — “Stereo Biplane.” They recorded the CD in Baumert’s Sammamish studio and Leigh produced it in Snoqualmie.

“It feels good. It easily could have languished on a shelf,” Leigh said.

The album took nearly seven years to complete — five years to record and master — and is a collection of such varying styles and sounds that Baumert and Getty said most people will have a tough time defining the band.

“If we have any dreams of success, it’s probably in the songwriting realm,” Baumert said. Read more

Catherine (Kay) H. Goodman

March 2, 2010

Catherine (Kay) H. Goodman died January 26, 2010, in the presence of family. She was 87. Read more

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