Undercrossing construction ends soon

October 26, 2010

Construction continues on the Interstate 90 Undercrossing, or Fourth Avenue Northwest, a north-south link beneath the interstate.

The contractor has paved several phases of the project. Though the new signal at Northwest Gilman Boulevard and Fourth Avenue Northwest is operational, the entrance to the Issaquah Post Office off of the undercrossing is not yet available for use, in order to keep the job site safe. In the meantime, drivers must continue to use the driveway just west of the new signal.

The long-planned undercrossing should be completed by next month. The project is designed to reduce traffic on Gilman Boulevard and Front Street North.

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Apply to serve on AtWork! board

October 26, 2010

AtWork! — a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping disabled people learn skills, find and retain jobs — is seeking board members and other volunteers.

The organization designs customized employment solutions to enhance workplace productivity, and the lives of AtWork! clients. AtWork! also offers clients a range of training and employment opportunities in landscaping, recycling and document-management services handled by the nonprofit.

The organization has plans to implement a bold plan during the next three years to develop addition lines of business, expand the client base and increase revenues.

For board members and volunteers, AtWork! needs candidates experienced in marketing, information technology, fundraising, finance and architecture.

E-mail Sarah Popelka at sarahp@atworkwa.org to learn more about the open positions.

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County seeks input on planned safety projects

October 26, 2010

King County plans to roll out safety projects on local roads next summer.

Planners hope to improve safety on several high-collision roads in rural areas, including Southeast May Valley Road and Southeast Preston-Fall City Road near Issaquah.

Though work is not scheduled to start until summer 2011, the county Road Services Division seeks feedback as engineers design the safety improvements. Read more

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Skyline student injured in crosswalk accident

October 26, 2010

A Skyline High School student received minor injuries after a driver struck the 17-year-old girl in a campus crosswalk the morning of Oct. 21.

Sammamish police and the school resource officer responded to the accident at about 7:10 a.m. Eastside Fire & Rescue medics transported the girl, a junior, to Overlake Hospital Medical Center in Bellevue for a follow-up examination, and she was later released. The school offered counseling to students shaken by the incident.

Issaquah School District spokeswoman Sara Niegowski said the girl was struck at a crosswalk near the football stadium and staff parking lot.

“Thank you to Skyline students, who responded quickly and efficiently to our rerouting instructions,” Principal Lisa Hechtman said in a message e-mailed to parents the morning of the incident. “For all of us who drive through the parking lot, please take this as a reminder to keep safety the top priority whenever you come onto campus. Especially in emergency situations, we need every driver to be flexible and immediately follow officers’ directives.”

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Press Editorial

October 26, 2010

Elementary schools need new science curriculum

Thursday night — Oct. 28 — you may get a phone call but not recognize the caller’s phone number. This time, you might want to answer the phone. It could be one of the 150 high school students from across the Issaquah School District.

Of course, they want something. They will ask you to support a new science curriculum for kindergarten through fifth grades, new chemistry textbooks and equipment, the extension of robotics clubs to the middle and high schools, and financial literacy programs for all eighth-grade students. Read more

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City offers free home energy audits to Issaquah residents

October 26, 2010

The city Resource Conservation Office and partner Puget Sound Energy have 30 free home energy audits available for Issaquah residents. The deadline to sign up has been extended through Nov. 5.

Find the application for the HomePrint audit here. Then, fax the form to 837-3409 or scan and e-mail the application to rco@ci.issaquah.wa.us or drop off the form at City Hall Northwest, 1775 12th Ave. N.W.

Independent HomePrint-certified specialists evaluate the major energy systems inside a home, including central heating and air conditioning, water heating, weatherization, lighting, and appliances and electronics.

From the audit participants, the city plans to pick a homeowner to receive a free weatherization — a $4,000 value. The renovated home will then be used as a show house, and free tours will be offered to help the public understand the benefits of a home energy retrofit.

The city has made the audits available through support from PSE and a U.S. Department of Energy grant awarded to Issaquah.

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Sustainable Issaquah offers free energy awareness class

October 26, 2010

Sustainable Issaquah is offering a free class about energy use awareness and evaluating personal home energy use.

The class is at 6:30 p.m. Nov. 18 in the Eagle Room at City Hall, 130 E. Sunset Way.

The class will outline energy use awareness and offer participants a chance to evaluate their personalized home energy report. Participants in the home energy audit program should receive the report in the mail soon.

The city also plans to offer guided tours of a home that has undergone a full energy retrofit at a to-be-determined date in December or January. Register by calling the Guided Energy Tour registration hotline at 837-3402 or here.

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Off The Press

October 26, 2010

Kathleen R. Merrill Press managing editor

Ahh, Halloween — my favorite holiday.

Time to get out the costume and go trick-or-treating, that time-honored tradition of going door to door and getting free candy. What a great concept!

And yes, I mean me trick-or-treating. If I come to your door, trust me, I have already heard whatever you’re going to say about an adult trick-or-treating. I know it’s “supposed” to be for children. But really, if you’re purchasing candy specifically to give away to whoever comes to your door, why care who you give it to or how old he or she is?

See, I didn’t get to go much when I was a kid and I have just never outgrown the joy of shouting “Trick or treat!” Or choosing a costume. Or sorting candy into my favorite stuff — which I will eat over the coming months — and that “other” candy, meaning it goes to others. You know the stuff. Those hard candies, nonchocolates and other candy items that just aren’t on your wish list. (Smarties and Pixy Sticks are on mine, so don’t hold back on those.) Read more

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To The Editor

October 26, 2010

Schools foundation

Support fundraising effort by contributing to phoneathon

Issaquah is such a great community, a place where people work together and share resources to meet challenges and solve problems. A great example is found in the Issaquah Schools Foundation.

The foundation’s annual campaign is focused on science and technology, but the foundation does so much more. Did you know that tutors for struggling students are organized and sponsored by the foundation? That teachers seeking national certification are helped by foundation scholarships? And that foundation classroom grants nurture innovative, specialized projects across the district?

The foundation is running its annual Calling For Kids campaign this month, with actual phone banking this week. Please go to the foundation’s website, www.issaquahschoolsfoundation.org, to donate or find out more about this great foundation.

Read more

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Go pumpkin bowling at Halloween Hoopla

October 26, 2010

Starlyn Shute bowls her pumpkin toward pins at last year’s DownTown Issaquah Association Halloween Hoopla at the Hailstone Feed Store. By Michael Johnson

The athletic pumpkin association, if such a group were to exist, would be proud of Issaquah.

The DownTown Issaquah Association is holding its annual Halloween Hoopla in downtown Issaquah, and although it is no longer holding pumpkin basketball games — the orange squash just didn’t bounce well — it now organizes pumpkin bowling, minus the stem, of course.

“If you leave the stem on it would be hard, but we take the stem off and they roll pretty well,” event organizer Michael Johnson said. “Most of the kids get strikes.”

The event is free, paid for by the DownTown Issaquah Association, which in turn uses funds from the Issaquah Arts Commission to subsidize the hoopla. Read more

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