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May 17, 2011

By Contributor

Bridge to nowhere

We can’t afford to spend ‘free’ federal money on wasteful projects

The pedestrian bridge being built across Interstate 90 at state Route 900 is a perfect example of big government gone wild.

The federal government dangles funds in front of state and local governments, saying, in effect, “You spend a bunch of money you don’t have and we’ll give you a bunch of money we don’t have so you can build a bridge no one needs.”

That’s the sort of Keynesian nonsense that has gotten us into the bottomless pit of debt we find ourselves in at local, state and federal levels.

We need leadership with the courage to say, “No!” to the feds, manage our budgets and spend money where real need exists.

Mike Harrington


School funding

Help new partnership pay for implementation of science curriculum

We continually hear that American schools are falling behind the rest of the world, but what can we do about it?

Now we have an opportunity locally to take significant action to improve student education. Due to unprecedented cuts to school funding, the Issaquah Schools Foundation, the Issaquah PTSA and the Issaquah Chamber of Commerce have partnered with the Issaquah School District to fund the introduction of a new elementary school science curriculum. Without this partnership, the curriculum implementation would be indefinitely delayed.

Our current elementary school science curriculum is seriously outdated, simply due to the pace of recent science and technology developments. In addition, the new curriculum will reinforce techniques of inquiry and hands-on discovery that will help our students succeed in all aspects of their lives and careers.

You can learn more about this partnership for student success at Donations of any size are appreciated. Every penny of your donation will be spent directly on improving standards of science education in our community.

Please join the Issaquah Elementary Science Initiative today!

Barbara de Michele


DownTown Issaquah Association

A terrible mistake was made in firing beloved Greg Spranger

As a longtime Issaquah resident (52 years) with an interest in our history and traditions, I’ve had many chances to see Greg Spranger in action and the fruits of his labors. He has not only helped us treasure our past — he has been much involved in our present and our future.

Therefore, I was surprised, pained and grieved when I read that he had been replaced as executive director of the DownTown Issaquah Association. I second Carol Sullivan’s message to the association via letters to the editor (April 27): “What a terrible mistake you have made. Make it right.”

Erylis McClish


Osama bin Laden

Pakistan’s monetary aid is in question after possible role in hiding terrorist

Amid all of the cheers and exalting over the killing of Osama bin Laden, I have become increasingly incensed over the revelations surrounding the circumstances of his exile.

Reportedly $20 billion of U.S. treasury has been expended in support of our “ally” Pakistan, a large portion of which was used to prop up the Pakistani “intelligence” service that was supposed to be aiding in the search for bin Laden. Now we find out he has been hiding in their plain sight for five, maybe six years. All while Congress was what — sleeping?

This begs for further investigation. Our country has been engaged in two wars, at tremendous human cost and treasury. With our national debt skyrocketing and our economy severely weakened, where was the fiduciary responsibility (or in this case, irresponsibility)?

Perhaps one of the better “unintended” consequences of getting bin Laden is that we likely got a whole lot more than just the terrorist. Our Seals recovered priceless information during this raid. If there was collusion or malfeasance on the part of our government and any of its representatives we need to know about it — and let the “chips fall where they may.” Republican or Democrat — this begs for exposure.

I urge all readers to contact Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, your local congressman or woman, and use this email address to the Department of Justice: to demand a thorough, unqualified investigation.

Marilyn Boyden


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