Swedish Medical Center teams settle in as opening nears

June 14, 2011

Employees juggle deliveries, orientations as highlands hospital readies for debut

Technicians prepare medical equipment for the hospital’s July 14 opening. By Aaron Blank

The gurneys and greeting cards, mammography machines and mannequins, scalpels and Starbucks cups arrive in a seemingly endless caravan.

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Eastside Fire & Rescue station showcases ‘green’ innovations

June 14, 2011

City Council authorizes $47,000 art piece for building

Construction is almost complete on Eastside Fire & Rescue Station 72 — a showcase for “green” innovations adjacent to the Issaquah Transit Center — and firefighters should start settling into the sleek structure in August.

Workmen perform a job June 9 before pouring the concrete driveway in front of Eastside Fire & Rescue Station 72 on Northwest Maple Street a block east of state Route 900. By Greg Farrar

The facility is designed to replace the aging Station 72 less than a mile down Northwest Maple Street from the construction site. The city, architect and EFR designed the modern Station 72 to use as little energy and water as possible.

The building includes a system to pump heat from the ground, photovoltaic cells to catch sunlight and triple-paned windows to reduce heat loss — enough features to achieve the toughest standards from the U.S. Green Building Council.

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Few candidates face challengers in local races

June 14, 2011

Issaquah residents face a choice in a single City Council race, and a trio of council members appears likely to cruise to election unchallenged.

Challenger TJ Filley entered the race against incumbent Councilman Joshua Schaer on June 10, as the candidate-filing period closed.

Incumbent Councilman Fred Butler, appointed Councilwoman Stacy Goodman and candidate Paul Winterstein did not attract opponents for the other council seats up for election in November.

In the races for the Issaquah School Board, incumbents Brian Deagle and Suzanne Weaver face challengers in the nonpartisan races.

Deagle, a Sammamish resident, has served on the board since October 2006. Challenger Patrick Sansing, a Sammamish resident, is running against Deagle for the Director District No. 3 seat.

Weaver faces Maple Valley resident Joseph Arnaud and Issaquah resident Brian Neville to retain the Director District No. 5 seat. Weaver, a Sammamish resident, has served on the board since January 2007.

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Creekside, Grand Ridge students create city of the future

June 14, 2011

Students work on their Polyhedraville futuristic city project. Fourth-graders from the SAGE programs at Creekside and Grand Ridge elementary schools spent the school year creating the city. By Ron Ciraulo

The day after Ron Ciraulo’s fourth-graders presented their futuristic city project to city leaders, Kameron Gurol, Sammamish’s director of community development, personally commended the teacher for the students’ high-quality work.

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Issaquah lawmakers rank high on missed votes tally

June 14, 2011

The lawmakers representing Issaquah and the 5th Legislative District in Olympia ranked near the top for the number of missed votes during the 2011 regular and special sessions.
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School bells to ring 15 minutes later in fall

June 14, 2011

Almost every school in the Issaquah School District will start and end 15 minutes later on Wednesdays this fall because elementary school parents complained about inconsistent start times.

Since 2003, Issaquah’s teachers have used early-release Wednesdays — called Mission Defined Staff Design Days — as time for meetings, lesson planning and professional development. In turn, students start and end school at different times on Wednesdays, compared to the rest of the week.

Most elementary schools start times began either 15 minutes earlier or later every Wednesday, a measure that confused parents and resulted in more tardy students than on other days.

On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, an average of 2 percent of elementary school students were tardy districtwide. On Wednesdays, the average of tardy students increased to 4 percent, Associate Superintendent Ron Thiele said.

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Press Editorial

June 14, 2011

Lack of challengers means lackluster vote

To our complete surprise, it looks like this year’s Issaquah City Council races will be about as lackluster as they come.

We are not surprised that incumbent Fred Butler has no challenger, given his long history of service to the city, the county and numerous community causes. He was a shoo-in.

Only incumbent Joshua Schaer will have an opponent. Late Friday, TJ Filley filed against him. Only these two candidates will give us any real conversation about the way the city deals with growth and development issues, spends taxpayer dollars and provides basic public services.

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There is no time to wait

June 14, 2011

The first time I heard “Waiting on the World to Change,” by John Mayer, I thought it was inspiring and motivating.

Hall Monitor Shayna Waldbaum Liberty High School

It talks about all of the problems in the world that need changing and how someday those problems will be solved. However, my perception of the song was altered when my dad pointed something out that I did not originally notice.

“I don’t like that the message in the song is to wait for the world to change,” my father said. “He shouldn’t be waiting. He should be changing it himself.”

I was shocked. How could I have overlooked such a crucial detail in the meaning of the lyrics? From then on, listening to the song has been my reminder that I do not want to wait for the world to change.

I want to change it myself.

With graduation behind them, students are planning out the next step of their lives. Once we move our tassels from the right to the left, we step out of the comfortable structure of high school and into an independent life. People won’t remind us to challenge ourselves, to try new things or to get involved. We will have to make those decisions on our own.

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Roar of the hydros creates a buzz on the lake

June 14, 2011

Beaver Lake residents could hear the pulsing vroom of the beefy hydroplane engines at Lake Sammamish from five miles away June 11 and 12. All weekend long, the racing machines skimmed along the water, wowing crowds that gathered along the shoreline.

Kip Brown, driver of the U-17 Miss Red Dot, powers down the straightaway on Lake Sammamish at more than 150 miles per hour during exhibition laps June 12 at Tastin’ n Racin’. By Christopher Huber

The 5-litre boat races created an ominous, pounding hum that reverberated up and down the lake from the waterfront at Lake Sammamish State Park. And the vintage “thunderboats” boomed a low drone as they tore through the water in a thrilling display.

Event coordinators expected better-than-normal turnout in 2011 as the sun came out and the park dried up enough to attract visitors from across the state for the 15th annual Tastin’ n Racin’ event.

“I think there’s a lot of people around who see it as a growing sport,” said Tim Cowan, of SeaTac, as he watched the superstock race through binoculars.

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Issaquah man faces child molestation charge

June 14, 2011

King County prosecutors said a 38-year-old Issaquah man molested a 15-year-old boy he met on craigslist.

Eric N. Victorson faces a third-degree child molestation charge, after prosecutors said he responded to a “hook up” ad on the popular classifieds site and then met the boy in Redmond. The defendant is a convicted sex offender; he was charged with third-degree child molestation in 1998, court documents state.

Police arrested Victorson in Redmond for driving under the influence at about 2:30 a.m. June 2. The officer stopped Victorson’s Infiniti sedan for a traffic violation and noticed the boy in the passenger seat.

Prosecutors said Victorson appeared intoxicated, although he denied drinking alcohol. He then agreed to participate in field sobriety tests. Police arrested him for driving under the influence after he blew a 0.082 on a portable breath test device. The legal limit for driving is 0.08.

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