Congratulations, Tiger Mountain class of 2011

June 14, 2011

Tiger Mountain Community High School Ceremony Information:

6 p.m. June 9

Tiger Mountain Community High School sports court

Seniors walk toward the covered sports court to a recording of ‘Pomp and Circumstance,’ by Edward Elgar.

Senior Lacee Crooks and all of the Tiger Mountain teachers spoke.

School board member Suzanne Weaver accepted the class.

Graduating class: 31 graduates

List of graduates

Andrew Axelsen

Cody Behymer

Cody Benton

Gabrielle Madison Brask

Travis Callahan

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EFR could ask for more funding from cities

June 14, 2011

Eastside Fire & Rescue may need more than a 4 percent increase in funding from its partners in 2012.

The agency’s administration presented its draft budget to board members at their June 9 meeting. The budget predicts an $855,000 increase in expenses, due to more than $600,000 in increased labor and benefit costs.

Deputy Chief Wes Collins said the projected wage increases are a best guess by the administration, based on current cost-of-living rates.

The agency is in negotiations with its firefighters’ union and hopes to arrange for the current labor contract to be renewed for several more years, Collins said. If the existing contract is not extended and the agency and union start from scratch on a new contract, EFR may have to budget a placeholder amount until negotiations wrap up later in 2012.

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Shelter urges cat adoptions throughout June

June 14, 2011

Cats rank as the No. 1 companion animal in the United States.

Though more than 80 million felines live in households across the country, many more remain still in shelters, waiting for a permanent home.

In June, Regional Animal Services of King County is joining the American Humane Association,, and other animal organizations in the Puget Sound region and throughout the United States to promote Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month.

Pets adopted from the agency have been spayed or neutered, have received their initial vaccinations — including a rabies vaccination — and have had a health exam. Find available pets at the shelter, 21615 64th Ave. S., Kent, or at

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Man rescued after Tiger Mountain paragliding accident

June 14, 2011

Rescuers came to the aid of a man after a paragliding accident on Tiger Mountain on a sunny afternoon June 12.

The man, reportedly about 50 years old, had been on the west side of the mountain when he sustained injuries after colliding with a tree about one-quarter of a mile down Poo Poo Trail. He did not suffer life-threatening injuries and he remained conscious as rescuers transported him from the mountain.

The incident started at about 1:35 p.m. after the man slammed into a tree. Rescuers reached him about 30 minutes later and then plucked him from the mountain on a stretcher. Medics transported him to Virginia Mason Medical Center for additional treatment.

Crews from the King County Sheriff’s Office and Eastside Fire & Rescue aided the man.

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Eastridge hosts cars, motorcycles and chili cook-off

June 14, 2011

Eastridge Church invites the community to put a little “vroom” in their weekend at its second annual Eastridge Car & Bike Show.

The show has a long list of activities, including a children’s bicycle decorating contest; chili cook-off and tasting; music; dozens of cars, motorcycles and hydroplanes on display; food for sale; inflatable games; and fun for the whole family.

The event is free, but the Eastridge community plans to raise money through registration and food sales. Proceeds will benefit the church’s Royal Family Kids’ Camp Issaquah, a summer camp for children in foster care. The Royal Family Kids’ Camp is part of a nationwide program, with churches across the country each supporting individual camps.

“This is an opportunity for our community and church family to have fun together while contributing to a program that has a beneficial impact on the lives of kids who have been emotionally scarred,” said Steve Jamison, lead pastor of Eastridge Church. “It’s a family-friendly way to enjoy the Saturday of Father’s Day weekend while supporting a great cause.”

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Expect more than cars to cruise in to Fenders on Front Street

June 14, 2011

Expect classic cars aplenty as Fenders on Front Street rolls into Issaquah for Father's Day. File

Dick Baker drove Harley motorcycles for 25 years until he switched to classic cars.

“My wife has always called me ‘motorman,’ because if it has a motor, I’m probably going to like it,” said Baker, of Issaquah. “I was born that way.”

One of his prize cars, a 1932 Ford Roadster, will be on display for all to see at the sixth annual Fenders on Front Street Car Show and Cruise this Father’s Day, June 19.

Car registration is free, as is admittance to the show.

“If anyone has a nice car or a fast car or an interesting car, we’re going to open it to anybody coming down and showing it,” Fenders on Front Street co-chairman George Naumann said.

Mountains to Sound Greenway and the DownTown Issaquah Association are organizing the event.

The show is somewhat weather dependent. Last year, pouring rain kept some car owners home, and crowds saw about 200 cars at the show. In sunny 2009, more than 600 cars lined up on Front Street North.

“If the weather’s good, they all show up,” Baker said.
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Gold Star

June 14, 2011

Cascade Ridge students pack 5,456 meals

Cascade Ridge Elementary School students

By working with the nonprofit organization Children of the Nations, 110 fifth-grade students at Cascade Ridge Elementary School packed 5,456 meals for children overseas April 19.

Each meal included a dehydrated vegetable mix, a vegetarian flavoring with added vitamins and minerals, and rice and lentils.

The meals will go to Sierra Leone, Malawi, Haiti or the Dominican Republic.

For the third year, Cascade Ridge fifth-graders learned about common foods eaten in other countries, such as lentils and rice. Students also did household chores to raise money for the nonprofit, bringing in $1,360 that will help transport the food.

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Local neurosurgeons: Study linking cellphones, cancer too preliminary

June 14, 2011

Studies proliferate possible connection between cellphone use, cancer cases

Ever since the World Health Organization announced that cellphones were “possibly carcinogenic to humans,” in May, many people have wondered if they should change their cellphone habits.

Two Swedish Medical Center physicians have said it’s too soon to tell whether people should modify their mobile behavior.

“Most experts in the field are skeptical about this recommendation,” said John Henson, director of the Ben and Catherine Ivy Center for Advanced Brain Tumor Treatment at Swedish Medical Center.

At a conference he recently attended — the American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting in Chicago — the attending brain tumor specialists “were amazed at this recommendation” and wanted to see the full report, which will be published in July in “The Lancet Oncology,” Henson said.

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AAA gives tips to teenage drivers

June 14, 2011

Summer is the deadliest time of year for teen drivers and passengers, with six of the top 10 deadliest days of the year occurring between the Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays, according to an analysis of crash data completed by AAA.

The 10 deadliest days for teen drivers and passengers are Jan. 21, May 20, May 26, June 10, July 2, July 4, July 9, July 15, July 23 and Nov. 11.

More than 7,300 teen drivers and passengers ages 13-19 died in traffic crashes between the Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays during the five-year period of 2005-2009, according to the AAA. An average of 422 teens die in traffic crashes during each of the deadly summer months as compared to a monthly average of 363 teen deaths during the nonsummer months.

Parents can coach their teenage drivers about a few measures, including limiting the number of teenage passengers, limiting time spent as a passenger, restricting nighttime driving and signing a parent-teen driving agreement.

Get detailed information about Washington’s teenage driving laws at

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Washington children had fewer cavities in 2010

June 14, 2011

Children’s pearly whites are getting whiter. Fewer preschoolers from low-income families had cavities in 2010 compared to 2005, according to the 2010 Smile Survey.

The survey also found that more preschoolers from low-income families across Washington are receiving dental care.

The state Department of Health conducts the Smile Survey every five years on children in Head Start, preschool and elementary school.

Among low-income preschoolers, cavities decreased from 46 percent in 2005 to 40 percent in 2010. In more encouraging news, preschoolers’ rate of untreated tooth decay was cut in half from 26 percent to 13 percent during the same period. Untreated tooth decay also declined significantly among third-graders. This is an indication that access to care has increased, according to the survey.

Both private and public entities have stepped forward to make dental healthcare more accessible. Washington’s Apple Health for Kids, which includes dental care, has expanded to more children.

More counties are also linking Medicaid-eligible children up to age 6 to dental care through Access to Baby and Child Dentistry.

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