Buy fireworks to benefit church’s foreign missions

June 21, 2011

Doug Donaldson’s life changed when he handed the key to a newly constructed house to a struggling Tijuanan family in 2001.

Customers browse among the fireworks on display for sale at the Issaquah Christian Church stand, on Issaquah-Hobart Road Southeast, during last year’s missions fundraiser. Contributed

He and his fellow mission attendees and members of Issaquah Christian Church had spent the past year raising funds for the chance to spend eight days in Mexico building homes for the poor.

In 2005, Donaldson sold Northwest Computer Support — a computer repair and networking business he had been with for 22 years — to devote his life to helping families in need through the church’s mission trips.

“It was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done,” he said. “You know, it was like my baby. Ultimately, it took a year for me to realize that it was meant to be.”

But Donaldson has no regrets — after treating patients with tuberculosis, HIV and machete wounds, he said his perspective and appreciation for his life in the United States have been altered forever.

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Issaquah graduate scores soccer gear for Ugandan orphans

June 21, 2011

Thanks to the hard work of Blaire Brady, her friends and her family, two youth soccer teams in Uganda will have warm-up gear and matching uniforms.

Blaire Brady

Brady, a 2011 Issaquah High School graduate, has coordinated drives for Ugandan orphans for the past three years.

Mark Bowers, the African missions team leader at Issaquah Christian Church, contacted Issaquah High leadership teacher Emily Carl to see if any of her students could organize a drive for the church’s mission trip to Uganda.

Bowers had heard that orphans in Uganda had nary a soccer uniform.

“Their clothing is generally rags,” he said. “They do have some semi-organized soccer teams, and one of the pastors there said, ‘We would love to have any equipment you have, even if it’s torn up.’”

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Cougar Mountain Zoo welcomes rare birds

June 21, 2011

Cougar Mountain Zoo recently welcomed Mia and Milo — two, rare red-vented cockatoos.

Red-vented cockatoos, sometimes called Philippine cockatoos, are listed as critically endangered. They are native to the Philippines and number less than 1,000 in the wild due to habitat loss and illegal trapping.

Cougar Mountain Zoo is only one of two zoos in the United States to have the red-vented cockatoos on display.

The zoo is open for general admission from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday, and is open for prescheduled programs seven days a week.

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Eastside summer burning moratorium is in effect

June 21, 2011

Eastside Fire & Rescue crews responded to 14 brushfires in May and June — and a heightened risk for fires accompanies drier days ahead.

The agency’s burn moratorium went into effect June 15 for residents in Issaquah, Sammamish and nearby communities. Though a rain-soaked spring may make such a moratorium seem unnecessary, summer means a heightened risk for fires. The moratorium is in effect through Sept. 30.

For summertime cookouts, propane, natural gas and charcoal fires do not require a burn permit. Other fires require a burn permit from EFR. Call 313-3200.

Fires cannot be larger than 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet high. Use only dry, seasoned wood to fuel recreational fires.

The flames must be contained inside a barbecue pit, fire ring or a portable fireplace. Fires cannot be burned within 50 feet of fences, trees, structures or combustible materials. Importantly, only vegetation can be burned.

Burning to clear land is permanently banned in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties.

Firewise and EFR offer information for homeowners to create defensible spaces around residences at and

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Lakeside Recovery wins fifth straight game

June 21, 2011

The Lakeside Recovery Senior American Legion baseball team entered this week riding a five-game win streak. The club got its fifth win June 19 by downing the Kirkland Merchants, 8-4, at Bannerwood Park in Bellevue.

Catcher Jimmy Sinatro, of Skyline High School, belted two home runs and drove in five runs in the victory against the Kirkland Merchants. Brandon Mahovlich, of Issaquah, and Travis Snider, of Skyline, each had two hits for Lakeside Recovery, which went to 13-5 on the season.

Lakeside Recovery trailed 4-3 entering the bottom of the fifth inning, but struck for five runs to overcome the Merchants.

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Customers lose cable service after crew clips line

June 21, 2011

Crews responded to a cable outage impacting customers in Issaquah and elsewhere June 13.

The cut to the cable provider’s fiber optic line occurred at about 2:45 p.m. and also affected customers in Sammamish, Duvall, Echo Lake and Redmond. Broadstripe dispatched a repair crew to the site minutes later.

The company restored service to affected customers by 1 a.m. June 14.

The damage to the fiber optic cable came after a King County lawn crew working along a road in Duvall accidentally clipped it.

John Bjorn, executive vice president for Broadstripe’s Northwest Region, said such accidental cuts happen infrequently.

“Anytime they happen, however, they represent a major inconvenience for our customers,” he said in a news release. “We are sorry that our customers were inconvenienced yesterday.”

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Greenway seeks donations during fundraising drive

June 21, 2011

June 23 offers a chance for people to donate to nonprofit organizations, including the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust.

Between 7 a.m. and midnight, donors can participate in The Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG event. Join philanthropists across the region to contribute to the greenway and other nonprofit organizations. Donations made through the program qualify for matching funds.

People can donate at Follow the links for GiveBIG and the greenway.

In addition, The Seattle Foundation plans to randomly select donors throughout the day to receive a Golden Ticket. The foundation then plans to donate another $1,000 in the winner’s name.

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State urges horse owners to protect against West Nile virus

June 21, 2011

Now is the time for horse owners to vaccinate animals against West Nile virus.

The state veterinarian issued the reminder last week, as mosquito season approaches. Veterinarians have had success is using vaccines for protection against West Nile virus, a potentially fatal disease in horses.

Owners should plan to protect horses as soon as possible even though veterinarians confirmed no equine cases of West Nile virus in Washington last year, State Veterinarian Dr. Leonard Eldridge said.

State health officials detected the virus in two dead birds and more than 100 mosquito samples last summer. In addition, two human cases of West Nile virus developed.

Washington led the nation in confirmed equine cases in 2009 (72 cases) and 2008 (41 cases).

Mosquitoes spread West Nile virus after the insects feed on infected birds. The disease can sicken people, horses, and many types of birds and other animals. Infected horses do not spread the disease to other horses or animals.

Ill horses show a loss of coordination, loss of appetite, confusion, fever, and stiffness and muscle weakness, particularly in the hindquarters.

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After-school program makes ‘hard’ math and reading fun,

June 21, 2011

Ella Bosancu (left) and Shannon Bergin work together at Briarwood’s ASAP program, which has dramatically raised math and reading test scores. By Drew Terry

Jacob Lovgren did not like math.

The Briarwood Elementary School fourth-grader called the subject “horrible” and his math scores showed it. When his teacher recommended he try Briarwood’s new After School Assistance Program in March, he got only 52 percent of the pretest math questions right.

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Press Editorial

June 21, 2011

Tent City 4’s return is opportunity for generosity

Tent City 4’s return is an opportunity for generosity

The last time Tent City 4 settled in Issaquah, residents at the homeless encampment called Issaquah the most-welcoming city on the Eastside.

Indeed, Issaquah is among the friendliest cities to Tent City 4 — a fact Community Church of Issaquah members showed June 19 by voting to host the camp again.

Community Church of Issaquah last hosted Tent City 4 in late 2007 and early 2010. Now, the camp is due to put down roots in the church’s parking lot amid the October chill.

In the past, after Tent City 4 landed in Issaquah, residents offered donations of clothing, food, money and, perhaps most importantly, time and hard work to make the stay a success.

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