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March 6, 2012

By Contributor

Special delivery

Presidential pizza is a problem

It is nice for the local business to have sold some pizza.

However, who is paying for all these campaign trips? A lot of poor people could have eaten for the cost of one slice of Obama’s pizza. Who paid for police protection? Did that take food out of anyone’s mouth? Or do we count that as jobs?

The Republicans are coming. What does all of the security for these candidates cost us? Who could eat for that amount of money?

This weekend, my husband and I saw two different couples with one in a wheelchair begging at freeway entrances. In both cases, the one in the wheelchair was missing part of a leg. Is this the change we were promised? Panhandling is not new to the area. However, I don’t think I have ever seen people with missing limbs in wheelchairs on corners begging before.

Obama’s custom pizza is a thing more to be ashamed of than to brag about with the economy the way it is. The money spent on all these campaigns is obscene. No doubt they need to raise our taxes to cover the Secret Service details for all these “candidates.”

Joyce Kormanyos


Timber cutting

What is DNR doing to salmon habitat?

Right now, trails, forests and salmon habitats are threatened by aggressive timber sales on Southwest Tiger Mountain near Mirrormont. Virtually the entire 15 Mile Creek basin has “Timber Sale Boundary” signs posted.

That’s right. Clear-cutting is planned within two miles of Issaquah Creek. In addition to threatening the hiking lifestyle many enjoy in this part of the forest, this will surely threaten critical salmon habitat.

Who is in charge of defending our salmon habitat in this area? Where can a citizen turn to get more information about what the Department of Natural Resources is up to?

Shannon Tice


Plastic bags

Ban needs broader reach

The Issaquah Press had a story addressing the Issaquah City Council’s plans to outlaw plastic bags within the city limits.

It appears the city government is following the national government’s plans by telling businesses how to run their business. I am sure if the use of plastic bags were detrimental to their profit margin, the businesses would stop using them on their own!

Has anyone seen numerous plastic bags blowing around the streets of Issaquah? Nope, because people here recycle plastic bags.

I receive nine newspapers a week — all in a plastic bag. Assume the whole Issaquah population has the same service plus many businesses. Suspect there are more of these plastic bags used than grocery plastic bags. Will the council address the banning of these in its next step on the ban plastic bag journey?

Some expound the story that the vast ocean areas are all one big plastic bag depository. What physical evidence has been presented to back up their words regarding the use of dangerous plastic bags? Haven’t seen any factual “undoctored” photos in any newspapers or TV media showing the area of plastic bags as a percentage of earth’s water area.

In support of the above, how can the council show that any plastic bags issued from the Issaquah business community find their way to any ocean?

Plastic bags are very compatible with the elderly — the bags are small and carry light loads, and have a convenient handle.

The use of cloth bags to carry groceries will, over time, become a hosting place of different germs, but the one-time use of plastic bags do not carry this concern, folks! It is noted that should the council prohibit the use of plastic bags, the use of paper bags will increase at the same rate. Where are the tree huggers on this one?

Folks, this seems that the council is being pressured to get in the way of businesses to conduct a business, by some anti-business groups.

By the way, City Council, when will you take on the “plastic” potato chip and frozen food bags?

Ken Sessler



Prepare for bears

Spring is in the air. Can bears be far behind?

Besides snow, another thing this islander prefers to see from behind glass is wildlife. I nearly crossed paths with a gigantic black bear in Banff, Canada, several years ago. The image of it sitting on its haunches, sniffing the air while peering in my direction, remains forever ingrained in my subconscious.

As a result of my near-death experience, I jingle my way through my Squak Mountain neighborhood while walking my dog. No, I’m not rehearsing for the part of Mrs. Claus. With bear bells in hand, I’m warning any would-be predators to steer clear of this very, very reluctant morsel.

I use to fear for my life while walking my dog across the street from Issaquah High School on Second Avenue. The brush was so thick and black bears were often spotted in and around the area. Now that the trees and bramble have been thinned out, and the road widened, my sense is that wildlife will find elsewhere to roam. At least that’s my hope.

Where I once thought that the construction of a school building that rivals Swedish/Issaquah on the plateau as a tad over-the-top, I now welcome the bustling activity it generates. Students are the benefactors of a state-of-the art facility, and we who drive by the high school are required to slow down to 20 mph, which forces us to take note of our surroundings.

Like inchworms crawling along, each driver must observe the bumper of the car in front, as well as the cameras positioned to snap a picture of anyone speeding. A hefty fine makes Issaquah High School a force with which to be reckoned. People get that. I’m pretty sure the bears are just as intimidated by the imposing edifice and all of the parked cars out front.

Or am I just a naïve Hawaiian, thinking that my bells are stopping bears dead in their tracks? When in reality, they’re just proceeding with caution. You’ll know for sure if you hear my blood-curdling yell for help!

Millie Vierra


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