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April 24, 2012

By Contributor

Issaquah School District bond

Issaquah residents care for the school district’s youths

Volunteers for Issaquah Schools wants to thank the Issaquah School District community for passing the maintenance and construction bond.

Each community has its own set of priorities. This community demonstrated that education is a top priority by approving the maintenance and construction bond during challenging economic times with a 70 percent yes vote.

We are honored to live in and be a part of a community that holds the education of its youth as a high priority. Your investment in our youth will pay off for years to come. Thank you again for investing in our youth and reaffirming the deep commitment this community has to education.

Lesley Austin

VIS Board

Bond vote will ensure students  have safe, high-quality schools

A huge thank you to the Issaquah School District voters for resoundingly passing the construction and maintenance bond last week!

It makes me extremely proud to serve in a community that values education and the future of its children so much — you are unparalleled in this state and nation. Because of you, we will be able to meet our critical construction and repair needs for the next eight years, ensuring students are learning in safe, high-quality schools equipped for 21st-century learning.

My commitment is to be the best steward possible for these dollars, completing projects on time and on — or under — budget, protecting our top credit rating, and remaining transparent throughout the construction process (look for a webpage soon that will track our progress).

My sincerest appreciation also goes to Volunteers for Issaquah Schools.  These volunteer community members — hundreds of them! — dedicated themselves to spreading information about the bond measure so voters could make an informed choice. For some, it was a full-time job; for others, they gave one or two hours when they could, honking and waving, or simply placing a bus magnet on their vehicle. Regardless, each and every one of them made a tremendous difference!

Dr. Steve Rasmussen, superintendent

Issaquah School District


Thank you to all who supported the bond

As a former Issaquah School District parent and longtime district employee, I want to thank everyone who championed the bond. From the hardworking, dedicated committee members, to the volunteers waving signs on many corners in the district to the tremendous support of the voters, the passing of this bond benefits everyone in our district!

Issaquah is truly a special place to live because of the quality in the district’s education, and the support and appreciation of our community.  Thank you, one and all!

Mardi Nystrom


Small-town charm

Good customer service is alive and well

Small towns are noted for good customer service. Issaquah is no exception. Walking through the doors of various local retailers, I’m usually greeted with warm hellos and welcoming smiles. Of course being a regular helps to establish lasting relationships. A gift for gab and a propensity to hug (I’m Hawaiian, after all) also serve me well.

I’m particularly sensitive to how businesses handle consumers, having serviced customers myself during career stints in health insurance, retail and travel, both here on the mainland and in Hawaii. While “taking care of business” is still the order of the day, there’s been a resurgence in customer care. Thank goodness! We’re in desperate need of a positive note given the chorus of negativity swirling around us.

There’s no doubt we all have our favorite businesses, as evidenced in the annual call by The Issaquah Press for citizens to vote for “The Best of Issaquah.” It’s difficult to name just a few but the staff at The Cat Clinic deserve recognition for their efforts on behalf of their feline patients, and for the education they provide their often clueless owners. I’ve managed to walk a tightrope in caring for three cats with special needs. The clinic staff members are like friends providing me a safety net and camaraderie. We share pet stories that bring lumps to our throats or smiles to our lips. Belly laughs are also commonplace.

Big box stores are often faulted for their lack of good customer service. Contrary to this popular myth, a recent need for light switches found my husband in the excellent care of Dave at Home Depot. When my husband retires, his newfound knowledge might encourage him to seek part-time employment alongside his bud. Prepare yourself, Dave.

In life, things go in and out of fashion. Good customer service is never out of style. An East Coast farmers market said it best. “Rule No. 1 — The customer is always right. Rule No. 2 — When in doubt, refer to Rule No. 1.”

Millie Vierra


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One Response to “To the Editor”

  1. Chuck Hanson on May 10th, 2012 8:18 am

    Regarding your political cartoon (5/9/12) of the bomb-wielding anarchists that you characterize as being the ‘anti-corporate’ marchers in the Mayday marches, I would like to remind you that your readership is largely composed of thoughtful, educated people and not the rubes that you seem to be trying to appeal to.
    How about a cartoon of a grinning Lee Iacocca with a fistful of dollars standing next to (let’s make that a ‘safe distance’ from) an exploding Pinto? A great caption might be ‘collateral damage’. Hilarious, no?

    Or, a bunch of old ‘Tea partiers’ with teabags stapled to their Styrofoam boaters rolling around on taxpayer-bought electric wheelchairs at a presidential rally — and armed with assault rifles — as is their constitutional right. In the background there could be the evilly grinning Koch brothers winking and handing cash to the march organizer.

    Don’t even get me started on the hilarity of Pennsylvania rural folk setting their drinking water afire as they remark upon how well the economy has improved since the fracking began.

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