Rapid Response

July 3, 2012

By Contributor

City Council members recently banned plastic bags at Issaquah retailers starting in March 2013. How do you feel about the ordinance’s effort to reduce plastic waste?

It did not address the problem of reducing waste stream or litter and it should have.

Connie Marsh


Of course this makes sense. C’mon folks, really, how hard is it to carry your own cloth bag instead of constantly creating more damaging waste?

Ken Konigsmark



I support the effort. Plastic bags do not degrade very quickly, can suffocate young children and are creating havoc in the oceans.

David Miller



I feel bad for the small businesses that are already down. Replacing plastic with paper won’t reduce waste; it’s like “borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.” Back to paper; cut down more trees? The paper industry went to bankruptcy years ago because of regulations, now plastic. What’s next?

Becky Wilder



Commendable! It is the responsible thing to do. What’s all the uproar about? It’s a minor issue compared to others in our country and the world. We should just do it.

Barbara Extract



When does the government overreach end? Federal government spends us into decades of debt, state government builds stadiums and redefines marriage and city government tells us what kind of shopping bag we can or cannot use. All without a single citizen’s vote.

Mark Bowers



Overstepping politically correct weak attention grabbing move by the City Council. Let’s promote free and responsible choice BY THE PEOPLE!

Matthew Balkman



Life is less sanitary, but the trash sorters save on equipment maintenance because the bags don’t gum up the works.

Hank Thomas



I am for this ban but not all plastic bags are created equal. There are some plastics that are biodegradable and should be allowed. Paper is preferable since most paper degrades quite nicely.

Jim Harris



The ban on bags will probably be helpful environmentally, but I use and reuse the plastic bags I bring home. They go back to the stores for reuse until holey, and then get used for garbage. I’ll miss them if they go away, but can use paper bags for the same purposes.

Jackie Thomas



I’m a huge advocate of removing plastic bags as a choice for shoppers at retail outlets.

Eddie Davis



Effort is misguided. Making plastic versus cutting trees and processing pulp. Both can be reused and recycled. We should focus efforts on things that matter.

Steve Balkman



Given that politics is the art of the possible, I applaud the council’s decision. What is the hubbub all about? Passing it will undoubtedly be good for the environment. Minor inconvenience for some? It’s a small price to pay considering the benefits it will provide. Loss of jobs? Not likely. Plastic bag manufacturers will likely broaden their product line to include heavier-grade plastic, reusable bags.

Raymond Extract



Somebody on the council gets to put a check box next to “environmental vision” on the next municipal league survey of progressive cities. Big deal.

Bryan Weinstein



The effort to reduce plastic waste is long overdue, and I am glad that action is finally being taken to stop pollution.

Jennifer Jones



Since I know deep down that it is the right thing to do, I have to agree with their efforts. However, I am certainly going to miss the plastic bags, which I always recycled or used to line my wastebaskets and to gather my recyclables for the recycle bin.

Meredith Prock



In a hundred years, our descendants will be amazed by how much “stuff” we wasted. I don’t know if the plastic bag ban is a good solution, but at least it shows our children that we are trying to find a better way.

Mel Morgan


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2 Responses to “Rapid Response”

  1. Aaron Johnson on July 5th, 2012 8:31 pm

    No need to vote, Issaquah chooses plastic bags every week at the check-out counter. The amount of comments are evident that we find ways to reuse and recycle them – why aren’t we working towards replacing them with compostable or biodegradable bags instead?

  2. Doug on July 6th, 2012 1:36 pm

    I’ve got plastic bottles of soda and water, plastic containers with peanut butter, mustard, shampoo and a box of garbage bags…. But hey, I’m helping the environment because I used a paper sack.

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