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July 17, 2012

By Contributor

State Senate

Voting for the right person comes before blind party loyalty 

As I leave office, I have the unique opportunity to speak out, from an insider’s viewpoint, about the unfortunate processes by which decisions are too frequently made in our government, ostensibly for our benefit. Those who believe the end justifies the means may prefer to stop reading here. Those who, like me, have come to believe the means defines the end may share my concern about the election maneuvering occurring in the 5th Legislative District.

This is about putting the proverbial lipstick on a pig. Senate Republicans and Republican State Party Chairman Kirby Wilbur know their candidate, Brad Toft, has a long history of questionable behavior. Rather than support a better candidate, they seek to silence those who would speak out against Toft. Where a candidate’s main activity is to respond to questions about his/her record, this is a huge red flag.

Apparently electing a “Republican” is a higher priority to them than having a person of integrity represent the 5th District. I live in the 5th District, so this is where I differ with that small group of “Republicans” who have announced their intention to “burn Pflug in order to discredit (Mark) Mullet,” Toft’s opponent. It is a vain effort, but I resent deeply the self-serving abandon with which these politicians attempt to trash my reputation.

Such abuse of power only stops when we put our grown-up pants on, look the bullies in the eye and call their bluff. I call. I’m not attacking all Republicans — I will vote for Rob McKenna in the belief his wisdom and integrity will help end such shenanigans. For the same reason, I endorse Mark Mullet for state Senate as a person of integrity and wisdom who aims to serve us, not just preside over us.

I leave office in good standing, not voted or pushed out, to accept a great opportunity as a graduating law student/bar candidate. Although it is time for me to have a more normal lifestyle, I will always be grateful for the amazing opportunity I had to serve our communities, in the House and the Senate. Thank you! God bless!

Cheryl Pflug

Maple Valley



We let what ails us happen

The film “Network,” starring Peter Finch as an aging TV personality being told he is no longer “viable,” shows Finch leaning out a window shouting those memorable words, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

With today’s economic state, what is it going to take to wake people up? Gas prices are reported to be $3.37 per gallon. Where? Yet here we stand, gas hose in hand, almost like David Copperfield (not the magician) begging for more. In this case, the public’s hand is caught in the cash drawer, and the other figure (the “system”) has its hand on the drawer preparing to slam it.

Gas prices have been absurd for too long — unless you drive a corporate car. Try to visualize two senior citizens trying to survive on disability of $1,050 per month. Subtract “essentials” like rent, food, utilities and gasoline. Concerning food: How do you go get it? Can’t afford it? Use a “food bank” (another nightmare) — how do you get there? All of the above hinges on your ability to stay healthy. For that, food is required. See a pattern developing here? How did all that happen? We let it happen. Does that surprise you?

The public got another “fast shuffle” from D.C. and no one noticed someone took the pea out from under the shell. No matter which shell we choose, we come up short. I grew up in a “Beaver Cleaver” environment. The word “color” was used when repainting something, never relating to “race.” Once the Occupy movement came along I thought, finally, some direction! Then, Government stepped in, and gave us another fast shuffle, which let it dodge another bullet.

With this monetary dysfunction, my belief in the “system” has taken a beating. I live in hope that things will soon be better but that optimism is waning. The most infuriating issue is this reference to the “middle class.” Not since the mid-’60s has there been one, sorry to say. Even then it was more of an urban legend than a fiscal fact.

How about it? Concern is NOT gender-specific.

Jim Leming


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One Response to “To the Editor”

  1. Frank Simpson on July 21st, 2012 3:22 am

    Former state senator Cheryl Pflug has some gall accusing OTHERS of being “self-serving” and exhibiting an “abuse of power.”

    This from the person who removed herself as a candidate one business day after the filing deadline. Thus, she intentionally eliminated choice for everyone in her own Republican party (about half the people in the 5th district) and trashed the electoral process to get what she wanted, including a cushy job. Talk about a self-serving abuse of power.

    Even if you’re a Democrat who supports Mark Mullet, you should not applaud Pflug for her actions. The ends don’t justify the means (another phrase that Pflug had the nerve to hypocritically include in her letter). Imagine a Democratic politician in the future pulling the same despicable stunt, limiting you to one (perhaps unpalatable) Democratic candidate.

    No, Ms. Pflug, you did not leave office in good standing, as you laughably claim. You left as an embarrassment to the state.

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