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August 14, 2012

By Contributor


Look out for your neighbors

On July 6, our enjoyment of the Issaquah ArtWalk was interrupted by a call from the police informing us our home had been robbed. We were stunned to find out that neighbors had belatedly called 911 after witnessing a woman leaving our home.

When the suspect saw two women on our street, she diverted their attention by saying she was looking for a lost dog and asked if they had seen it. Meanwhile, our computers, jewelry and mementos were in the bags she was carrying.

In The Press last week, there was an article about the subsequent arrest of our burglar. We want to thank Detective Sgt. Kevin Nash and fellow Issaquah police officers for their outstanding work with the investigation and apprehension of the thief.

It appears that she had robbed numerous homes and on several occasions had deflected suspicion by simply asking neighbors who saw her if they had seen her lost dog. A lost dog — really?

Following the arrest, Nash discovered a fraction of our stolen property and contacted us to identify items. He and the other officers were courteous and professional during this emotional time. They were even able to identify another couple from the recovered items who had not yet realized they had been robbed.

We have long been proud to live in this community and are even more impressed with the quality and effectiveness of our outstanding police force.

One of the keys to maintaining our quality of life is to be vigilant and watchful neighbors. Please make it a point of personal pride to say something, if you see something suspicious. As good as the police are, they can’t be alone in the deterrent of crime.

And remember, if someone is asking about a lost dog, be on alert!

Mardi and Fred Nystrom




Obama support makes for better shopping

To those who would stop shopping at Costco because Jim Sinegal supports President Obama: Thanks! I will enjoy my shopping experience more without you and others who throw around simplistic (and erroneous) labels like “socialist” and “divider.”

Kudos to Mr. Sinegal for doing this as an individual and not as part of Costco (although technically an individual, according to the Supreme Court). Almost 53 percent of the people disagreed with you in 2008 and more I hope in 2012. I’m surprised that you put up with living in such a blue state!

Don Borin



Cheryl Pflug

Thanks for endorsing Mark Mullet

Hurrah for Cheryl Pflug! Her endorsement of Mark Mullet speaks volumes of her honesty and integrity.

She has the courage to stand behind her convictions and endorse the best candidate without being swayed by blind party loyalty!

We need more individuals of this caliber to step up and lead this country out of its present morass.

Shupe and Mary Holmberg



Together Center

Done deal doesn’t serve stakeholders

An article in The Press informed us that the Together Center has, after a six-year process, narrowed down the future site of the human services campus to one location. The article reported that “stakeholders . . . toured the location and approved the site.”

Stakeholders? Isn’t everyone in the community a stakeholder, especially those who will live near the campus? Indeed, the campus representative, John Rittenhouse, declared in a July 24 city meeting that “the success of this project relies on the support of the entire community.” Yet I don’t recall anyone in my neighborhood being invited to tour the site.

In fact, the public — whose support is allegedly required — doesn’t even know where the top choice is (or where the original 10 candidates were). Apparently it’s a big secret. Rittenhouse refused to provide that information, even though he announced that the Together Center is on the cusp of signing a letter of intent with the mystery property owner.

According to the article, the city earmarked a whopping $1 million for the campus and $35,000 for a feasibility study. That’s quite an investment, but there’s no transparency in return? No opportunity for city residents to provide feedback on any of the candidates?

Oh, let me guess. There will be an all-for-show public hearing on the same night as the unanimous vote in favor of the Together Center’s one option. That will be our opportunity to offer input on this deal that’s already done.

Matthew Barry


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