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September 4, 2012

By Contributor

Gilman Boulevard fruit

Don’t let the apples go to waste

I have noticed that those apple trees along Gilman Boulevard have dropped their apples all over the ground, to waste. How come our City Council has not decreed that the city catch those grocery plastic bags that are blowing around on their way to the Pacific Ocean and fill them with the good apples and deliver them to the food dispersion facility place, near the community center?

Ken Sessler


Quick response

Reichert’s staff visits Sunny Hills Elementary

On Aug. 20, 2012, Jacques Imperial, constituent services liaison for Congressman Dave Reichert’s office, visited Sunny Hills Elementary School, by my request, to see how K-5 students engage in outdoor learning.

As a teacher at Sunny Hills, I developed our outdoor sites with the strong support of Project Learning Tree, an environmental education program of the American Forest Foundation.

Having just returned from Washington, D.C., to discuss funding for teacher training in using outdoor learning sites, I was thrilled by the quick response to and interest in an actual visit to our school.

I thank Congressman’s Dave Reichert’s office for hearing my “one small voice” in Washington, D.C., and actively seeking to learn more about the powerful teaching and learning that is happening in outdoor classrooms in Issaquah schools.

Jane Ulrich



Plastic bags

Carryout bags is only the beginning

The Press editorial (June 13 issue) says the plastic bag ban didn’t go far enough. Why stop with carryout bags when there is so much more that can be done to help the environment, the landfill, wildlife, our health?

Is there a difference in the plastic used to cover dry cleaning and newspapers or that used for groceries? Plastic bags are not good for fish, and metal pull-tab rings can also be trouble.

In his letter (same issue) Mark Mullet wants us to “go back to the days of our youth” (his youth or mine?) and “make small adjustments to our daily routines.” OK, let’s stop filling the landfills with disposable diapers and plastic bottles. How about reducing car emissions by banning drive-thru windows at fast food (and other) businesses, or telling high school seniors they must walk, hike or ride the bus to school — no more individual cars. Or is there a limit to how far back in time we want to regress?

Also, we can follow the lead of the New York City mayor who decided that sugary drinks are not a good thing and limited them to 16 ounces or less, in case New Yorkers can’t make the correct choice for themselves. The people who think the job of elected officials is not to represent them but to make decisions for them well agree with the mayor’s rule. Someday, someone may recognize there are too many unhealthy fat calories in ice cream and pizza and decide those sales should be regulated.

These are just a few examples. There are so many more adjustments we could be required to make. But, as many have pointed out, “we have to start somewhere” and banning plastic carryout bags is only the beginning.

Dorothy Russell



Eastside Fire & Rescue funding

Everyone should pay his or her fair share

I must say I was sadly disappointed by the recent story in The Issaquah Press about the fire district funding changes. I verified that the article was not on the editorial page, yet it reads as an editorial hit piece using such words as “appease” to characterize the changes being requested by the city of Sammamish.

This is a sad day for The Issaquah Press. Never have I seen such a blatant example of a lack of journalistic integrity.

The real story is that residents of Sammamish pay more for the service with Issaquah benefiting from this because of a poor allocation choice made years ago. It is time to change the model to fairly ensure that all pay their share for service rendered, not for an assessed home value that means nothing until the home is sold.

Residents of Sammamish are not more able to afford this higher rate just because our homes are higher in value.

Michael T. Barr


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