Dick’s Sporting Goods, Marshalls to open in Issaquah Highlands

October 16, 2012

By Warren Kagarise

Retail offerings in the Issaquah Highlands should include a mix of local and national companies, developers behind the neighborhood’s $70 million Grand Ridge Plaza retail complex announced Oct. 10.

The latest announcement adds Dick’s Sporting Goods, Marshalls and HomeGoods to the retail center alongside a 12-screen Regal Cinemas multiplex, and a Safeway and associated gas station. City officials announced plans for RAM Restaurant & Brewery, Big Fish Grill and ULTA Beauty a week earlier.

The highlands lineup includes homegrown businesses Zumiez, a specialty sports equipment and clothing company based in Lynnwood, and another location for Seattle-based Chinoise Sushi Bar & Asian Grill.

The project developer, Regency Centers, and highlands developer Port Blakely Communities executives unveiled the expanded list during a standing-room-only community meeting at Blakely Hall.

Click on the map to see the planned layout of Grand Ridge Plaza in the Issaquah Highlands. Contributed by Regency Centers

The tenant announcement came as construction speeds along on the Regal Cinemas and associated parking structure near Northeast High Street and Highlands Drive Northeast. Construction started in June after more than a decade of delays and scrapped plans.

Grand Ridge Plaza encompasses 10 blocks and 15 buildings spread across 280,113 square feet. The project is the largest commercial venture in the neighborhood since Swedish/Issaquah opened last year.

The initial offerings — Real Cinemas, Big Fish Grill and RAM Restaurant & Brewery — should open at about the same time next spring. Construction is poised to start on Safeway early next year.

The highlands residents on the City Council, Stacy Goodman and Mark Mullet, said the reaction from neighborhood residents seemed positive.

“This is why people moved to this neighborhood — to have the retail,” Mullet said. “There are very few neighborhoods where you can walk to a 12-screen movie theater from your house. That’s unusual in the suburbs. That differentiates this neighborhood from all of the other suburban neighborhoods on the Eastside.”

Goodman said the pace of construction offered residents a glimpse at the planned amenities.

“I think everyone up there is excited to have the stores open, and there are going to be a lot of fun, new places to shop and eat,” she said. “I envision it being a really lively place.”

“I can tell you that my husband is super-excited about the RAM,” she added.

Mullet owns a Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop across the cinema construction site and a Zeeks Pizza about a mile east in the neighborhood.

“I’ve always said it’s nice to take local, established brands and bring them to Issaquah,” he said. “I think the consumers out here, they like going to local brands better than national brands.”

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10 Responses to “Dick’s Sporting Goods, Marshalls to open in Issaquah Highlands”

  1. Eric on October 17th, 2012 10:53 am

    Brutal. I thought the intention of the development in the highlands was to create a showcase development such as the University Village. Dick’s Sporting Goods and Marshalls doesn’t seem to reflect the opportunity to make the Issaquah Highlands a destination.

  2. Shane on October 17th, 2012 7:15 pm

    I like the selection of restaurants/shops and am eagerly waiting for all these places to open up. Love living in the highlands.

  3. John on October 18th, 2012 6:45 am

    So disappointing. Just look at the demographics and try to explain why we are getting a low income strip mall instead of a vibrant town center. Incompetence, bafoonary and government over reach. Just plane sad.

  4. Shane on October 18th, 2012 5:06 pm

    I wouldn’t classify the development as a “low income strip mall”. It’s definitely not high-end, however that is not what we would want in the highlands. I also was not expecting Marshall’s, however the rest seem to be good choices.

  5. shopping issaquah highlands | IssaquahModern.com on October 18th, 2012 5:49 pm
  6. Dan on October 19th, 2012 2:01 pm

    Compared to what the residents said they wanted this is definitely low-end. I went to some of the meetings for the residents and these retailers were not presented as the targets that they were trying to lure to the Highlands Dick’s, Marshall’s, the RAM…whoopee. And Safeway…glad I waited 13 years for a Safeway!

  7. jeffr on October 23rd, 2012 7:20 am

    when will highlands folks start to petition the city government for delivery of all the promises that were made and never kept? schools, retail, amenities – how many more years will we have to wait. the problem is this hurts not just the highlands but every person who lives in issaquah – we will all pay for what comes next in one way or another. how do we get our say for what was promised and what we want. a sporting goods store, a mid-low end clothing store, a store with one pump for gas? is this what our vision of the highlands was?

  8. Briana on October 24th, 2012 10:40 am

    Bafoonary?! Please elaborate… “plane sad” is, citizens of our community are under the assumption that the privilege of living in a beautiful, clean, safe community like Issaquah/ Sammamish area is the norm. Well its not, its exactly that, a privelige. Are you implying that consumers who prefer to shop at places like Marshalls or Safeway are bafoons? Or perhaps just the ” hard working class”? I apologize I can’t remember the last Safeway gas station I had visited that had just one pump? If they had fake gold plated lion statues dispensing fuel from their snouts , then would it be high end? I hate to burst your bubble, but Safeway fuel stations use the same fuel as all the other franchise stations do, so you can’t cry quality. Kind of confused , for an individual expressing such snide remarks about the retail line-up, I would assume you should be driving an electric car, therein solves that gripe, and I would have hoped we would use the spell check button if we couldn’t remember off hand that ” plane” is an aircraft, ” plain” is an adjective, you were using it as, from your context, I’d say its safe to assume you were trying to describe your intellect, and not the community you are fortunate to complain about. Spend a week , a night , heck an hour in the other end of the county, and I would hope perhaps you would be a bit more gracious for the amenities you are able to sit here and complain about.

  9. US box office gains momentum in 4Q | Alan & Sandy Carey on October 30th, 2012 6:20 am

    […] Dick's Sporting Goods, Marshalls to open in Issaquah Highlands The latest announcement adds Dick's Sporting Goods, Marshalls and HomeGoods to the retail center alongside a 12-screen Regal Cinemas multiplex, and a Safeway and associated gas station. City officials announced plans for RAM Restaurant & Brewery, … Read more on Issaquah Press […]

  10. Ronald Keyser Jr. on September 28th, 2013 4:49 pm

    Only in the “New Issaquah ” would a sporting goods store be getting bad press from the locals .I was born here in 1967 and I lived here till I was 18 and could not afford to rent or buy in my own home town as it was invaded by the Californians who came here and drove up the prices .A welcome compared to the Issy I have now moved back to 28 years later ..If we would have known then what was to have become of this place now we would have kissed the _________ feet???? of the Cal transplants of the 70’s and 80’s . When I was a boy going to Pine Lake Jr high and Issy High about 20-30% of the boys missed school on the opener of fishing and hunting season to be with there dads and grandpas . Sadly now we have a citizen base that not only does not fish but does not hunt . The sporting goods of the NEW Issaquah is 60 plus dollar a day golf green fees and bike riding . I wonder if anyone remembers Issaquah was a sleeper community for Boeing workers and a logging town and before that a coal mining town . As a boy all my friends would fish and hunt with there dads and grandpas and those that did not were soon introduced to it by us/them . I can go anywhere my heart desires to find a putter and I have no problem at all finding a 3,000.00 bike and all the over priced accessories to go with it but to find a descent sporting goods store that sells a half way descent fishing pole and or any variety of shooting sport or hunting items is non existence and dont tell me that Fred Myers and Sports Authority is a place to find hunting and fishing supplies as anyone who is in the know knows that finding real sporting goods of the hunting and fishing type at these stores is like finding a good Specialized brand bike or a cannondale at Fred Myers just because they sell Bell brand bike seats and tire pumps . On that note the simple fact that Fred Myers is about the only place to buy a hunting rifle or the ammo to go with it is the exact reason why there needs to be a sporting goods store in Issaquah . Who would have ever thought that we would have to buy a shotgun to hunt pheasants at a grocery store or a store were you buy socks and underwear. A store that carries a little bit of this and a little bit of that is a store that carries nothing really worth a darn at all unless you are an entry level sporting goods enthusiast at best . I welcome the Dicks sporting goods store and only wish there was a better sporting goods store then this coming.When will people learn that the cookie cutter stores of Bellevue might look nice from the outside but they are terrible as far as a store goes to buy anything short of over priced nik naks .I just moved back to Issaquah after 28 years of living in Eastern Washington and the best stores there hands down 100%% were the mom and pop owned stores of any industry . This SADLY was something that was lost over the last 20-30 years as the hidy tidy look good carry nothing stores of today have taken over . One thing I will say is that the craft industry has a good store with the Micheal’s in Issy but between me and you if some fairly well off customers were not craft people here in the city of this store would not even be tolerated in the “new Issaquah”. I still remember the Ben Franklin over by the Issaquah Fish Hatchery .They had it all and at an affordable price but sadly that store front was not Beverly Hills enough for the “New Issaquah”

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