October 30, 2012

By Staff

Karen Porterfield for Congress

Issaquah Democrat Karen Porterfield is an excellent choice to represent the expansive 8th Congressional District.

In 2004, voters elected Republican Dave Reichert to succeed Republican Jennifer Dunn in Washington, D.C. Since then, Reichert has failed to distinguish himself in the U.S. House of Representatives and too often seems detached and unavailable from constituents at home. He does deserve credit for his work in Congress to expand the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.

Following redistricting last year, the 8th District covers more ground, stretching from Auburn to Issaquah to Wenatchee. The change in the district is a good time to change representation.

Porterfield brings experience from the academic, business and nonprofit sectors to the race. She is a novice candidate, but is articulate and accessible, and most importantly, she shows tremendous potential and drive.

The 8th District’s next representative must ably balance the concerns of apple growers in Wenatchee and software programmers in Issaquah. Porterfield offers a willingness to listen to concerns and focus on constituents first.

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8 Responses to “Editorial”

  1. Doug on November 1st, 2012 9:22 am

    Dave Reichert voted for the NDAA. Not only should he NOT be re-elected, he should be put in prison as a traitor to the American people and the Constitution.

  2. Bob B on November 2nd, 2012 2:26 pm

    You folks have to be kidding me. Memo to the editor. Congressman Reichert’s official office is in Issaquah. ” Detached and unavailable” really
    I have stopped in his office twice and he made time to talk to me. He was working on a students PELL grant while I was there. He is Number 2 on the Ways and Means committee the most powerful committee in congress. He is one of us and has served all of us well in King County for over 30 plus years.
    Calling a man that served his country in the US Air Force and the KC Sheriff Dpt
    a traitor is outrage. I am sorry we have a great man in Congress and the people of our district know it. The Issaquah Press is showing its true stripes again.

  3. Dale Williams on November 3rd, 2012 12:17 pm

    I second Bob B’s comments above, and note that Doug’s comments are the typical despicable trash that has come to be expected from the opposition.

    Dave Reichert has been a strong advocate for, among other things, Veterans, and should – without question – be returned to Congress to continue his advocacy on the part of the citizens of this district.

    His opponent in this race is apparently a well-meaning person, but without legislative experience. In the words of your editorial: “She is a novice candidate, but is articulate and accessible, and most importantly, she shows tremendous potential and drive”. Good support for a candidate for local school board, but totally inadequate for the National Congress. If elected, she would, of necessity, have to support her party’s more big government philosophy, to the Country’s detriment. The issues facing this Nation in the next few years are far too important for amateur hour.

    With Congressman Reichert’s experience and seniority in Congress, we would lose far too much if he is not re-elected.

    I am surprised and disappointed in the Issaquah Press’s choice.

  4. John Jensen on November 5th, 2012 3:30 pm

    This is a confusing endorsement. At a time when our country is so polarized politically, we have a Congressman right here who for the last 8 years has been able to balance a clearly swing district by simply doing what he thought was right base don the facts of each situation. Isn’t that exactly what we need in Washington DC? Someone who can listen to the facts and come to a conclusion on his own rather than follow the party line. Having lived in his District for 8 years I am sorry to say I am redistricted out now but I have watched Congressman Reichert take abuse from the extreme left and the extreme right.. There are very few individuals who could have stood up to that and even fewer who would contniue to return to serve. We can find many who will follow the D or the R hardline, but people like Dave Reichert are rare and should be supported when they are willing to serve. I am sure there are reason for the Issaquah Press’s endorsement of his opponent, but I do not know what they could be.

  5. Doug on November 5th, 2012 4:28 pm

    Do you enjoy watching your children being groped by TSA at the airport? Thank Dave Reichert, a rabid supporter of the Patriot Act and Homeland Security. He continuously votes to extend “controversial” provisions that are due to expire and even voted aye to make them all permanent.

    Would you like to see your sons and daughters return from the war overseas?
    Sorry, Dave Reichert voted against withdrawal of soldiers from the battlefield.

    When major telecommunications companies were found to be getting paid off by the feds for supplying private e-mails and phonecalls to circumvent warrants, who voted for immunity of criminal charges against them?. Why, Dave Reichert did. Now everything is tapped..Phones, e-mails, social networks, everything.

    Politicians are like evangelists. They’ll take a few things from their playbook that sound real nice and promote them but leave out all of the atrocities that are buried in the pages.

  6. John Jensen on November 5th, 2012 8:54 pm

    What Congress, a body of 435 needs is more demeanor like Dave Reichert, and less like the previous commenter. His posts are the kind of in your face style of activism that revolts people and makes them avoid the process we should all participate in so our voice is heard. Even if the commenter has valid points the rude style will cause people to be unable to hear, and there is certainly no listening on his part. The sad thing is pointing this out will bring greater vitriol from him. And the Editior, who has allowed it to this point will eventually have to jump in. Only because someone like me called it out. But it’s the kind of behavior Dave Reichert has proven skills to deal with. He will meet with everyone, from Moveon.org to the Tea Party and everyone in between. Or you can have someone who this guys rude, in your face tactics will pushover.

  7. Matt on November 5th, 2012 10:29 pm

    I feel compelled to offer a few thoughts about the point mentioned in the above endorsement statement, specifically about Congressman Dave Reichert’s accessibility to citizens in the 8th Congressional District. The Congressman has proven to be a strong public servant who has been very much available and connected to the folks in east King county. His outreach and availability in our community and region is noted and appreciated. Issaquah is also fortunate to be home to one of the Congressman’s district offices, providing our citizens with direct access to the congressman and his team for support with federal-level issues or concerns. Our community has benefited, and will continue to benefit, from his (and his talented staff’s) high quality constituent service work.

    I also have to agree with Mr. Jensen’s comments. There are a precious few moderates in either political party…folks who can stand up to the extremes of both sides and offer statesmanlike leadership on behalf of their constituents. The 8th District has traditionally been one of America’s “swing” districts, where one could find a moderate Democrat or moderate Republican offering effective leadership and consistent electability…but only if they stay connected to their voters and work hard to understand and represent their views. Congressman Reichert has been re-elected based on this leadership and his commitment and connection to those he serves. Folks may agree or disagree with particular votes or positions, but I think the Congressman has been very effective in providing strong and balanced leadership for our community and region.

  8. John Jensen on November 6th, 2012 5:01 am

    In a way the previous post exemplifies the challenge of a Congressoional representative. Do you want someone who will make one individual constituent (or a group of sonstituents) happy with every decision? All the more difficult in a swing district with thoughtful voters like the 8th is, and has been. It is also a sign of the style of our times where issues are seen in black and white by lobbying groups and some individuals, but the issues are still just as comlicated as ever. We need someone who is willing to understand them, then do what he thinks is right based on that undestanding, regardless of the poltical fallout.

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