Dave Reichert wins another term in Congress

November 13, 2012

By Warren Kagarise

Dave Reichert

Redistricting ended almost a decade of close challenges for control in the 8th Congressional District, as voters re-elected Republican Dave Reichert by a comfortable margin after a campaign unlike other recent contests for the seat.

In a landslide, Reichert, a former King County sheriff and Auburn Republican, defeated Issaquah Democrat Karen Porterfield, a nonprofit professional and adjunct instructor at Seattle University.

Reichert held on amid vigorous challenges from Democrats in 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010, but redistricting last year reshaped the district. The state commission responsible for redrawing the political map snipped Eastside cities from the district and added Eastern Washington communities.

The result created a seat observers said is reliably Republican — and offered little suspense as Election Day came to a close. Reichert led by 18 points in the initial election night results and continued to hold a commanding lead.

“We toured cities from Eatonville to Chelan, and I heard the same thing, ‘We’ve got to get the economy moving again,’” Reichert said at the state GOP election night celebration in Bellevue. “I’m in a good position to do that in the Ways & Means Committee.”

By the numbers

Dave Reichert: 60 percent (164,667 votes)

Karen Porterfield: 40 percent (110,063 votes)

The redrawn district stretches from Auburn to Issaquah, and then across the Cascades to Ellensburg and Wenatchee.

“Campaigning was the hardest work that I’ve ever done and the most fun that I’ve ever had,” Porterfield said after leaving the state Democrats’ election night celebration in Seattle.

Porterfield said the attention on competitive races elsewhere in the state shifted the focus from the district. In addition, Porterfield, a novice candidate, said running to unseat a battle-tested incumbent posed a challenge.

Reichert and the Republican candidate for governor, state Attorney General Rob McKenna, greeted phone bank volunteers at Reichert’s campaign headquarters in Issaquah the day before the ballot deadline.

“We were out in the community, in businesses in Issaquah, our business offices and our campaign offices are in Issaquah,” Reichert said at the election night celebration. “We are excited to be part of the Issaquah community.”

Reporter Sebastian Moraga contributed to this report.

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6 Responses to “Dave Reichert wins another term in Congress”

  1. Sally on November 14th, 2012 4:39 pm

    Tell us , Reichert, did you tell all the people in Chelan to Ellensburg to Eatonville that you voted AGAINST every job bill brought before Congress. You have been there about ten years and have nothing to show for it. Being on the Ways and Means Committee means nothing. What a charlatan you are. Fortunately for you, slick Slade gerrymandered our once competitive district, sad for Issaquah. But be honest about your pledge to another besided the country and be transparent about your voting record. Shame!

  2. Smoley on November 15th, 2012 5:16 pm


    Reichert got 56% in King County alone. In the other three counties he represents, he was well over 60%. Isn’t that what most would call a “mandate”?

    Rather than call names, perhaps you should call U-Haul.

  3. Sally on November 16th, 2012 10:39 pm

    No it is not a mandate because the redistricting to bring in the exteme conservative eastern WA areas was done to guarantee his position. And that is a fact. Before when it was a proper district he had to work at it and would have to answer for his lackluster representation of this district and the country. He has done nothing but follow orders in the ten years he has been the district representative. Yes a u haul is a great idea and I am sorry that we can’t use one. At least we could have been handed a self starter or even a critical thinker. I am sure you are elated and I am happy for you. I just wish Reichert could be part of the solution rather than perpetuate the immense problem we have been enduring for the past 10-30 years.

  4. jeffr on November 17th, 2012 4:39 pm

    people like predictability in life. reichert is predictable – he follows all the republican rules and never waivers. he has no original thoughts and never asks questions. he is the perfect representative for a district that is disinterested, vast and filled with entropy. we deserve him.

  5. Smoley on November 18th, 2012 3:15 pm


    i have to hold my nose every time I vote to reelect Dave Reichert. He voted for Cap & Trade for chrissakes! I’m less elated that he won compared to my satisfaction of Karen Porterfield losing.

    The 8th CD after redistricting is what it is. If you want to put up a candidate to put Reichert out of office, you’d better be sure that you think about the people that live outside of “progressive” Issaquah. I haven’t seen that mindset with Benedict, Ross, Burner, Del Bene, or Porterfield. Find a dem from outside King County to run against him instead of these women that bring nothing to the office other than the talking points taken directly from the Seattle Democratic regime.

    The problem of the last ten years as I see it is that people from urban areas think they know better how to tell people who live in the suburbs and rural areas of the Cascade foothills how to live. Until progressives in King County realize there is a different way of life out here compared to Seattle, you’ll never get trraction with the likes of Del Bene, Burner or Porterfield. Find somone who has actually run a business and had to sign the front of a paycheck – not a community organizer or tech millionaire. You bring someone like that to the ballot and you’ll stand a chance of bringing together the rural areas with the suburbs like Issaquah. If not, you’ll continue to be represented in Congress by a rep in Congress who’s famous for having the best hair.

  6. Sally on November 20th, 2012 6:50 am

    Any rep to oust DR will probably be a bonafide tea party bagger from the area that was gerrymandered to ensure the nonself starter his position. A good bit of the original district would comply. As for who thinks for whom, it seems obvious that the party representing us doesn’t. I prefer someone who can look forward without fear, has the ability to discuss, debate and carry out congressional business with critical thinking. I am sorry for the folks who are afraid to be fearless, knowable and capable of looking forward rather than staying “stuck”. I don’t see leadership from the gerrymandered district 8 coming to that. You make excellent points though abd I agree with some of them, Smoley. Jeff made very honest points too. A race with two better than average challengers would be great. But until the time comes where so many non political elements rule the way of thinking comes about, I can’t see that happening. BTW, I couldn’t even hold my nose and vote for a puppet. Just saying.
    Thanks for the civility.

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