Sound Transit alters Issaquah bus route to speed rush-hour trips

November 3, 2012

NEW — 6 a.m. Nov. 3, 2012

Sound Transit bus riders on Route 554 between Seattle and Issaquah should prepare for a route change in downtown Seattle.

The regional transit agency rerouted buses on Route 554 and other routes to a bus stop at Fourth Avenue, just north of Pike Street and adjacent to Westlake Park. The change goes into effect Monday to help speed evening rush-hour trips.

Officials closed the former bus stop at Fourth Avenue and Union Street to accommodate a change on Route 522 between Seattle and Woodinville.

Transit planners said the change should save several minutes getting out of downtown Seattle during evening rush hours.

The change is a result of changes to Regional Express Route 522. Planners said Route 522 buses should turn right onto Pike Street from Fourth Avenue, and use the Pike Street entrance to the Interstate 5 express lanes in the afternoon.

The route’s last stop downtown is on Pike Street just west of Sixth Avenue.

Maria Cantwell discusses jobs at Issaquah campaign stop

November 2, 2012

NEW — 12:30 p.m. Nov. 2, 2012

U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell focused on the economy and education during a campaign stop at Issaquah’s Gilman Village early Friday, and urged voters to return ballots by the Tuesday deadline.

Maria Cantwell

Cantwell’s 26-city “Jobs for Washington” bus tour across the state stopped at the Issaquah Coffee Co. In remarks to a group of sign-toting supporters and local dignitaries, she emphasized efforts to aid small businesses since the economy collapsed in 2008.

“In my opinion, a lot of money went to Wall Street and the five big banks, and Main Street got the short end of the stick,” she said. “Well, we worked hard to try to correct that by passing a new bill to help support community banks who would lend to small business. In fact, that program helped banks from Issaquah to Bellingham increase their lending to small businesses by as much as 24 percent.”

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2012 Parents Guide

November 2, 2012

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Tiger Mountain trail development is recommended for state grant

November 1, 2012

NEW — 10 a.m. Nov. 1, 2012

The state Recreation Conservation Office recommended Tiger Mountain trail development — and more than 100 projects statewide — as priority projects for grants.

Funding for the Tiger Mountain trails and other projects hinges on dollars for the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program, a program established to conserve land and waterways.

If the $320,000 grant for Tiger Mountain is funded, the state Department of Natural Resources can develop two trails or about five miles overall in east Tiger Mountain State Forest. The project requires a $137,200 match from the Department of Natural Resources.

Leaders at the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition, a nonprofit group set up to support the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program, praised the project list.

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Hurricane Sandy strands local family in New York City

October 31, 2012

NEW — 11:45 a.m. Oct. 31, 2012

The battered Eastern Seaboard resembles scenes from a disaster blockbuster after Hurricane Sandy slammed ashore late Monday.

The superstorm roared through New York City as the Ridnells, a local family, rode out Hurricane Sandy in a Midtown Manhattan hotel.

Hurricane Sandy came ashore near Atlantic City, N.J., at about 8 p.m. Monday. The storm caused at least 50 deaths throughout the region. Massive power outages across the Northeast left more than 8 million people in the dark.

In New York City, storm surge caused water to pour into streets, tunnels and subway tunnels.

Inside the Ridnells’ hotel, electricity flickered as Hurricane Sandy slammed the city, but power remained on at the St. Regis Hotel during the storm.

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Lets Go! for Nov. 1-7

October 31, 2012

The Issaquah Press’ general election endorsements

October 30, 2012

See the editorial board’s recommendations for congressional and legislative candidates, and statewide ballot measures, in the Nov. 6 general election.

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Costco looms large in race between Barack Obama, Mitt Romney

October 30, 2012

Pundits claim the presidential contest could hinge on so-called Walmart moms, but another discount chain is often mentioned on the campaign trail, too.

Jim Sinegal

Both President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney embraced Issaquah-based Costco on the stump, albeit for different reasons.

Support from Costco cofounder and former CEO Jim Sinegal allows Obama to highlight a business success in a feeble economy. The affluent Romney’s affinity for Costco allows the former Massachusetts governor to project a more down-to-earth image.

“Costco’s story is the American story,” Sinegal proclaimed to delegates and dignitaries in a September speech at the Democratic National Convention focused on job creation and the economy.

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Pragmatism defines Issaquah, Eastside voters

October 30, 2012

Local voters could choose a Democrat for the White House, a Republican for the Governor’s Mansion and split legislative seats between the parties.

Experts said voters in Issaquah and the Eastside prefer a brand of politics anchored in pragmatism, rather than party. The effort to appeal to moderate voters is intense as candidates scrounge for votes in the last days before Election Day.

“Democrats and Republicans both get elected there. I think of it as a pragmatic, rather than ideological, sort of politics, which is what Washington state used to be known for,” independent Seattle pollster Stuart Elway said. “I think the state as a whole has gotten more partisan, as the country has, and the party lines seem to have gotten harder.”

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Tiger Mountain is test for commissioner of public lands candidates

October 30, 2012

Tiger Mountain is a destination for hikers, mountain bikers and loggers, and the official responsible for acting as a referee to balance the competing interests is the state commissioner of public lands.

Clint Didier

Peter Goldmark

Republican Clint Didier is challenging the incumbent, Democrat Peter Goldmark, to serve as the top natural resources official in Washington.

The commissioner of public lands leads the state Department of Natural Resources, and oversees about 3 million acres of forests, agricultural land and other properties, as well as about 2.6 million acres of shorelines, tidelands, lakes and rivers.

The position carries outsized influence in the Issaquah area. The agency is often a factor in local policymaking, due to the connections among the Department of Natural Resources, Issaquah City Hall and outdoor recreation groups.

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