Lake Sammamish State Park to host 5K Foam Fest, soapy obstacle race

May 15, 2012

Participants enjoy a previous 5K Foam Fest, which takes them on an obstacle course filled with soapy bubbles. Contributed

A foamy, rather than muddy, obstacle race is coming to Lake Sammamish State Park on June 30.

The 5K Foam Fest, offered by Round House Racing in Ogden, Utah, includes an army-style obstacle course using bubbly foam that contestants need to plow, slide and run through.

A small sampling of obstacles is the 30-foot and 50-foot slip and slides filled with foam; the Stumpy Jumper, an inflatable pool of foam with pillars to run across; and the Body Washer, a free-standing, plastic frame filled with foam.

But have no fear, mud-lovers. Julia Fullmer, Round House spokeswoman, said the race also features mud obstacles, and standard army course obstacles, like mud crawls, wall climbs and running over tires while trying to get through a wall of hanging balls.

Fullmer said organizers choose Foam Fest locations that are close to big cities and fit requirements needed for the race obstacles.

Foam Fest came into existence in 2010 and has been held in multiple states, from Texas to California.

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Student can submit artwork, essays for 1962 World’s Fair celebration

May 15, 2012

Budding Washington student artists and visionaries have the opportunity to showcase their talents at an exhibit to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair.

Seattle Center and the League of Education Voters are asking Washington’s K-12 students to think about what the classroom of the future will look like. In 50 years, what technology will be used? What are students learning? What will the classroom/learning environment be like?

The deadline to submit a short intent form to participate in Seattle Center’s Classroom of the Future Exhibition has been extended to May 21. The letter of intent is just a short form letting Seattle Center know a project will be submitted. The deadline to turn in the project is June 1. Submissions can be in a variety of forms, including essays, poetry, videos, slideshows or 3D models.

Students can submit their work individually or as part of a team. Selected artists will be showcased at an exhibition in August at the Seattle Center.

Professionals in the fields of education, technology, architecture, art and design will curate the submissions to present common themes apparent in the participants’ visions of future learning environments.

Go to for information about the letter of intent and exhibition rules.

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City, businesses celebrate Bike to Work Day on May 18

May 15, 2012

City leaders, local businesses and the Cascade Bicycle Club invite bicyclists to celebrate Bike to Work Day on May 18.

The city is hosting a Salmon Friendly Commute Bike Station at the corner of state Route 900 and Northwest Sammamish Road from 6-10 a.m. Bicyclists can load up on snacks and water bottles to help fuel their trips.

Pacific Bicycle Co., a Sammamish bike shop, also plans to be on hand to do small repairs and answer questions.

Then, REI, Costco and the city plan to host a barbecue for bicyclists at Lake Sammamish State Park’s rotunda picnic area from 4-6 p.m.

May is National Bike Month.

Bicyclists using King County Metro Transit and Sound Transit ride free through May 18. The offer applies to any Metro Transit bus or ST Express bus operated by Metro Transit, including routes 554, 555 and 556 from Issaquah.

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Donors ‘GiveBIG’ to Issaquah History Museums

May 15, 2012

The Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG campaign generated $7.43 million in online contributions for nonprofit organizations May 2, including more than $1,000 for the Issaquah History Museums.

During the 24-hour online event, people made donations to more than 1,100 area nonprofit organizations.  The Seattle Foundation “stretched” the gifts by matching a share of every contribution from a pool of funds provided by corporate sponsors, individual contributors and the foundation.

Gifts started coming in at midnight and, overall, donors made more than 37,800 individual online gifts. GiveBIG attracted donations from all 50 states and 23 foreign countries.

“GiveBIG brings together two of our region’s greatest passions — technology and philanthropy — in a way that truly excites and unites the people of King County,” former Seattle Mayor Norm Rice, The Seattle Foundation president and CEO, said in a statement. “I have never seen a stronger display of generosity and community spirit than what I witnessed today with GiveBIG.”

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Get ready, set, shop for Young Issaquah Professionals cash mob

May 15, 2012

Issaquah Chamber of Commerce leaders asked merchants and shoppers to prepare for another cash mob.

The event is planned to occur at a still-unknown business at 4 p.m. May 23, as part of National Small Business Week.

In a cash mob, a group of people descends on a business to buy, buy, buy. The destination is revealed through social media services. Then, the mob pops up at the business to browse and shop.

The organizers — Young Issaquah Professionals, or YIPPIES, 20- and 30-something business leaders in the Issaquah Chamber of Commerce — modeled the cash mob on similar events in other locales.

Learn the cash mob destination May 16 at and

Organizers said most participants spend about $20 apiece, but any amount is acceptable.

The inaugural cash mob in Issaquah unfolded last month at Gilman Village merchant Lucky You. Mobbers purchased almost $3,000 in merchandise.

“We’ll be trying different times, days and locations for our mobs.” YIPPIES Chairwoman Audrey Slade said. “Moving this mob to an early evening start time, will hopefully allow more people to take part at the end of their workday.”

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Nominate outstanding citizens for state’s highest honors

May 15, 2012

Secretary of State Sam Reed is accepting nominations for the Medal of Valor and Medal of Merit, the highest honors presented by the people of Washington.

Last awarded in 2007, the Medal of Valor recognizes individuals for risking personal safety to save, or attempt to save, another person’s life. (The medal cannot be awarded to police officers, firefighters or other first responders for on-duty actions.)

Last awarded in 2009, the Medal of Merit is given for exceptional conduct in providing outstanding services to citizens. Learn about the application process at Mail nominations to Office of the Secretary of State, Medal of Valor Program, P.O. Box 40220, Olympia, WA 98504-0220. The deadline is Aug. 12.

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FISH hosts Lake Sammamish kokanee salmon lecture

May 15, 2012

Friends of the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery is hosting U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service biologists and a state Department of Fish and Wildlife manager to discuss the Lake Sammamish kokanee salmon recovery program May 23.

The event starts at 6 p.m. at the Watershed Science Center at the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery, 125 W. Sunset Way. The lecture is free and open to the public.

The event includes U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service biologists Jeff Chan and Roger Tabor, plus state Department of Fish & Wildlife Region 4 Hatchery Manager Doug Hatfield.

Participants can learn about the Lake Sammamish kokanee and the status of the population from the federal biologists. Hatfield plans to cover the details of the innovative effort going on at the hatchery to preserve the species.

FISH, a nonprofit organization, is dedicated to the preservation of the historic hatchery through educational programs in school classrooms and at the hatchery.

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Liberty boys soccer team ends season with 2-1 loss

May 15, 2012

With a 2-1 loss to the Sammamish Totems, Liberty High School’s boys soccer team ended its season in the first round of the KingCo 3A Tournament.

Sammamish’s Miguel Hernandez scored a goal off a Beau Blanchard assist in the 48th minute of the game, while Gio Sanchez added an unassisted goal in the 52nd minute to lead the Totems to the win against the Patriots.

Liberty’s Josh Johnson notched an unassisted goal in the 79th minute for the Patriots.

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Eagles tennis team goes undefeated, wins KingCo

May 15, 2012

As far as KingCo 4A tennis is concerned, there’s a new sheriff in town.

The Issaquah High School girls tennis team went 10-0 this year on their way to the KingCo conference championship. Along the way, they defeated quality opponents in Skyline, Woodinville and even beat Newport, who had not lost to another school in more than 10 years.

“After we beat Newport we caught fire in the conference,” head coach Shannon Small said. “It’s quite an accomplishment for the girls. The girls are ecstatic.”

After toughing out some terrible weather early in the season, Issaquah was able to put in hard work in the limited practice time they had.

“A lot of them gave up other sports to focus on making varsity,” Small said. “It’s just great for them to be able to walk away from their high school career as KingCo champs.”

Up next is the road to the state championships, for which Small said she has two hopefuls — Sam Garrard and Kelsey Wilson. But for now she’ll sit back and take in their accomplishment.

“We’re able to pause and just celebrate,” she said. “The girls can give themselves a pat on the back. We haven’t really got a chance to just stop and celebrate.”

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King County earns mixed grades for air quality

May 15, 2012

King County earned a D grade for smog pollution in the latest air quality report from the American Lung Association, officials at the nonprofit association announced April 25.

The report found smog levels in Washington remained at similar levels as in previous years. King County received the grade for ozone, or smog, the most widespread air pollution.

When inhaled, ozone irritates the lungs, like a bad sunburn. The irritant can cause wheezing, coughing, asthma attacks and premature death.

However, for particle pollution, King County earned an A ranking from the American Lung Association. In Washington, particle pollution levels can spike dangerously for hours to days during the winter home heating season.

Read the entire State of the Air 2012 report at

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