Thanksgiving fundraiser aims to stuff food bank’s coffers

November 6, 2012

Runners race in the 2011 Issaquah Turkey Trot 5K near Pickering Barn during the holiday event. Contributed

Heather Matthews set out to raise dollars for the Issaquah Food & Clothing Bank amid the busy holiday season and, in the process, created a Thanksgiving tradition.

In 2010, she launched the Issaquah Turkey Trot, a 5K fundraiser, after she ran in similar races in Seattle and decided to import the idea to Issaquah to raise dollars for the local food bank.

The 3.12-mile race returns Nov. 22 for another holiday outing. The event is geared for families and, like a treasured recipe passed from generation, is a Thanksgiving tradition for some participants.

“People are looking for a way to give back and for something to do that day that shows they’re thankful for what they have,” Matthews said.

The initial Issaquah Turkey Trot raised more than $4,600 for the nonprofit food bank and, last year, donations amounted to $8,000 and more than 200 pounds of food. Matthews set a goal to raise $15,000 for the food bank at the upcoming event.

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Issaquah’s Veterans Day ceremony honors locals’ service

November 6, 2012

Due to its growing popularity, the service that the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3436 hosts honoring local services members will be in a new location this year.

David Waggoner, of the Issaquah VFW, figures the Issaquah Valley Senior Center will be large enough to house the 60 to 70 expected attendees. All residents are invited, regardless of whether they’ve served in the military.

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Parks waive fees for all on Veterans Day weekend

November 6, 2012

Residents can explore the outdoors for free as state and national parks waive entrance fees for Veterans Day weekend, Nov. 10-12.

Lake Sammamish, Squak Mountain and other state parks do not require a Discover Pass during the holiday weekend. The waiver also applies to lands run by the state Department of Fish and Wildlife and the state Department of Natural Resources, including Tiger Mountain State Forest.

The fee waiver encompasses all 398 national parks — including Washington’s Mount Rainier, North Cascades and Olympic national parks.

Superstorm strands local family in New York City

November 6, 2012

The battered Eastern Seaboard resembles a set from a disaster film after Hurricane Sandy slammed ashore late Oct. 29, stranding a local family in New York City.

Hurricane Sandy roared through the city as the Ridnells hunkered in a Midtown Manhattan hotel.

Inside the Ridnells’ hotel, electricity flickered as Hurricane Sandy slammed the city, but power remained on at the St. Regis Hotel during the storm.

“Staying in Midtown, we’re sort of on an oasis here,” Anthony Ridnell said Oct. 31, as cleanup efforts encompassed the city. “We weren’t hit that badly, but everything around us was just decimated.”

The family returned home Nov. 3, almost a week later than planned, after a storm-related delay.

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Residents can donate to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts

November 6, 2012

Opportunities abound for local residents to help people impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy came ashore in New Jersey late Oct. 29. The storm caused at least 95 deaths throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast region. The storm caused at least $7 billion in damage across the Eastern Seaboard.

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November 6, 2012

Shoppers deserve traffic solutions

There are two messy traffic jams that occur in Issaquah, primarily on busy weekend shopping days. With the arrival of the holiday shopping season, these locations will only get worse. While you may have others in mind, we think you’d agree these two are tops for driver annoyance.

Both spots are in the heart of shopping centers.

No. 1 honors go to the ingress/egress to Lake Sammamish Center near The Home Depot. The traffic signal and Interstate 90 Undercrossing help drivers move in and out of the area, but getting out of the parking lot from the south side is a lesson in frustration. Often the only option is to circle away from the exit and try again from a new angle. The only saving grace is that there are no pedestrians in the midst of this tangle of cars.

The intersection on Northwest Maple Street in the heart of the Issaquah Commons is the second-most hazardous traffic jam in town.

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Officials offer advice to avoid storm-related scams

November 6, 2012

Officials at the U.S. Department of Justice, FBI and the National Center for Disaster Fraud urged potential donors to avoid fraud related to disaster relief scams.

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Former CEO turns globetrotting philanthropist

November 6, 2012

Charles Herrick shows his silver medal Aug. 3 after winning the 400-meter run in the masters division of the 2012 USA Track and Field National Championships in Chicago. Contributed

Issaquah resident Charles Herrick would be a shoo-in to claim the cool million awarded to the annual winner in the popular reality TV show “Survivor” that has been airing for 12 years.

This saintly globetrotter has helped and lived among the desperate and starving of a Bombay ghetto among pestilence and vermin, and lived to tell about it.

“The rats in the slum were not so bad,” Herrick recalled. “All they did was stop beside you while you slept and lick the sweat off of you for its salt content.

“Even the 100-degree evening heat wasn’t so bothersome, but when I would cross the bridge that spanned the toxic Ulhasnager River on my way to check up on the unclean, untouchable and hopelessly ill, my eyes would burn profusely from the fumes wafting up from the heavily polluted water,” he added. “The river’s water was teaming with chemicals and it actually caught on fire twice in the few months I was there.”

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Event honors late environmentalists Ruth Kees, Maureen McCarry

November 6, 2012

Environmentalist Ruth Kees and Issaquah City Councilwoman Maureen McCarry campaigned hard to preserve forested Park Pointe, and both community leaders left legacies dedicated to the slice of Tiger Mountain.

Leaders at the nonprofit Issaquah Environmental Council plan to honor the late Kees and McCarry on Nov. 11, in a public event to clear invasive plants and add native species to Park Pointe, a 101-acre tract near Issaquah High School.

Barbara Shelton, Issaquah Environmental Council secretary, said the planting event is designed to honor Kees and McCarry, and to encourage residents to explore the public land at Park Pointe.

Kees served as a longtime advocate for efforts to preserve open space and protect the Issaquah Creek watershed.

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Off the Press

November 6, 2012

Political ads turn downright scary

Kathleen R. Merrill
Press managing editor

Last week, there was one day that I was literally sick to my stomach. No, not because I ate too much Halloween candy. Instead, it was because of all of the hate and ugliness in political ads.

Oh yeah. You know the ones I’m talking about:

“If he’s elected, my opponent will make sure you lose your house, and your kids go hungry and your dog dies.”

“My opponent is not who he says he is. He’s a big, fat liar.”

“My opponent has an autographed picture of Osama bin Laden on his desk.”

“My opponent has not been honest with the American people.”

“My opponent eats puppies for breakfast and drowns kittens on weekends.”

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