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January 15, 2013

By Contributor

Good Samaritan

Best gift was returned purse

I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to the kind person or persons who found my purse in a shopping cart in the Fred Meyer parking lot on the busy Saturday before Christmas.

They returned it to the store intact, where I found it a short time later. They truly gave me the “best gift” this Christmas season.

Our family members are longtime Issaquah residents, and this reaffirms our belief that this is a wonderful place to live.

E. Mueller

Gun violence

More solutions need discussing

I wanted to write related to the compelling op-ed “Each new shooting jars painful memories,” by Joe Grove, former educator, and also the poignant post by reader Lisa Phillips.

Both addressed the major issue now on our minds collectively after the Newtown massacre in December.

In his retrospective when he taught at Westside High, Grove described what has now become an all-too-frequent scene in American life, and not only within schools but as in Aurora, Colo., a movie theater, in Portland, Ore., a mall, and many other venues.

Grove also notes concern about school security, which is timely, given recent school lockdowns in the Issaquah School District.

It is my opinion that in a community like Issaquah with avid hunters, sportsmen and women, that the issue of policies about gun control bears additional open, reasoned discussion in the media. It’s no longer enough to consider such horrific events as in Newtown, Aurora, Oak Creek, Tucson, Portland, et al, as random acts.

I hope that The Issaquah Press will feature on a continuing basis a forum of some type to evoke input from fellow citizens, local leaders, congressional representatives and others who seek a more peaceful world.

Thank you for the attention The Press has given to this point.

Rosemary Fahey



State gas tax proposal

Keep solutions simple

Give me a break! I see another bureaucratic nightmare coming with the state looking into levying road tax by the mile.

Unless the oil companies see a way to rake in more profits, eliminating the gas tax will lower the price of gas and will increase consumption, because gas is cheaper — the reverse of what is needed to reduce consumption.

Problems: Do I get credit for my out-of-state miles? Who will check my odometer each year? Is my tax per mile for a 3,000-pound vehicle going to be the same as the little, 900-pound Smart car and the 20,000-pound truck? How will they charge for mileage on interstate trucks? Will I get a separate bill to pay? Will it be prorated when I trade vehicles? You get the picture.

The gas tax is fairly applied now based upon the gas you buy, except for bicycles and electric cars, which don’t buy gas. Solve that problem versus creating another bureaucracy costing more than it will take in with a new revenue system for the roads. For electric vehicles, add a fee to the license tags based upon vehicle weight.

Olympia, can you hear us? Instead of creating five problems to solve one, keep it simple.

Larry Brickman



Kudos to letter writers

Keep pressure on City Council

I want to commend two letter writers in the Jan. 9 issue of The Issaquah Press — Jeffrey Rowe’s letter about the redevelopment plan and E.J. Dale’s letter about the trail. They have hit the bull’s eye, tall buildings in Issaquah and waste of money on the trail.

It is unfortunate that some want to be like Bellevue, and the trail has been shut down for many months and the I-90 trailbed plan is just wasting money.

Hey, folks, it is also unfortunate that more City Council members did not get elected to the state Senate.

Ken Sessler


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One Response to “To the Editor”

  1. Nancy Spooner on January 21st, 2013 8:22 pm

    NO MONEY?? So why throw it away on IDIOTS? $1.5 million, instead, give them a ‘NO LEFT TURN” sign! They wouldn’t understand a simple sign like that showed a ‘right arrow and a Round-a-bout’ picture.

    Anyone who hais ever been in the 3rd car or more to turn South and has ever noticed the round-a-bout 200 feet to their right has to be either a complete IDIOT or BLIND!!

    Because they also gave these idiots OUR Westbound off ramp, We ARE FORCED to make that stupid gas eating mile long circle everytime we come off the highway.

    Where the NEW round-a-bout belongs (IF THEY BUILD IT) is South of I-90, so the INTELLIGENT ones that go North wouldn’t have to waste THEIR gas on a wasted mile EVERY time they use the Eastbound off ramp!


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