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March 12, 2013

By Contributor

School board

Support Alison Meryweather for open position

I have spent the past 10 years supporting our children in our schools in our Issaquah community. We live in an amazing community that supports education and our community is full of people who have done the same!

During those past 10 years, I have had the honor of working with Alison Meryweather who is currently running for the open school board position in the Issaquah School District. Alison is one of those individuals who I think has served on every possible educational committee or organization in the district. She has done this because she has a passion for children and their education.

When you think of Alison, you think of someone who loves to support our children and our schools, and when she gives her time and energy, she does it with joy.

Our Issaquah School Board has narrowed the candidates for the current open seat down to two candidates. When you compare the two candidates, Alison by far has the more experience in the education world.

She has been involved in the PTA of the schools her children have attended and do attend, and also has been very involved at the PTA council level. She has worked tirelessly on the Volunteer for Issaquah Schools, which supports the passage of our school levies and bonds and is instrumental in the fundraising that happens with the Issaquah Schools Foundation. Not only has she volunteered her time in our community, but she has also spent a great deal of time in Olympia encouraging our legislators to support education.

When you think of Alison Meryweather, you think of education. Please encourage our school board members to have Alison Meryweather be the next Issaquah School District board member.

Jody R. Mull



Planned Parenthood

Join the conversation on Dogwood Street

Again, a local Catholic Church is demonstrating to stop those in our community having access to the services of Planned Parenthood. One in five women use these services at some time: young women, married, singles, mothers, students, for pap smears, breast exams, counseling, birth control and more.

Planned Parenthood is not just about abortion. Men also use the clinic. I dropped in to our local Planned Parenthood to see how the new Affordable Care Act would affect their use/funding. Lindsay (a staffer) said, “Some patients are just comfortable using us. Affordable Health Care gives more people insurance, but we are a provider and bill insurance companies all the time. So, it won’t affect what we do.”

She continued by thanking our group of a dozen or so mature women and men, mostly retired, who counter-demonstrate in support of Planned Parenthood.

We have been showing our support over the past two years whenever the Catholic group shows up. We have contacted The Issaquah Press several times. There has yet to be a story of this “conversation” on the street by two community groups with different agendas. This is a national issue being acted out right here in Issaquah.

This week, I received an email from the president of Planned Parenthood: …”Just yesterday, another group of House Republicans introduced a bill to repeal the birth control benefit. I urged them to change their position, and will continue to fight back against policies that seek to control women’s health care decisions. There’s no question we all benefit with fewer unintended pregnancies and have healthier families.”

Come to 75 N.W. Dogwood St. on Tuesdays at 11 a.m. and Thursdays at 3 p.m. for one hour during the month of March. The cars passing and the neighbors in the area will let you know how much they appreciate your efforts to support our local Planned Parenthood.

Patricia Martin



Plastic bags

Ban is based on a fallacy

I respect most decisions by our city council, but this one has left town. Our leaders have lost sight of fundamentals of freedom, human respect and well-grounded facts, raptured by the populist trend.

Speaking as a citizen who’s been recycling everything within reach since Alcoa began accepting aluminum in 1972, I was furious when shopping at Fred Meyer last night, witnessing the bagless mayhem at checkout, when I ended up stuffing fruit into my pockets and balancing all other products as I waddled out to the car. Ridiculous! (Why didn’t I take the free paper bags clerks were sorrowfully giving away? Read on.)

Most people in Issaquah do, in fact, reuse plastic bags for garbage or recycle them. For the central argument that bags are left on the sides of our roads and along the shores of Issaquah Creek, I’ve ridden a bicycle thousands of miles around our community over many years and have never seen a single bag on the side of the road or in a stream.

So, based upon that fallacy, we’re back to cutting down trees for paper. (Ever hear of biodegradable bags?)

Are the trends going backwards? Are we returning to cutting trees down for paper bags? Will synthetic clothing be banned and only grass-fed leather be legal to wear? Where’s our leadership?

Robert Milligan



You can always vote ’em out

Are there any folks out there who do not like the City Council’s plastic bag ban, after just a week of being subjected to the ban? Well, there may be a reprieve coming in the form of a petition that will put the measure on the ballot.

So, if you get a chance to sign the petition for the Aug. 6 primary election, then do so and allow your Democratic vote to maybe override the five council votes that passed the ban. There were two no votes.

I have noticed a few folks that do not care to pay 5 cents for a paper bag and come out of the store with a cart full of loose groceries. I was behind a person that was not from the area and he was surprised that he had to pay for a paper bag that was free at his home shopping area.

Please note that they need to clear-cut Squak Mountain to make all those paper bags the council prefers. I have seen more paper bags blowing down the street in the one week of the ban than I saw of blowing plastic bags in the years with free plastic bag usage.

Ken Sessler




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One Response to “To the Editor”

  1. Wes Howard-Brook on March 12th, 2013 10:10 pm

    I thank Patricia Martin for her letter in support of Planned Parenthood. As someone who has been Catholic for over 30 years, I totally support Planned Parenthood as an ethical organization that has offered incredible services to people in need for many decades. I’m not personally in favor of abortion, but that’s not nearly all PP does. And as a male, my opinion on abortion matters not at all. I’ve known many women whose lives have not been ready for parenting who have, in good conscience, made their personal choices to terminate their pregnancies. PP offers safe, healthy reproductive services and we as a community ought to support them without reservation.

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