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March 26, 2013

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What is the best April Fool’s prank you were ever Involved in?

Eastside Catholic High School

“The best I’ve got is my elementary physical education teacher who tried to tell us one April Fool’s that the Mariners had put Ichiro in for pitcher in the game the night before. Of course, nobody believed her, but it was a good try anyway and an original idea.”

Addison Klinke, sophomore

“So, freshman year, I had my English teacher and two of my friends help me pull a prank on my class. On April Fool’s Day, I had my teacher at the beginning of class say, “OK, guys you can turn in your papers on ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ up front.” Then, me and my two culprits walked up to the front of the class, each with five pages stapled together that looked like an essay. The rest of class spent a good four minutes in panic as our teacher chewed them out for not doing the essay. After they had a good scare, we let them in on the prank.”

Tim O’Melia, senior


Issaquah High School

“All of the kids in the classroom were sitting like obedient children when my friend gave the cue. All of a sudden, all of the students either got down on the floor, ducked down or just plain out left the classroom. The teacher was quite confused.”

Madison Bristol, sophomore


“My sister Saran-wrapped me to my bed while I was sleeping, and I was stuck like that until she cut me loose.”

Hannah Heyrich, junior


“Someone I know replaced the filling of Oreos with toothpaste and gave them out to people at lunch.”

Parke O’Leary, junior


Liberty High School

“I have a tendency to hide in random spots, because I’m small, and I jump out at people. They never ever expect it, even though I do it all the time.”

 Brooke Gettemy, senior

“I fit in those little lockers, and when people walk by, I jump out at them.”

Alex Holmberg, sophomore


“I once filled a person’s living room with balloons.”

 KD Kerstetter, junior


Skyline High School

“In fourth grade, I replaced the sugar with salt near the coffee machine. My parents ended up putting salt in their coffee and didn’t think that the joke was too funny, although I definitely did.”

Andie Giron,  senior


“One April Fool’s Day, I collaborated with my parents to prank my sister. While they were away, I knocked on the door when she was home alone and acted like someone had broken in. We searched the house and got to my dad’s office, which was now completely empty and when Mom and Dad got home, they pretended to be angry at her until she was reasonably freaked out. Then, my Dad put his hand on her shoulder and said, ‘April Fool’s.’”

Trevor D’mello, junior

“Well, my best prank was putting candy in between the shower head, so that way when the water dried, people got all sticky. My worst was replacing the sugar for salt in my mom’s coffee.”

Lulu Nkinsi, sophomore


“The best one was when we were told that all the people in the children’s play would be marked with unexcused absences for the classes we missed, since the performances would be in the middle of the day. The worst was when we told the little preschoolers that there wasn’t a performance on that day.”

Neal Moorthy, junior


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