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March 26, 2013

By Contributor

Hunger Action Week

Donate formula to help babies who need it

March 25-30 marks Hunger Action Week, which highlights those who are at risk of hunger, and hunger’s harmful impact on our community.

While the week shines a light on those in our community without enough food to eat, we pose the question, “What about babies without enough to eat?”

Why is formula an important ‘hunger’ problem? Whereas food for hungry families can be economized by purchasing a variety of cheap alternatives, there are no ways to safely economize infant formula. A 12-ounce can of powdered formula that feeds a baby for approximately three days costs $16 a can.

Infant formula safely provides babies with the building blocks they need to build brain cells and brain connections.

What about breast milk? Breast milk is still the ideal source of nutrition for infants, but not all babies are able to nurse well and not all mothers are able to provide sufficient milk for their babies.

How do we help? For 23 years, our social service organization, Eastside Baby Corner, has been committed to making sure that every infant has the formula it needs to reach its full potential. Since our inception in 1990, we have fulfilled every order, a 100 percent fill rate, for formula.

This task is not easy, as formula is one of our most requested items. Since EBC is committed to ensuring that every child who requests formula from our agency receives it, we purchase any formula that we are not able to provide through community donations.

What can you do? Donate formula with a shelf life of six months or more to Eastside Baby Corner, and we will ensure your donations go to babies and mothers who desperately need it.

Karen Ridlon, Eastside Baby Corner

Founder, executive director emeritus


Financial aid

Give aid to citizens before illegal immigrants

My thanks to 5th District representatives Chad Magendanz and Jay Rodne, who stood against the wave of political correctness sweeping the nation and voted against a bill that will, if approved by the state Senate, give college financial aid to illegal immigrants.

In committee hearings, Magendanz noted that the state didn’t have the money to give this aid to more than 32,000 legal citizens last year. If the bill passes, they’ll be even less likely to get the funds because they’ll be competing with illegals.

Magendanz offered a sensible amendment that would have given preference to citizens. Astonishingly, even that was defeated by the PC crowd, who kowtow to the illegal-immigration lobby at every opportunity.

This irresponsible bill passed the House the day before a report announced that the state’s budget deficit grew by $300 million to a whopping $1.3 billion. Our state can’t even provide basic education required by our state constitution, but we’ve got legislators trying to hand millions in taxpayer funds to illegal aliens.

Even if our state had billions in surplus funds, this bill would still be an outrage. People who violate our laws should be punished, certainly never rewarded with handouts, driver’s licenses and in-state tuition. As any parent of a college student knows, cheaper college costs are a benefit not just to the student but to the parents, many of whom pay some, if not most, of such costs. Thus, this bill will directly benefit the law-breaking parent.

Rewarding illegal immigrants is not only an insult to the rule of law but an insult to legal immigrants who stood or are currently standing in line. And, this bill will encourage thousands of others to illegally enter our country (and our state specifically). Who can blame them? Look at all the goodies they’ll get.

Matthew Barry



Gun purchases

Support background checks for everyone

In December, the same week 20 children were viciously murdered in Connecticut, Issaquah High School had three gun incidents. On March 16, I went to the Issaquah town hall meeting to ask our state representatives what they were doing to keep my children safe.

I learned our senator, Mark Mullet, had supported legislation that would have required background checks for all gun purchases. Our representatives, Jay Rodne and Chad Magendanz, were personable and easygoing as they bragged about defeating the background check bill.

As I sat in that meeting, I realized Chad and Jay don’t listen to mothers like me. They listen to men with guns and money who hate our government.

I trust the democratic process. The “government” isn’t my enemy. The “government” is us.

Jay told me Connecticut had some of the toughest gun laws in the nation, and that didn’t stop the massacre of 20 small children.

I didn’t answer because I had never been to a town hall meeting and I was nervous.

Here’s my answer: If Connecticut’s laws weren’t tough enough, then I want our Washington laws to be tougher than Connecticut’s.

I don’t care what party my representatives are from — Democrat, Republican or Hello Kitty.

I don’t care about the maneuverings in the state capitol.

I care that my children, on a regular basis, huddle in their classrooms and wonder if this is the day some nut is going to blow them away.

Let’s register every gun and ban assault weapons.

Australia took these steps and stopped mass shootings.

We can stop mass shootings, too.

Mark Mullet: I don’t agree with the gasoline tax, but you have earned my forever vote through your efforts to protect my children.

As for Jay Rodne and Chad Magendanz: Stop siding with criminals and anti-government wackos. Side with our children.

Lois Brandt



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One Response to “To the Editor”

  1. Smoley on March 27th, 2013 8:41 am


    I hope you realize that the background check is nothing but a feel-good measure that would not have prevented what happened in Connecticut.

    The simple fact is that criminals and the mentally ill are going to get guns if they want them regardless of the laws you pass. They go to another state. They’ll go to another country. They’ll buy them from other criminals that aren’t afraid of breaking our laws. You will not be able to stop this. You only need to look at the city of Chicago as an example. Record gun homicides and they have some of the strictest gun laws in the country.

    Mark Mullet has shown that he’s a proponent of outright banning items to solve a problem. It’s like a parent taking toys away from all their children, just because one has misbehaved. Rather than deal with a litter or recycling issue in an effective manner, he decided that no one should use plastic shopping bags. It was a feel-good solution to address a nonexistent problem. It sounds like he’s offering the same sort of solution with regards to firearms.

    I don’t want my government to pass the “at least we’re doing something” feel-good legislation that allows them to avoid making the politically tough decisions about how to keep our state’s children safe. Find a solution that actually solves the problem and you’ll have a better chance of getting my support.

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