Off The Press

April 2, 2013

By Kathleen R. Merrill

Robbers can take from us, but can’t break us

Dear thieves who broke into our offices and robbed us,

You came in the night and took most of our computers. You rifled through everyone’s personal belongings and took what you wanted.

Kathleen R. Merrill Press managing editor

Kathleen R. Merrill
Press managing editor

Many people here were already uncomfortable about our move from our longtime home on Front Street to this business park. You made all of that worse.

You not only robbed us of our things, but you also robbed us of our feeling of being somewhat settled in, just one week after our move. You robbed some people of a sense of security. You robbed many people of valuable work time, and then robbed our families and friends of time we had to spend away from them to make up for that time.

You robbed us of our trust in others. You robbed us of peace and harmony. We felt extreme stress, and then took that home with us, and to every other place we had to go.

You robbed our company of money that it didn’t have to spare.

We wonder now, when anyone walks by our door or windows, if that person was involved. Did he help plan the burglary with his friends? Is she scoping out the place?

As I told the story of this crime to friends, they expressed sympathy. Then, many of them shared stories of their own, about things that had been taken from them or someone they knew. We get police reports every week about crimes in this city. But, I have never realized until now how much damage these thefts do and how much they really cost the people who have been victimized.

To those who steal from others: you are heartless, shiftless, spineless scum. Why can’t you get a job like the rest of us and buy your own things like we do, instead of stealing from honest, decent, hard-working people and having us carry you around on our backs?

Veterans have done many jobs, and many have fought and died, for the freedoms we have in this country. We are allowed to build the lives we choose. How about you doing the same, instead of robbing other people of pieces of theirs?

The people who work at our four newspapers will go forward, and try to regain the things we’ve lost. Some information is gone forever and will never be retrieved. However, you did not rob us of our spirit, our courage, our drive or our commitment. Those are things you can’t take away.

Every day, the people who work here serve our communities, trying to educate and entertain people, trying to help them live better, fuller lives. We will continue to work to fulfill that mission.


Kathleen R. Merrill: or 392-6434, ext. 227. Comment at

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One Response to “Off The Press”

  1. Smoley on April 8th, 2013 1:10 pm

    Sorry to hear about your recent loss. The people that robbed your business very likely don’t care that they robbed you of so much more than just the items from your offices. And it doesn’t help to know that your computers will likely be sold for pennies on the dollar to finance a drug addiction problem.

    Perhaps now you know from first-hand experience what a number of us who are concerned about our city government’s desire to drastically increase Issaquah’s population density fear. Crime will rise. City services will cost more and become less effective. Traffic will increase. The quality of life in Issaquah will diminish and the environment we all treasure will suffer.

    Please consider these outcomes as our city government marches forward to turn Issaquah into “The Urban Alps” and ask yourself a simple question: How would the city council’s desire to significantly increase Issaquah’s population density make it more likely that businesses such as yours wouldn’t be burgled in the future?

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