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April 23, 2013

By Contributor

520 bridge pontoons

Leaders need to do, build, fix things

I’m so disgusted I could spit.

Our country used to DO things. We used to build things; we used to invent, innovate and create. We built the Golden Gate bridge, we built the interstate freeway system and we went to the moon. Now, we can’t even build some concrete pontoons for a floating bridge!

First, the pontoons being built for the new 520 bridge had cracks in them. Then, the workers were seen drinking beer on the job. Now, the pontoons are so messed up that repairs will cost millions of dollars and months, if not years, of delays.

And what do our politicians do about it? They propose higher gas taxes for US to pay for it all. How about holding the contractor liable? How about holding the politicians who chose the contractor responsible? Or, do we need to have these pontoons built in China, like everything else?

We have a president who sweeps Fast and Furious, Libya and Benghazi under the rug, a governor who can’t raise taxes high enough or fast enough, and a City Council that gives the city over to the developers and lays down and rolls over on the Interstate 90 toll issue.

Excuse me … I gotta go spit.

Mike Harrington



Gun laws

Congress needs to listen to the people

In response to the letter from Lois Brandt (March 27), she was correct in her statement, “Let’s register every gun and ban assault weapons. Australia took these steps and stopped mass shootings.” After two letter responses, we need to get our facts right.

According to, “The curious strength of the NRA” Lexington/March 14, 2013: “When Australia outlawed many guns after a mass shooting in 1996, Australia robbery and break-in rates have fallen. Since 1996, Australia murder rates fell sharply, too, with no offsetting rise in other homicides.”

Congress should be listening to the people, not the NRA.

Ann Stemwell




Alcohol is more available

So, by Ken Sessler’s logic, he and his generation will be held accountable for all the alcohol deaths, right? They undid prohibition. As a matter of fact, killing someone while intoxicated was justifiable during Mr. Sessler’s heyday.

While pot was made legal, I have yet to see it sold at any grocery store or readily available like alcohol, so I’m not sure why he is blaming the vote of the people now. Some comments just don’t make sense.

Michael T. Barr



Genetically modified seeds

Help stop the use of these seeds

Beginning in 1977, Monsanto introduced a Round-up ready genetically modified herbicide to “supposedly” kill farmer’s weeds and increase productivity. In the process, this genetically modified seed has killed many wildlife habitats.

Scientists are now linking the Monsanto genetically modified seeds to the destruction of pollinators such as honey bees and Monarch butterflies, and the health of all people who eat food that contain foods grown from these seeds. I urge you to arm yourself with information about this most destructive seed (created for Monsanto profits.)

There are excellent books/websites to learn how these seeds are threatening life, human health, environment, etc. Books include “Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation,” by William F. Engdahl, “Seeds of Deception: Exposing Industry and Government Lies about the Safety of Genetically Engineered Foods,” by Jeffrey M. Smith, and others you can find at

You can find excellent resources on the Internet that do tell the truth about these seeds. I urge you, at least for your children’s health, to contact your representatives, newspapers, etc., to stop the use of these seeds. I have voiced my concerns to everyone I can, but I guess Monsanto has a large lobby and the truth is not getting to the American people.

Apparently, Monsanto ”rigged” California’s vote to, at least, have GMO foods labeled. Those of us who know the truth will not stop until everyone learns about Monsanto’s GMOs.

My senators, Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell and Congress have not acknowledged my concerns. Mayor Ava Frisinger did acknowledge my concerns but there is little she can do. The federal FDA rudely told me to contact our local FDA. Our local FDA must support Monsanto, because the Seattle-based FDA person told me lies about why GMO seeds are “good” for all of us to eat.

Dawn C. Remington


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2 Responses to “To the Editor”

  1. Jack Straub on April 28th, 2013 11:13 am

    An Open Letter to Volunteers and Homeowner at Habitat for Humanity:

    If you have ever spent a few hours swinging a hammer for Habitat for Humanity in Renton or East King County you have probably met Mike Hammerquist. Your first impression may have been that a bear has wandered onsite (an orange bear if it was raining). Followup impressions would have been: this man makes me feel welcome; this man is a great teacher; and, certainly not last or least, this man can build houses. You may also have met Mike on volunteer trips to build homes in China, Cambodia, Chile or Fiji.

    Mike was fired from his job last week for speaking his mind. This is a huge loss for those of us who look forward to working with him, homeowners who want their homes built well, and anyone in King County who supports affordable housing. If you’ve ever met Mike, or if you are a supporter of Habitat for Humanity, I urge you to write to Habitat to express your support. The CEO’s e-mail address is Mailing addresses for the office and other members of the management team can be found on the Habitat for Humanity Seattle – King County web site,

  2. Richard A Sano on May 29th, 2013 12:59 pm

    Issaquah officials are not satisfied with continual congestion and pollution along Front st. They wasted millions of dollars on useless studies to determine that an altenate route would not help with the totally unacceptable, traffic levels in Issaquah. ( Too much reliance on computer models and not enough intelligence and common sense.) Folksy, friendly politicians have now proposed pumping waste water into the ground adjacent to the aquifrer which provides our drinking water. What a brilliant idea! As you drift along Front street at 1 mile per hour you can indulge yourself with a refreshing sip of polluted water. Issaquah can’t handle its traffic and aspires to the next level by contaminating our water supply. Sorry, I forgot that politicians no longer serve the people who elected them.

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