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May 21, 2013

By Contributor


We need to stand up for the Second Amendment

I write this letter to help publicize the effects of the complete lack of understanding and paranoia about weapons and the results it has caused on one local Washington resident. Unfortunately, the media has a significant role to play in this. With only bad news being reported about weapons along with gross misinformation, it has caused the United States to go into complete panic.

I own a small business that I started out of my house in 2012. Due to the restriction from the city of Issaquah, I am unable to conduct “walk-up” business (which is fine) but only helped accelerate the locating of a brick-and-mortar store front. I had located two separate retail storefronts, both located in North Bend. In both instances I notified the realtors of our intentions and the type of merchandise we plan to offer up front.

In both cases, the realtors had given us a verbal approval to move forward and submit all the paperwork (i.e. financials, credit check). In both cases, we have been approved or let’s say we have not been denied occupancy because of any bad credit or inability to pay the lease. However, once all the paperwork had been submitted, the bank’s board or landlord had come back and denied us for the same reasons: “we don’t feel comfortable” or “just decided not to.” They should have just told us no up front.

I’d like to thank our current administration and our local politicians for not standing up for the Second Amendment. They would rather be politically correct than do what’s right. I have invested most of my savings and retirement to get this store operating. I wonder if our current administration will help bail me out or pay my mortgage and monthly bills. Probably not.

Michael Marinos

Bigg Dogg Firearms, Issaquah


There should be more gun laws

We received the following response from our friends in Brisbane, Australia about the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre:

Like you, we were shocked by the terrible shooting of the schoolchildren and we sincerely hope it will bring change in the gun laws. When will people join the dots and realize why there are far fewer gun deaths just over the border in Canada where there are gun laws? It is incomprehensible that the gun lobby has so much influence.

This is not a constitutional issue but a public safety issue.

Dick and Ann Stemwell



In memoriam

Bring back park tribute to boy who passed away

My boys are out of college now, but we spent many younger days at Tibbetts Park with our bats and balls 10-15 years ago. I was always fond of a memorial of a boy who passed away that was placed there by the family, obviously with permission of the city — it was a solid, well-made permanent structure.

I am sad and curious to why it is not there anymore? What happened? Who decided to remove it and why? Is nothing permanent anymore?

This simple heartfelt memorial always helped me to remember to be grateful for all that I had with my boys in that moment, how Blessed I was to be alive and present while honoring that family’s journey.

And isn’t that what memorials are all about? Reflection, gratitude, honoring and feeling the blessings of our lives?

I sure would like to know how this happened to remove this from our community.

Paul Williams



Congressional vote

We should have right to know about stance

I feel compelled to write this letter to express my deep concern about my contact today with the offices of Congressman Dave Reichert, and the apparent disdain he and his staff feel toward his constituents.

Today, I called his Issaquah office to find out how he intended to vote on the 37th attempt to overturn Obamacare. I was told (verbatim quote) “We don’t know.” When I expressed surprise that his own office folks don’t know what he intended to do, I was told to wait until the vote later today and then I can “read the public record.” Apparently, we voters aren’t entitled to know in advance how our congressman intends to vote or even what his thoughts are on the vote.

Frustrated with his local office, I called the congressman’s Washington, D.C., office and asked the same question about the upcoming vote. Shockingly, I was given the same answer, “We don’t know,” and I can find out after the vote. When the person on the line refused my request that he ask someone with more authority about the upcoming vote, he said no, he couldn’t do that. I asked point blank, “Are you saying that I, as a constituent, do not have the right to know in advance how Mr. Reichert intends to vote?” (my exact words) and I was told, “That’s right.”

To say I am disturbed about this is a total understatement: I am appalled and disgusted. Why is Congressman Reichert afraid to tell his own constituents how he intends to vote on a specific piece of legislation? Don’t we have the right to know?

G. Kidera



Trans Pacific Partnership

Tell your congressperson how you feel about it

TPP is not a new STD, nor is it something taking place in faraway place with consequences only for someone else.

TPP is short for Trans Pacific Partnership and it is a free-trade and investment agreement pushed by the U.S.A., in its final phases of birthing right now. TPP is the heir to the NAFTA agreement, and a new venue for the politics and machinations of the WTO. It is an expression of the same unlimited growth, neoliberal magic thinking that has brought us a staggering loss of jobs to outsourcing since 1999, a debilitating recession since 2008, patents on life forms and a slow but steady eroding of our democratic rights.

On May 15, 11 countries along the Pacific rim will send their emissaries to Lima, Peru for the 17th round of negotiations on the partnership. The talks will be finished by December and lobbyists from the industries are working toward fast-tracking the signing of the agreement through Congress, meaning that Congress only can vote aye or nay on it, not revise the content or debate amendments, and that as soon as October.

I urge you to learn more, take a stand and let your congress person know — sooner rather than later. and

Lotte Torgersen







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One Response to “To the Editor”

  1. Ray Albrecht on May 27th, 2013 7:11 pm

    As a dog owner some of you other owners are giving yourselves, and some of us more responsible owners a really bad name with not just our neighbors, but it would appear with the city as well. All you need to do is walk around “old town” and you’ll see the blue bags, black bags, sandwich loaf bags… filled, and just tossed to the side for someone else to deal with. Or quite often just a pile laying around, exposed just waiting for some kid to track it into his/her class, store, home… Hell, it could be any one of us – you as well. So what do you say/think about cleaning up your act and being a little more responsible? Thanks for understanding.

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