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June 25, 2013

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Issaquah High School Baccalaureate … truth

In response to the June 12 letter by Matthew Barry, why sour the memories for our graduating seniors and paint a false picture of a beautiful event? You went over the line to offend 200-plus seniors who chose to attend/perform in this “voluntary” ceremony, published by our PTSA as open for all seniors and their families to “CHOOSE” to attend. Attending doesn’t mean adopting the doctrine of the place an event was held.

You submitted this letter to The Press before the Baccalaureate. We attended. Two talented seniors emceed the program. The guest speakers were two 22-year-old Issaquah High School graduates who made a dream happen — the successful company Strideline. They spoke of education, taking risks and believing “if anyone can do it, we can do it.” I was inspired!

The program was interspersed with music and voice presentations. The PTSA parent “volunteers” who organized the youths did a superior job of balancing student performances from many genres.

The evening was about relationships, friendship and even about faith. The 400-plus attendees cheered. Nonbelieving students who attended and whom we know personally are not offended by their peers who believe, and vice-versa.

The Eastridge youth pastor and Associated Student Body adviser spoke to the students’ future and relationships. The event was created by the students, for the students, and was tastefully executed. How dare you make blind accusations and assumptions!

Students, I don’t understand why someone would attack an event organized by talented young adults, not having heard a single word of the encouragement and relational love between the class of 2013, yet felt compelled to desecrate. We’re free to choose our own beliefs, but manipulating the truth in order to dishonor those who chose to unite in this event and celebrate 12 years of fellowship is not acceptable!

Darcey Strand



Development plan

Not all changes are for the better

Well, folks, the council got rid of our plastic bags, based on faulty decisions. And now, it is getting rid of Lombardi’s, via another hokey decision. The council is changing the Issaquah that was “great” into something that will not be so great to the longtime residents.

Ken Sessler



Issaquah aquifer

Maybe we should change to another treatment system

I am concerned about the potential threat to the purity of our drinking water if the city is allowed to inject untreated storm water into the ground above our aquifer.

The infiltration gallery was expected to accommodate the runoff from building out the highlands. The city allowed the developer to build an extremely compact community in the highlands with wall-to-wall row houses. The area is all roofs, paved streets and sidewalks — almost no open grassy areas. The result is excessive runoff that has become contaminated.

Quite some time ago, to get rid of this excessive runoff water, Issaquah began injecting this water into the vadose zone. The zone didn’t have the ability to filter out contaminates before the water reached the aquifer — because of the threat to the purity of our drinking water, the practice of injecting was terminated.

Additional construction in the highlands will result in more roofs and a lot more runoff water exasperating an already unmanageable situation.

The city has requested that the state Department of Ecology issue a permit to authorize resuming injecting storm water into the ground above the aquifer. Apparently, the department believes if injection is resumed, the water that goes through the vadose zone will be suitable to enter the aquifer.

I do not understand this opinion. If contaminates entered the aquifer when the injection process was started, there is every reason to believe they will continue to do so if injection is resumed.

The Issaquah Press reports consultant Dan Ervin says the department will monitor any resumed injection activity and stop the process if contaminates are getting into our drinking water. This is already proven to be a risky situation and a threat to our water purity.

A storm water treatment system may be a most desirable solution in this situation.

Arthur H. Tagland




Haven’t we seen this (annexation) movie before?

Shades of 2004-2005! Here we go again — the city of Issaquah addresses the subject of the Klahanie potential annexation in a deliberate, professional and cogent way — commissioning a study by the Nesbitt Consultant Group to objectively assess the current fiscal conditions related to annexation.

Further, a task force comprised of annexation area and current Issaquah homeowners and service providers was formed to assure the completeness, accuracy and readability of the study results. The study results have been available on the city’s website and two public meetings have been held to keep the affected residents informed.

Now, at the 11th hour, here comes the incendiary but unsubstantiated vitriol of Tom Harman (Issaquah Press, May 29 — “Klahanie will get better service from Sammamish”). Remember the anonymous “Consider the Facts” flyers distributed to PAA homeowners just two days before the 2005 vote? Those flyers also contained multiple negative, unsupported and subsequently shown to be invalid “facts.”

In 2005, this tactic was successful in spooking an insufficiently informed public with no time before the election for the truth to be shown. The public proved to be a vulnerable target.

This time, the target is different: the City Council members of Issaquah. My sincere belief is that this body will prove much more difficult to hoodwink and that annexation, which is clearly indicated by the study results as beneficial for both the city of Issaquah and the proposed annexation area, will finally happen in the most expeditious manner possible. Please note: When I sign my name to this, it will be clear who I am and what my affiliation is.

Dick L’Heureux

President, Brookshire Estates HOA

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3 Responses to “To the Editor”

  1. Smoley on June 26th, 2013 9:40 am

    Dick L’Heureux,

    Please tell me how the annexation of Klahanie would benefit my family that currently lives in Issaquah? This is something that has never been explained by City Council and has not been covered by the Issaquah Press.

    I’m all ears and willing to be convinced, but I don’t see how annexing Klahanie or any other established populated community is going to improve the quality of life in our town.

    What I see from City Council is a BUILD! GROW! EXPAND! mindset that makes me think we have some sort of Bellevue envy in our local government. Someone please explain the advantages to me.

  2. Dave on June 27th, 2013 9:23 am


    I can’t explain the benefits of build-grow-expand to you as far is pertains to Issaquah and neither do I see the benefits to Issaquah of adding Klahanie. it makes more sense for Sammamish to take it.

    Bravo – I second all you wrote. Do the elected officials no longer understand what their citizens want ?? Maybe a majority of Issaquah residents want this – I hope not !

  3. Matthew Barry on July 9th, 2013 1:19 pm

    Darcey Strand claimed that I painted a “false picture” of the IHS baccalaureate and made “blind accusations and assumptions.” But she didn’t (and can’t) point to a single falsehood in my letter.

    I indicated that the PTSA invited graduating students and their families to a class-wide religious event at Eastridge Church. The PTSA publicized the baccalaureate as honoring “all” seniors, but the Eastridge pastor who spoke to the students believes that non-Christian students and their families deserve to burn in hell. It’s undeniably offensive that the PTSA chose that person as a speaker.

    The PTSA took donations and membership fees from Jewish, Hindu, and other non-Christian parents and gave their money to an organization that thinks they deserve eternal damnation. That is also undeniably offensive.

    Ms. Strand didn’t dispute any of those facts. Instead, she expressed how inspired she was and how the event was “tastefully executed.” How nice: Ms. Strand personally found the event upbeat and esthetically pleasing. Meanwhile, it remains an offensive event because it occurred with PTSA money at an inappropriate location and with an inappropriate speaker who proudly declares on their Eastridge Church website that part of the community deserves torture in a “punishing lake of fire.”

    The only marginally substantive argument I could find in her letter was that the event was voluntary. So, according to Ms. Strand, African-American students who complain about an optional class-wide PTSA event at the local KKK have nothing to whine about: If they don’t like it, they don’t have to attend! What an insulting and bogus rationalization.

    The PTSA could redirect the roughly $1,000 spent on this event to the senior breakfast or senior all-night party. Or, better yet — given the dearth of education funding — buy textbooks, art supplies, or science equipment. Plenty of non-offensive options, folks.

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