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July 30, 2013

By Contributor

Plastic bags

Politicians are supposed to work for the people

So, Mark Mullet “feels” the process was “as open as it could have been” when the City Council decided to ban our plastic grocery bags and charge us a fine based on our choice.

After reading Mullet’s quote, my first thought was: “Maybe he needs to know about this new-fangled invention called public voting.”

But silly me!

Mullet was speaking Politics.

In real English, his words translate like this: “We, the politicians, want to keep you, the people, from voting on anything that limits our power over you.”

Therefore, we, the people, didn’t get to vote on our very own grocery bags — even when we’ll be paying the tax/fine that goes with our choice. And, because this move is to “save the environment,” nobody’s supposed to complain.

Don’t we all want to save the environment?

Of course.

But this is the slippery slope of tyranny: when we’re told the end justifies the means.

Whether or not you agree with the bag ban, every citizen should demand the City Council put this matter to a public vote. Otherwise, we are allowing, even encouraging, our politicians to impose their will on the people — the very people who pay their salaries, fund their health care and keep afloat their pension plans.

I have signed the petition to put this bag ban to a public vote, and I encourage all of Issaquah’s citizens to do the same. Whether you plan to vote “yea” or “nay,” we each need to send a message to our so-called public servants:

You work for us, not the other way around.

Sibella Giorello



You could have to pay more for your bag

Persons in Los Angeles are now required to bring their own bags whenshopping, or pay 10 cents for the merchants’s bag.

Surely, shoppers in “Little Old Issaquah” can continue to act in this environmentally responsible manner.

Louise B. Wenberg Luce



South Cove

Come to Aug. 4 meeting to talk about spending

I received a flyer in my door July 25, advising residents about the South Cove board unauthorized financial actions. The flyer was attached with the names of 34 South Cove residents, many who have served on past boards and a number as president of the past boards.

In November 1988, the then-board members voted to require the community to vote on any expenditures over $2,000.

(1) The current board has gone and planned to spend $6,500 to build a shed in the park, without a community vote.

(2) The current board was authorized to just spend $17,000, in the park picnic area, but spent $ 46,600 without a community vote.

(3) Excessive event spending: The Easter Egg Hunt and 4th parade events are traditional events. However, this board has spent 16.7 percent of the community budget on numerous nontraditional events the year around.

(4) The board has spent $53,000 in park additions without the required community voting and no documented criteria in the budget. Nothing!

It appears the South Cove board is like other governing units, when it comes to spending other people’s money. “Gee, fellow board members, we have all this “extra” money. Come up with ideas to spend it.” Note: They do not seem to be able to just reduce the annual request for funds.

I have lived in South Cove for over 30 years. The annual board collected fee has increased by some 1,200 percent.

Attention, South Cove residents, please come to the Aug. 4 meeting to address the issues. Location not known at this time.

Ken Sessler



School change

Take it from a student, this would help

A change I would like to see in school is… not having middle school.

This would improve learning by having older kids play with younger kids. This means that grades 6-8 will also have recess so they can get fresh air and exercise. Siblings would have recess together, and kids would be more social and have less arguments. Kids in middle school wouldn’t feel awkward and like middle kids, and they wouldn’t tease younger kids either.

I think my idea would help and improve many lives!

Vibe Torgersen, Issaquah

fourth grade, Clark Elementary School


History help

It takes a village of volunteers

The Issaquah History Museums would like to extend a huge thank you to our wonderful volunteers! We have so many things to be thankful for this month.

Without the generosity of our board, membership, docents and other volunteers, we would not be able to continue providing the community of Issaquah with the extensive programs, events and historical services currently available. Specifically, we’d like to highlight the time and talents of many individuals dedicated to recent events.

Bob Brock, Tom Anderson and Janet Garrison, thank you for being a presence up on the hill for Highlands Day and for helping Issaquah’s past as a large scale rodeo town come to life!

Thanks also to those who helped Heritage Day be such a great success for our 13th year in a row! We are grateful for those who facilitated stations and provided behind-the-scenes support. Thanks to Marilyn Boyden, Marilyn Batura, Jean Cerar, Charles Cerar, Barb de Michele, Pauline Harris, Jane Garrison, Barb Hinds, Rowan Hinds, Tom Melcher, Dale McCormick, Bill Bergsma, Ed Seil, Monita Horn, Molly Bracket, Michael Johnson, Tom Donegan, Joan Cerar, Alex Reed, Barb Lein, Eric Martin, Falaah Jones, Jody Hutchinson and the other Seattle Tilth volunteers.

For those who attended our fundraising concert with Chuck Brodsky, it would not have been possible without the dedicated assistance of our board, especially Bob Brock, Mary Lou Lewis and Barb Justice.

And finally, a HUGE, heartfelt thanks to Laile Sylvestro for countless hours of volunteer assistance this month at all of our events, and with helping to transition and train our new staff.

Staff of the Issaquah History Museums

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