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August 20, 2013

By Contributor

Postal worker

Keystone cops couldn’t have handled situation worse

The story of the Issaquah postal worker/thief read like a phony news story out of The Onion rather than real life. If the story is true, we should all feel the cold chill of the relativistic justice that was meted out in this case.

Everyone from the USPS “inspector” to the U.S. “attorney” and the “judge” who “work” for the people should be — ashamed, embarrassed, disbarred, fired?

The ridiculous quote from the defense attorney is what really dropped my jaw. Ms. Wei stole money for financial reasons, he said. I especially loved the “sob” story about why she needed to steal the money. What could it be, a costly operation for her dear old mother? Life-saving medicine for her infant? To keep the farm out of the hands of…? No, she spends a lot of money on her daughter’s sports commitments.

This woman committed a felony, to my calculations from her admission (and we know she didn’t fudge the numbers “wink”) to the tune of $1,600 on the low estimate and she basically got away with it. From the story, we don’t even know if she lost her job, although given that she is a government employee, I doubt it.

Even the reporter missed the real story about how does whether or not someone’s reason for committing a crime determine what justice is meted out if we operate under a rule of law? Does it depend on how the thief makes you “feel?”

The only spark of sanity in the story is when the prosecution was indignant on our behalf and the victim’s behalf and he or she is not mentioned by name. Priceless.

Congratulations to Ms. Wei. She was fortunate to have had the Keystone Cop equivalent of a justice system working on her behalf.

Patty Knox



Thank you

Excellent leadership at Lake Sammamish State Park

Just want to say thanks to the team who stepped up to lead the efforts to make Lake Sammamish State Park a more inviting tourist destination.

Chris Kovac has been giving back to the Issaquah community for a long time and has proven successful as a businessman, community volunteer and soccer coach. We also appreciate the core team of David Kappler, Jim Berry, Connie Marsh and Debbie Berto.

We hope to see a year-round park that actually offers a Starbucks and/or other corporate tenants who can pay long-term leases to maintain this great park. Lake Sammamish State Park could easily become one of the top destinations for youth soccer, baseball/softball, lacrosse, rugby, football, etc. It could easily host an amazing Regional Athletic Complex, similar to the ones they have in many other parts of the country and Lacey.

Think about how much revenue the park can generate in parking fees alone for tournaments and other sporting events. The Starfire Athletic Complex, in Tukwila, makes a ton of money from adult leagues, parking fees, concessions, tournaments, etc.

What if we finally had enough money in the coffers to rake the beach every week, clean up the goose poop, bring in new sand for beach volleyball and update all of the park amenities?

Many of us would also like to see an off-leash dog park, which would make leash laws easier to enforce. It would be great to incorporate more of the Native American heritage and find a way to get sponsorships from the Snoqualmie Casino and other groups.

Keith Dougherty



Plastic bags

Thank you for doing the right thing

It is interesting to read the letters to the editor over the past few weeks assailing the Issaquah City Council’s decision to ban plastic bags. They claim to stand for the virtue of “free choice” over the “tyranny” of those elected officials who would dare to pass laws without asking us first.

The latest of these tirades was put forth by Ms. Giorello. It makes me truly wonder if these self-proclaimed “defenders of liberty” understand what a representative democracy is. It appears not.

I, for one, am thankful for elected representatives who know that they are elected to do what they believe to be the best for those they represent, and not to poll or pander to special interests with every decision made. Without the courage to do the right thing, even when unpopular with many citizens, we would never have had civil rights laws, clean air laws, salmon recovery laws or gay marriage laws. I, for one, am happy we have all of those laws.

I find it interesting that I have heard no one from the group opposed to the plastic bag ban actually arguing for plastic bags. That is because there is just too much data showing their harm to our environment. So, instead they make the dubious claim to want “choice.”

I am sorry, but when your choice as an individual harms the environment we all share, that may not be a choice you should have. Anti-discrimination laws also limit choice, and I am glad for them, just as I am glad that Issaquah has forward-thinking council members who will vote to do what is right, even if some are not happy.

And by the way, Ms. Giorello and the others upset by the ban, you still have a choice — paper or cloth?

Carl Florea




Try living with just one in your yard

Those opposed to killing geese at Lake Sammamish State Park have some very strong, emotional arguments. But, of course, there is another side, one which I’ve experienced as a lakefront resident for most of my life.

Those geese are marvelous pooping machines, and what they leave behind doesn’t leave. It does not wash into the soil. It goes away only with a shovel.

I would like to suggest to those who find the method of eliminating this problem a bit brutal: Take a couple of these creatures home with you, and goose-sit (pronounce that very carefully, please) for a few weeks. Then, see how much enjoyment of your front yard is taken away, should you want to walk on it or watch your kids roll around on it. Then, magnify it to state park size. Major nuisance? Definitely. Health concern? Obviously. You still may not want to see those geese killed, but you’ll sure want to get rid of them somehow.

Of course, one problem could help another if somebody could create moles that eat goose poop.

Don Riggs


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2 Responses to “To the Editor”

  1. Doug on August 22nd, 2013 1:32 am

    Maybe Carl should open up a history book and see that this country is a republic, not a democracy. A republic stands for individual rights while a democracy is mob rule with 50.1% telling the 49.9% what they can and cannot do.

    How many hundreds of disposable diapers has your family thrown in the landfill Carl? Can you say hypocrite?

  2. Smoley on August 22nd, 2013 10:27 am

    @Carl Florea,

    Just for the record, you can count me as one that loves the single use plastic bags and I have stopped grocery shopping in Issaquah due to the bag ban.

    I reuse the bags for picking up litter when I hike on Tiger Mt., and will recycle the bags I don’t use. What’s wrong with that?

    BTW, I hope you don’t use disposable plastics in your home (plastic trash bags, water bottles, etc.) because you’ll likely be sending more plastic to our landfill than the amount of the single-use plastic shopping bags most folks would.. I also trust that you aren’t using paper bags as you know that they are more environmentally unfriendly than the plastic bags are (this was even brought up in the city council meeting prior to the ordinance passing).

    Oh, one last bit – you mention that we have a choice of paper or reusable bags but there’s actually one other choice we have. We’re free to shop in any of the communities outside the city limits where you can get as many paper or plastic bags as you like free of charge AND you also have the choice to bring your own reusable bag if you like. That’s what the definition of choice is in many people’s minds and it’s why many of us oppose this silly plastic bag ban, not to mention that this town has a number of more pressing issues for council to deal with than nonsensical “feel good” measures like this ordinance.

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