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August 27, 2013

By Contributor

Annexation vote

Is Klahanie’s emergency response in jeopardy?

If Klahanie votes in favor of annexation by Issaquah, several life- and property-saving minutes will be stripped from our community. The facts: The building that contains Eastside Fire & Rescue Station No. 83 — the one closest to and referred to as “Klahanie’s Fire Station” — is actually owned by the city of Sammamish.

If Klahanie becomes part of Issaquah, Sammamish is likely to move the fire station to better serve its community. Sammamish approached Issaquah to find out if it would be interested in purchasing the fire station if annexation were to occur. Issaquah said no. The result? Klahanie’s fire station would probably no longer exist.

Issaquah’s plans are to provide rescue and emergency medical service out of the existing Station No. 73 in the Issaquah Highlands. If they are not available, response would come all the way from down in the valley near Interstate 90. Response times would increase by many minutes from what we now enjoy.

When mere minutes mean whether or not loved ones survive severe injuries or illnesses, or can be pulled safely out of a burning home, this lag time is critical. It could also mean the difference between the total loss of our property, and being able to recover our precious memories and stay in our homes.

When we have a disaster, such as a major earthquake, the members of Station No. 73 will understandably be busy in the highlands. Klahanie will be left to suffer for far longer.

Despite what you might have heard, Klahanie does have options to partner with others. To do so, and maintain the emergency fire and medical response we deserve, we must vote no on Issaquah annexation in February.

Mark Seely



Plastic bags

There are more serious issues to deal with

I can’t believe people are still writing and screeching about not using plastic bags in Issaquah. How hard life must be if one can’t adapt to one small thing like that, even if one doesn’t agree. Really, there are serious problems we need to deal with: life-threatening illnesses, war, abuse of children, political budgeting decisions … are these people so hung up on plastic bags they can’t let it go? Seriously, folks. Get a life!

Barbara Extract




Someone needs to be responsible for problems

Well, folks, per the Aug. 14 issue of The Press, it seems our city cannot follow the rules set down to try and control the hokey use of “recreational” marijuana. It is too bad that the council will not just prohibit any use of the drug anywhere in Issaquah.

It is still against federal law to use the drug. Yet the state and local governmental agencies do not seem to want to hang their hats on this to prohibit the use of this drug. Is it the money it may bring in?

They are trying to develop a test to use on drivers, to determine if they exceed some limit for driving a vehicle, when involved in breaking a driving law or causing an accident.

I cannot thank the voters who approved the use of this illegal drug. I can only hold them responsible for the effects that result from the use of this drug they voted for.

Ken Sessler



Why do pot stores have to be in city?

Do we really want dope stores in Issaquah?

I know the initiative to legalize pot in the state of Washington passed, but I haven’t seen it mandated that every burb have its own dope stores. Could the potheads that live in our town possibly drive a few miles to buy their weed someplace else?

Mike Harrington



Marketing ads

Greg Farrar is a great representative for The Press

Thank you for the highlight article on Greg Farrar. Our family first met Greg through his coverage of the JPW Foundation, 11 years ago. Since then, he has covered both of our children’s high school athletic careers as well as the teams I have assisted coached at Issaquah High School. He even attended our daughter’s memorial service.

He is truly much more than the chief photographer. Greg is interested not only in the students he photographs but also their families. You hear as many parents call out his name as students when he covers an event.

In addition to being a phenomenal photographer, Greg is compassionate, kind and genuinely cares about the people in Issaquah. Our community is lucky to have Greg working for The Issaquah Press. He adds a large dose of personal care to everything he does in our “small town” city.

Barry and Kathy LeMond



Dogwood Street

Residents need a sidewalk to be safe

As a resident of Issaquah, I have lived on Dogwood Street for almost 10 years. I have many times dodged cars as I walked home in almost total darkness coming from one of our fine Front Street restaurants.

Dogwood is a much-used pedestrian thoroughfare and it would be a shame to have someone get seriously hurt before any action is taken to alleviate this safety hazard. We only need a sidewalk on one side, just so pedestrians don’t have to mingle with cars.

As it is, there’s a little bit of sidewalk, then there’s nothing, and then you have to shift sides of the street to pick up the sidewalk again. Even using a flashlight at night, I still don’t feel safe, so could we please do something before it’s too late? Thank you.

Mark E. King




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2 Responses to “To the Editor”

  1. Smoley on August 27th, 2013 9:49 pm

    @Barbara Extract,

    Yes, there are more serious issues to deal with which is why a number of Issaquah residents such as I wonder why our local government wasted time and effort to pass this nonsense in the first place.

    We have issues with traffic, property development, street and bridge repair, storm water waste, annexations, and others. Why our city council wanted to push this silly ordinance through instead of focusing on more important issues is difficult to understand.

  2. James Walker on January 15th, 2014 5:08 pm

    Annexation Vote: Sammamish Tactics – Sammamish big monied bureaucrats always seem to gum up the works with lies, scare tactics and promises of better services at lower costs just before an annexation vote. They never initiate an annexation discussion, but come in at the last minute with empty promises of now expediting their annexation effort in full page newspaper ads. Don’t forget their past effort to convert Klahanie County neighborhood park into noisy, loudspeakered, parking constrained, over lit, gated, astroturfed, aluminum bleachered, soccer fields that Sammamish residents prohibited from their own back yards. Don’t trust them. Issaquah is where we belong.

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