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October 22, 2013

By Contributor

Thank you

Vickie Hoffman deserved to be on the front page

Thank you so much for featuring this bright star of our community on the front page — so deserving!

Vicki’s warmth, welcoming spirit and endless generosity to help children and the community were so uplifting to everyone she came in contact with. What a treasure we have enjoyed knowing.

Our warmest hugs to Stan, Ashley and Kyle.

Candice Hoffman


School board candidates

Alison Meryweather’s passion is education of children

There are people in our lives we meet that we quickly realize are continually making a significant difference in our community and our world. Alison Meryweather is that person and is why she should be retained as our Issaquah School Board member.

Alison has spent the past 12 years advocating for our children and their education in our community. She has been heavily involved in PTSA at her local schools and at the PTSA council level, and also advocating for education funding in Olympia.

Alison has been on the steering committee for the organization that organizes the Issaquah School District’s bond and levy campaigns. These campaigns have raised millions of dollars over the years and she has been a leader in making sure these campaigns were successful. She is a trustee on the Issaquah Schools Foundation and is currently the vice president of major gifts. Her passion is the education of our children.

In March, Alison was chosen by the Issaquah School Board over four other candidates, including her opponent, to fill Chad Magendanz’s school board seat when he left to become a legislator in Olympia.

Alison’s experience on a district and statewide level is unmatched. We are fortunate to have her as an Issaquah School District board member and we need to keep her in office. On Nov. 5, please vote for Alison Meryweather.

Jody Mull



Lisa Callan has strong commitment to every student

This November, voters have a clear choice between two very different candidates for the Issaquah School Board. As a proponent of public education, I am voting for Lisa Callan.

Lisa comes from a long line of public educators, and holds a strong commitment to every single student in our community. Lisa has an open and collaborative approach, and she is pragmatic about the challenges we face.

Lisa believes that the community must work together with its teachers and parents to foster a school environment where each student can thrive. She is committed to efforts that will close the achievement gap in ways that can be accessible and provided equally to all students.

Lisa’s opponent, Alison Meryweather, has spent many years championing charter schools, an agenda that potentially jeopardizes districts’ financial stability, serves just a sliver of the student population and is deeply divisive.

Especially concerning is Alison Meryweather’s affiliation with Stand for Children, given the organization’s push for vouchers and charter schools, and its anti-teacher rhetoric. Does she represent Stand for Children or our children here in Issaquah?

As we face the implementation of the Common Core standards, and look ahead to next year’s contract negotiations with our teachers, we must have a school board that is focused on our students, our teachers and our district’s financial health, not on furthering divisive agendas.

The choice is clear. Elect Lisa Callan to the Issaquah School Board.

Tiffany Smith-Fleischman



Mayoral candidates

Fred Butler is a breath of fresh air in politics

As a former neighbor of Fred Butler, the more I got to know Fred, the more impressed I was.

Not being in politics, and not always trusting those in the field, Fred is a breath of incredible fresh air. How many acquaintances do you know, that the longer you know them, the better they get.

Trust, integrity and positive energy are Fred’s traits, but not every once in a while — always. We go back to trust. Talk to him, listen. What Fred says is what will happen… I have seen it.

With Fred Butler leading our city, we can embrace the future and feel totally confident the path so thoughtfully created with his hands, will be absolutely the best possible.

Jeanne Stilwell

former neighbor


Joe Forkner chooses the best solution to a problem

We have all watched the national political scene and most people agree that the tried and true way of practicing politics isn’t working. In fact, I just read a statistic that said 75 percent of the populace would like to fire their congressman. It’s time for a change and we can start at the local level. It’s time to look at things from a different perspective. It’s time for Joe.

Joe Forkner is a guy with public and private work experience. He’s also a guy with experience serving the people of Issaquah. And Joe is a guy who, when confronted with a problem, considers the way things have been done in the past, then does some thinking outside the box and finally chooses the best solution for the problem at hand.

Joe does whatever it takes to get the job done. Joe is the guy we need to lead Issaquah into the future.

Now is the right time for Joe Forkner for Mayor.

Lee Woods



Park bond

Parks are vitally important to quality of community

As a member of the Issaquah community since 1954, Rowley Properties Inc. has always been a big supporter of our city’s parks.

We understand that parks are vitally important to the quality of life for a community and can often be something that easily gets taken for granted. What we mean by that is, as citizens or businesses, often we don’t spend much time thinking about what it takes to buy the land for a park, to design proper facilities, to help maintain a safe and clean park, and to ensure it stays relevant through the generations. It takes time and money!

We urge you to vote yes for the Park Bond on November’s ballot. By voting yes, you’ll be a positive contributing factor to what helps keep Issaquah great — its places for families to connect, kids to play and people to convene!

Kari Magill, CEO

Rowley Properties Inc.

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3 Responses to “To the Editor”

  1. mark m on October 24th, 2013 6:26 am

    Tiffany Smith-Fleischman wrote “. . . Stand for Children, given the organization’s push for vouchers and charter schools, and its anti-teacher rhetoric.”

    I would vote against Meryweather if she is pro-voucher. I looked at Stand for Children’s website and saw where they support charters schools. But where do they support vouchers? Also, where are they anti-teacher?

  2. Sally on October 27th, 2013 8:55 pm

    Mark, being so adamantly for charters and Stand For Children should be enough to vote against Merryweather IF you favor public school. It is a stretch to call charter schools “public” in any conceivable way except the taxpayers fund them. I haven’t followed the voucher idea but that has been wrapped up in many school issues. Giving vouchers for families who attend private schools will be next, most likely. I would vote for a candidate who will stand solidly to promote public schools for all rather than causing constant tension over charter schools. Issaquah has a great school district and we need to keep working to continue in that direction.

  3. Sally on October 28th, 2013 12:23 pm

    I have to laugh at the censure ship at the press. A puzzlement but not unexpected.

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