Combat Flip Flops launches crowdfunding campaign

October 19, 2013

NEW — 6 a.m. Oct. 19, 2013

Issaquah company Combat Flip Flops has launched a crowdfunding campaign to reach its goal of using sandals as the ultimate weapon of change in Afghanistan.

The company hopes to raise $500,000 to get a flip-flop manufacturing facility up and running in Afghanistan.

With the belief that a strong economy will sustain the gains made over the past decade, Combat Flip Flops’ goal is to manufacture flip-flops and additional product lines in Afghanistan.

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Grocery strike is set to begin Monday evening

October 18, 2013

NEW – 8:10 p.m. Oct. 18, 2013

After months of negotiating and recent days of closed-door bargaining sessions with employers, grocery worker union representatives announced Oct. 18 they would begin striking in 72 hours, if no deal was reached.

The workers are opposed to employer proposals that would stop health care coverage for employees who work less than 30 hours a week, deny workers paid sick days and cut pay, including for those who work on holidays.

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EFR’s future needs quick action

October 17, 2013

If the partners of Eastside Fire & rescue don’t act quickly, they may be too late to salvage the partnership that has served them so well for many years.

For the past few years, Sammamish has been warning its partners in Eastside Fire & Rescue that the current funding model was unsustainable. The formula, based solely on assessed value – while ignoring the number of calls for service – has had Sammamish and Fire Districts 10 and 38 subsidizing fire and emergency services for Issaquah and North Bend.

Sammamish was lobbying for a new funding model based half on property value and half on calls, but other partners were not interested. Sammamish then proposed a 75/25 formula. North Bend was willing to go along, but Issaquah and Fire District 10 were still opposed.

Sammamish held firm, investing time and money studying the costs of dropping out of EFR to start its own city fire department. Sammamish is poised to take a vote on the measure soon and move one step closer to withdrawing from the EFR consortium.

Now the partners may begin to discuss the merits of a 75/25 plan at their own agencies. They should do so and make their decision quickly.

Yes, some will end up paying more, but they’ve been getting a good ride on the back of the Sammamish taxpayers for years. Paying a little more to help make the situation more equitable is the right thing to do.

EFR has been a success. Pooling resources has allowed each community to serve their citizens better than they would be able to by going it alone. The partners should end the squabbling and get back to making EFR a better agency.

Second half of 2013 King County property taxes are due Oct. 31

October 17, 2013

NEW — 6 a.m. Oct. 17, 2013

King County property owners have until Oct. 31 to pay the second half of their 2013 property taxes. After that, interest charges and penalties will be added to the tax bill.

King County provides several ways for property owners to pay their taxes quickly and conveniently.

Taxpayers can pay securely online with a credit card or e-check here.

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2013 Home Buyers Guide

October 16, 2013

No injuries in Cedar Grove Road house fire

October 16, 2013

NEW — 12:10 p.m. Oct. 15, 2013

A large structure fire broke out in the 5700 block of Cedar Grove Road Southeast Oct. 15.

Eastside Fire & Rescue Public Information Officer Josie Williams said the homeowner was in the 1,200-square-foot residence and unwittingly started the fire. EFR got the call at 6:44 p.m.

“He was trying to start a fire in the fireplace and ended up with a problem,” Williams said. “Obviously, it got away from him.”

She confirmed the blaze did not spread to other properties and caused no injuries.

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Budget season opens with the mayor’s final budget

October 15, 2013

Mayor Ava Frisinger presented her final budget proposal, which includes $98.3 million in budgeted expenditures, to the City Council Oct. 7.

It includes adding a new human services manager and a police officer, increasing funding for “sustainable” efforts and $55,000 for a feasibility study into a campus to consolidate the locations of city services.

“I’m extremely proud to reflect on the last 16 years,” Frisinger told the council as she presented her budget to them. “Today, we’re planning for what’s next: a commitment to environmental protection, a strong economic base and a strong quality of life for our citizens.”

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Artist, youth advocate Vicki Hoffman dies

October 15, 2013

A celebration of life for beloved Issaquah art and youth advocate Vicki Hoffman is scheduled for 1 p.m. Oct. 19 at Redmond’s Timberlake Church, 4505 236th Ave. N.E.

The family will receive friends at Flintoft’s Funeral Home from 4 -7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 18, at 540 E. Sunset Way, Issaquah.

Hoffman, a tireless advocate for art in schools, as well as a board member on the Issaquah Community Network and the Issaquah School District PTSA Council, passed away Oct. 12, after suffering a brain aneurysm Oct. 10, according to a slew of emails from Hoffman’s friends and colleagues.

Vicki Hoffman

Vicki Hoffman

An active parent in the Issaquah School District, Hoffman once served as the Clark Elementary School PTSA president, and is largely responsible for reviving the district’s volunteer art docent program.

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Boundary Review Board OKs Klahanie annexation vote

October 15, 2013

In quick order, the King County Boundary Review Board unanimously gave preliminary approval Oct. 10 to Issaquah’s annexation request for the Klahanie area.

Two long meetings were held last month where government representatives from Issaquah and Sammamish were joined by a slew of public opinion on the proposed annexation. The Boundary Review Board took the information given and returned with a decision for Klahanie voters to vote on whether Issaquah should include them in its borders.

“None of these are easy,” board member Robert Cook said as the board held informal discussion before a vote. “And a couple factors gave us some sleepless nights. The overriding fact is that the city of Issaquah is responding to a petition of residents that want to be a part of the city. They did what they were asked to do by the citizenry. They did what they are mandated to do by state law. There really aren’t any losers in this, because the citizens will vote on this and determine their own fate. It’s kind of a win-win.”

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Issaquah woman meets British pen pal after 39 years

October 15, 2013

Longtime Issaquah resident Valerie Lycette describes Jane Machin as one of her oldest friends.

After all, the pair has known each other since 1974, while Lycette was still a student at Issaquah High School.

Contributed Issaquah resident Val Lycette (far left) gets together with her English pen pal Jane Machin, and Machin’s granddaughter Sophie. Lycette visited Machin in England for the first time after they began writing to each other in 1979.

Issaquah resident Val Lycette (far left) gets together with her English pen pal Jane Machin, and Machin’s granddaughter Sophie. Lycette visited Machin in England for the first time after they began writing to each other in 1979.

It wasn’t until recently, though, that Lycette actually met Machin in person when she traveled to England to meet her international pen pal after 39 years.

“Meeting really has made us closer,” Lycette said. “I mean we were strangers, really, but got along great and our personalities matched.”

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