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February 13, 2014

By Contributor

Seventh & Gilman property

Flooding concerns must be addressed in a meaningful way

The Seventh & Gilman property clearly needs to be redeveloped. However, having been associated with two businesses there, and having been flooded out three times, I am concerned that whatever is approved takes all its problems fully into account.

The city rates the chance of flooding on this property at a one-in-100-year event, but in reality, it has been more like one in seven in recent years. My largest concern with the current proposal is the below-flood-level parking, and the likelihood it will leave the residents’ 400 to 500 vehicles submerged and its large underground footprint push floodwater to new places.

The developer’s plan does not account for the severity of the surging creek flooding, all the storm water flowing toward it, the fact that the property is basically in a hole and that it was once a seasonal wetland. The current design does not begin to address these “major issues” in a serious or meaningful way.

What is particularly troubling is that this is the first example of the “work force” housing we have heard so much about. However, the fast-paced trajectory of this project clearly puts the livelihoods of the low- and middle-income people that might rent there at risk.

Requiring structured parking that puts the residents’ vehicles out of harm’s way is a responsible and logical solution. However, we will find out shortly if Issaquah is a place that actually cares about the people that will live here or will rubber-stamp anything.

C.A. Christensen



Illegal immigrants

Stop the problem by stopping the incentives

“Hey, parents! Enter our country illegally and we’ll provide financial aid so your kids can attend our colleges!” That’s what our state Legislature has just told millions of future illegal immigrants with Senate Bill 6523.

You can almost hear them packing right now. We already promise immediate citizenship for future anchor babies. And when those children reach adulthood, they can — through chain migration — legalize their parents, thus ultimately benefiting the original lawbreakers.

Children born before the illegal crossing will likely get eventual citizenship through amnesty. We provide free K-12 education, in-state college tuition, driver’s licenses, sanctuary cities, etc. And we don’t require E-Verify and rarely punish companies that hire illegal immigrants. Did I miss anything?

Who could pass up so many goodies? We just keep making illegal immigration more and more attractive and then wonder why we have an illegal immigration problem.

Yes, it’s unfortunate that these parents chose to enter illegally and put their children in this situation. But actions have consequences. When a parent robs a bank, we don’t allow the children to keep some of the money. That would encourage more bank robberies.

Our society doesn’t believe in rewarding lawbreakers, even if the criminal passes the rewards to his friends or relatives. Likewise, we shouldn’t pat the illegally immigrating parent on the back and say, “Here’s thousands of dollars for your children!” That encourages more illegal immigration.

Our state legislators should be encouraging people to comply with our laws, not break them. We should tell potential immigrants that the state will happily provide state need grants, in-state tuition and driver’s licenses to them and their family members only if they enter our country legally.

We will stop illegal immigration only when we stop the incentives. The harms of this bill far outweigh the benefits.

Matthew Barry


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One Response to “To the Editor”

  1. sandy marshall on February 13th, 2014 9:59 am

    Thank you for your letter that is based on past experience with flooding in the area. I appreciate you input on encouraging the city and developer to be pro-active so they can limit the risk and property damage in this area. Rubber stamping something is not the answer!

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