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February 18, 2014

By Contributor


City shouldn’t allow pot facilities

I am hoping that the Issaquah City Council would not allow any pot facilities inside the city limits. It is still against federal law, you know, and the council is spending a bunch of money to move the skate park, because the prime reason presented was pot and drug usage around the park.

What would be the city’s costs associated with oversight and enforcement of city pot regulations? More or less the amount of the city’s part of the pot tax?

Is the tax money worth the impact of the human damage that will result of the open usage of pot in Issaquah? Kids will find ways to obtain pot, and the damage upon their bodies will be the fault of those that want more tax money. In addition, pot is just another way to create impaired driving and associated accidents.

Other King County towns have already declared not to allow pot in their towns, so just cut spending in lieu of the pot tax.

Ken Sessler


State park geese

We need to learn to co-exist with geese, not kill them

Thank you for the article “Geese likely won’t be killed at state park this year.”

Canada Geese have many of the characteristics that we admire in people. They are highly intelligent, loyal, mate for life and are excellent parents. If one of a mated pair becomes sick or injured, the other will stay by his or her side until the other recovers or dies. Similar to us, it is almost as if they take the wedding vow “till death do us part.”

The main complaints about geese are that they are messy, poop a lot and like the manicured lawns that we have created along waterfront areas. These grassy areas send out an invitation to the geese for an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Canada Geese did not originally nest in the Puget Sound area. Throughout the country by the mid-1900s, Canada Geese populations were in serious decline because of hunting, habitat destruction and uncontrolled harvesting of eggs.

On April 11, 1968, project “Operation Mother Goose” began in order to rebuild populations of Canada Geese in Washington for hunting purposes. In Eastern Washington, prior to completing the John Day Dam, 1,200 goose eggs were removed. The eggs were hatched and the goslings were released around the state. Several young geese were released in the Puget Sound area. Because there were no adult birds to teach them to migrate, and because of our moderate climate, the geese stayed and flourished.

Killing the geese, as was done at Lake Sammamish State Park, is not a long-term solution. It creates a void in the environment, other geese soon move in and a new cycle of killing begins. We created the problem and we need to learn to coexist with the geese in a humane manner.

Diane Weinstein




Security breach is unforgivable

I will never shop in Target again after this event and the recent account hacking.

Just before the holidays, I purchased some dog food and a small bottle of rum. At checkout, the clerk asked to see my driver’s license for ID…I’m 82! He took it out of my hand without asking, turned it over and scanned that bar code on the back, again without my permission.

I objected and was told “No scan, no rum.” I am not totally sure what that bar code contains, but I assume it has very personal data like my birth date, license number, address — data that Target does not need. Now, Target had assembled a personal data file on me including my VISA card number, which they allowed to get hacked.

I was notified several days later by BECU of the Target hacking. My older VISA account was closed, and a new account set up with a new VISA card number. Now, I have to watch my VISA and BECU statements very carefully. Thanks much, Target!

Lee Helser


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