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March 25, 2014

By Contributor

Gilman redevelopment

Proposal needs geo-tech, hydrological review

The proposed redevelopment at Seventh and Gilman (Antique Mall area) is the first go through our new Central Issaquah Plan regulations. One thing that has become clear is the difficulty of construction in high-ground water, near creek, earthquake hazard areas … much of the valley floor. The land at Seventh and Gilman has the further complication of being a Special Flood Hazard Area.

It is imperative in these difficult sites that there is belt-and-suspenders review of both the geo-tech report and the hydrologic modeling from the developer. Please require third-party peer review of both the geo-tech analysis and the model.

Connie Marsh


Plastic bags

The ban is a power grab to tell people what to do

Thank you, Issaquah citizens, for working so hard to retrieve thousands of signatures to get the reusable thin film bag ban issue on the ballot. Thank you even more to the voters who voted “yes” to repeal the ordinance. What you did was the right thing to do.

Now, it’s time to watch the City Council who will act to pose new bans on things they believe are “bad.” I’m guessing it will be forcing no sales of boxed plastic bags we now have to buy for our garbage and cleaning up after our animals. Bad! Off the shelves, you naughty retailers!

Last week, I watched yet another ridiculous display of the ban in action.

A man paid for a large number of items. The clerk apologized for not asking first if he wanted any bags. He said “yes,” and then was told she had to charge him 5 cents for each bag. He reached in his pocket to pay the 10 cents for two bags. Then, she said she was sorry again because there was 1 cent sales tax, so he reached again into his pocket to find a penny.

There were no smiles there, just the same sighs I’ve seen so many times with a nice clerk bereft to help her customer leave the store with a good shopping experience.

The ban is no small step in the right direction for anyone much less the environment. What it really is: a power grab to tell citizens and businesses what they must do to stay in step with the beliefs of some individuals.

I hope other communities and the country will not follow Issaquah in this matter. At least Seattle citizens fought (and won) to revise the ban to not penalize customers who would like a paper bag.

Kathleen Olsen




Let’s get some perspective on annexation and move on

Compared to drought in California, civil war in Syria and Russia’s invasion of the Crimean Peninsula, the issue of annexing the Klahanie Proposed Annexation Area to Issaquah or its remaining in unincorporated King County doesn’t seem quite so earth shattering.

Now, if we shrink that subject even further — to recognizing the overwhelming preference of a small portion of the PAA to annex to Issaquah and annexing it, while recognizing the wish of the remainder of the area to not be annexed, by not annexing it, it seems even less traumatic.

Even worrying about the shape of the area to be annexed pales in significance when we look at the many past Issaquah annexations and consider their shapes and sizes. If the city had put many of these past annexations through the same criteria filter that the three overwhelmingly “yes” precincts are being subject to, I’m sure many of them would not be annexed now.

In the interest of moving on, let us sincerely hope that the Issaquah City Council will make the decision to annex the consistently faithful areas, release those who have shown other wishes and, yes, move on with the important business of managing our beautiful, vibrant city.

Dick L’Heureux

Brookshire Estates

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One Response to “To the Editor”

  1. bryan weinstein on March 26th, 2014 9:57 am

    Klahanie? again?
    such wrong headed logic: “In the interest of moving on, let us sincerely hope that the Issaquah City Council will make the decision to annex the consistently faithful areas, release those who have shown other wishes…”

    perhaps a middle school student can explain this better than i – this violates every principal of democracy upon which our nation was founded – a democratic process, vote, majority rule. what next, we pick and choose who supports a governor, taxes, a president?

    want to live in Issaquah – MOVE THERE – but please stop asking me to pay for endless studies and election.

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