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August 12, 2014

By Contributor


People need to learn the difference between yield and merge

One of the reasons southbound traffic backs up on Front Street during evening rush hour is that drivers on Newport Way ignore the yield sign. (Please note, it reads: yield, not merge).

During the red light cycle on Newport, the cars on Front Street have the right of way. If Newport Way was posted no turn on red, it would allow traffic on each street a fair portion of the allotted time, and a smoother flow of traffic. This “no turn” sign could be limited to the hours of 3-7 p.m., which appears to be the most congested time period.

George Short


Election signs

Please respect people’s right to their political opinions

This is an open letter: Please show forbearance, tolerance and respect for other’s views and efforts to communicate those in upcoming elections.

We have begun to see destructive actions against political signs on public right away and in private locations. People need to understand it is illegal to touch someone else’s political signage, a misdemeanor, in fact, that will get one thrown in jail.

In the 2004 election, two individuals were caught destroying my signs and spent time in jail. I could hardly keep one conservative sign intact for more than a few days. Then, I put up a notice next to my sign, “It is illegal to mess with another person’s political sign. This right to free speech is what keeps us civilized and nonviolent. It is the basis for our society. Two people have already gone to jail for messing with this sign. Don’t be a third. Instead, if you have a competing idea, put your own sign up.”

That seemed to put an end to the trouble. I did not press charges, and let the miscreants go after a night in jail, but maybe in the interest of setting an example I should have pressed charges.

Perhaps you fine citizens can get the word out to all that for a democratic republic to work peacefully, we all need to be able to speak our minds without being harassed and squelched. Let your ideas compete in the arena of public opinion. Let the cards land where they land and work as you can on the next election.

It is your involvement that makes the American Experiment a success. Let us not fall the way of petty dictators who must control the dialog to protect indefensible views. If you have a viewpoint let’s see it — right next to mine!

Steve Marquis, area coordinator

Issaquah Teaparty


Consultants aren’t needed to tell us what we already know

Imagine that — a tourism consultant being hired only to recommend that the city needs to do more to promote tourism.

I would imagine a monorail expert would say we need a monorail, as would a log flume professional say we need a log flume, or a funicular railroad engineer say we need one of those as well.

And signs to say where things are? We have a sign ordinance that needs to be adjusted then.

But, as usual, it all comes down to the basic question: Who/what is Issaquah for — the people who live here or the money that we have not collected yet? Think about that while out-of-towners troll for parking so they can ride that log flume around town.

Bryan Weinstein



Keep guns away from domestic violence abusers

I’m writing to express my support for Congress and our U.S. senators to take action and protect women from gun violence and domestic violence.

Women are at an unacceptable risk of gun violence in abusive situations. According to FBI statistics, more than half of people murdered by their intimate partners were killed with a gun.

Current law doesn’t go far enough to protect women. As the law stands, women who are in an abusive dating relationship, as well as victims of stalking, can’t have law enforcement prevent their abusers from having guns.

The Senate just had its first hearing on the links between gun violence and domestic violence, but much more needs to be done. Congress needs to take action immediately to change the law to protect women from gun violence.

Unfortunately, our local congressman, Dave Reichert, is not supportive of gun control legislation, so I urge all those who care about this issue to write to him, to let him know that there are many members of his constituency who care about women facing danger in domestic violence situations, and to ask him to show support for legislation to prevent all domestic violence abusers from having access to guns.

Amanda Strombom



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