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August 19, 2014

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Who is the government  really working for?

Very interesting article from the viewpoint of a current nonhomeowner looking to purchase a home in the current market, the reasons why he and his wife want to purchase a home in Seattle at this time, and the problems they see.

One constantly hears about the government wanting the cost of housing to rise, and the government continues policy to create this “bubble.” This is great for the real estate lobby, government expansion and investors looking to make a quick profit.

For current renters, first-time buyers and market stability, this market distortion works against these interests. The problem with housing is that homes cost too much, not too little, and this hurts responsible people looking to get ahead in life.

When government creates bubbles, decisions are made for the wrong reasons. The next time the government says it is doing things to help you, think about whom it is really working for. Usually, it is for votes and money.

Greg Larson



Join city and others to stop the killing of these animals

I would like to commend the city of Issaquah for successfully using humane measures to reduce conflicts with Canada geese in their parks. The use of bald eagle cutouts have been a proven success.

USDA Wildlife Services has been lethally removing Canada geese in the Puget Sound area for 13 years under an interlocal agreement between several cities and entities within the region. The geese are being rounded up in our parks and gassed to death or shot on Lake Washington. In 2013, nearly 1,200 geese were killed by Wildlife Services in just King County alone.

The members of the 2014 interlocal agreement include Bellevue, Kent, Kirkland, Mountlake Terrace, Port of Seattle – Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Renton, Seattle Parks and Recreation, SeaTac, Tacoma Metro Parks, Tukwila, Woodinville and the University of Washington.

Humane solutions can be utilized to mitigate conflicts with geese in urban areas. These include landscape modifications; goose deterrent products and controls; public outreach to stop feeding waterfowl; automated devices to clean up goose droppings; and reduction of populations through egg addling.

Health concerns are cited in order to justify the killing of geese. However, according to the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife website, “Canada geese are not considered to be a significant source of any infectious disease transmittable to humans or domestic animals.”

Killing geese creates a void in the environment, other geese move in and a new round of killing begins. This creates an endless cycle of killing. The brutal killing of thousands of geese including their newborn goslings must stop. We must do a better job of sharing the earth with wildlife.

Other cities need to follow the example set by Issaquah and end the killing.

Get more information and sign a petition to stop the killing at

Diane Weinstein



Women’s rights

A vote for Jason Ritchie is a vote for women

This is a call to voters to push for positive change. It has been almost a century since women received the right to vote and yet women still only make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes, holding all other variables constant.

Yes, there have been improvements, but the fight should not stop until equality is fully reached. Women should not worry have to worry about sexual harassment, pay differences or any form of discrimination in the workplace.

As voters it is our responsibility to elect officials who will push for legislation that will create a more equal work environment. Otherwise, we are allowing progress to stagnate. We are saying “it is OK for gender to factor into the value of a person’s work.”

With election season right around the corner, now is the time for voters to make educated decisions regarding the direction our government takes. A vote for Dave Reichert in November will help the congressional leadership continue to block key legislation in the House that could close the gap.

Reichert, along with most Republicans, voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. This is inconsistent with the values we hold as Washingtonians. We need someone who understands that the fight is not over.

Thankfully, this year, the 8th District has an alternative. Jason Ritchie has made women’s rights a central point in his campaign. I support Jason Ritchie.

Bridget Spencer



Iraq situation

Stop the lawlessness and widespread killing

The situation is Iraq is terrible. There is civil war, lawlessness and widespread killing.

ISIS is in Iraq killing people they don’t like because of their religion or their politics. They operate outside the law. There is no U.N. approval, no courts, no trials, just vigilante killings. They have an army and they have weapons, and there is no one who can stop them from doing these things.

The U.S. is in Iraq killing people we don’t like because of their religion or their politics. We operate outside the law. There is no U.N. approval, no courts, no trials, just vigilante killings. We have an army and we have weapons, and there is no one who can stop us from doing these things.

It’s not so much what the U.S. is doing but it is how the U.S. is doing it. In chasing the dragon, have we become the dragon?

Sid Sherbon



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