Sen. Mark Mullet lends support to electric car bill

February 25, 2014

Two bills have passed in Olympia that are designed to help level the playing field between auto manufacturers and dealers in franchise agreements.

Amended bills passed in the House (HB 2524) and Senate (SB 6272) that would allow Tesla Motors, manufacturer of electric cars, to continue and expand its system of selling cars directly from the manufacturer to the customer.

Sen. Mark Mullet, D-Issaquah, said in a news release that he supported the legislation that passed Feb. 19.

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Network keeps Patriots informed

February 25, 2014

The Liberty Student Network is a news channel broadcasted to all Liberty High School staff and students every month, keeping Patriots up to date on new topics regarding the school.

LSN works to provide its viewers with diverse topics, such as fun facts about teachers, updates on construction progress and much more. The network’s main priority is keeping Patriots informed.

Azan Sarosh Liberty High School

Azan Sarosh
Liberty High School

The network is changing this year since new teacher Torrey Womble has taken over. With the change in leadership came a change in equipment as well: The network now has newer equipment that it hopes will allow it to provide viewers with more special effects and better quality video.

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Student film festival was under marketed

February 25, 2014

Earlier this month, the Seattle International Film Festival branched out, and hosted an Issaquah International Film Festival in the Issaquah High School theater.

The event was meant to broaden SIFF’s normal audience and increase attendance among high school students. To help with that, the festival was accompanied by a daylong filmmaking challenge, in which the video production class (I-Vision) at IHS made short films about the same topic.

Jacob Brunette Issaquah High School

Jacob Brunette
Issaquah High School

The challenge was a success. The movies made by the I-Vision students were imaginative and well-made, and were broadcast to the entire school over the next week, through the I-Vision news program. Unfortunately, they did little to help the festival itself.

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‘IB Film’ develops creativity, enjoyment

February 25, 2014

This school year, Skyline High School added a new class to its International Baccalaureate course offering: “IB Film.”

The course aims to develop in students a “creative and critical independence in their knowledge, experience and enjoyment of film.” The class focuses on three main aspects of film — textual analysis, film theory and history, and creative process.

Salma Mahmoud Skyline   High School

Salma Mahmoud
Skyline High School

“Our goal was to develop an awareness of how film is constructed and how meaning is developed when you work with audiovisual imagery,” said Richard Harvey, chief examiner of the IB film program. “By understanding that process, students develop a greater awareness of how film communicates to them.”

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To the Editor

February 25, 2014

Tent City

The homeless are people who need a helping hand

It troubles me that the prospect of a temporary homeless encampment is so frightening to some in our community. Those called “the homeless” are simply neighbors who lack the security of having a space that they can call their own: four walls, a few amenities and a warm bed to rest in, undisturbed.

Some have lived for a long time well below the “average median income” and had no financial resources to cushion them when the economy collapsed or catastrophe struck. Some were models of worldly success until their well-planned future suddenly dissolved.

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Klahanie votes against annexation; Issaquah approves the bag ban

February 25, 2014

Issaquah’s ban on plastic bags still stands, while a Klahanie-area annexation continues to fall short.

As of Feb. 21, 1,504, or 49.51 percent, of the residents in the Klahanie area voted in favor of the annexation and to take on the encumbered debt of Issaquah, while 1,534, or 50.49 percent, voted against it.

Although the measure needs 60 percent to pass with the new residents sharing the city’s indebtedness, the City Council can still choose to annex the area if the vote receives a simple majority. Under that scenario, the Klahanie area would not assume its share of the city’s current indebtedness.

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Students invited to join science-centered programs

February 25, 2014

The Issaquah School District is holding three meetings in March for families of third-grade students interested in joining the district’s science and technology magnet programs.

The programs typically serve more than 50 fourth- and fifth-grade students over a two-year period. The magnet program is located at Briarwood, Cascade Ridge and Clark elementary schools, but is open to other schools.

The magnet program covers the standard district-adopted fourth- and fifth-grade curriculum, with an emphasis on science and technology. Grade-specific math instruction is also provided.

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Call me a citizen, not a customer

February 25, 2014

In Mayor Fred Butler’s Feb. 18 State of the City address, he said the first initiative of the coming year lies in providing “outstanding customer service.” It was the most recent example of hearing city officials in Issaquah and elsewhere refer to citizens as customers and I keep trying to unravel why it bothers me.

I should say up front that I have a silly little degree in political science, and obsessing over the details of government language comes with the territory. Still, my knee-jerk reaction would say, “You are a government, not Verizon or Domino’s pizza.”

Peter Clark Press reporter

Peter Clark
Press reporter

Clearly, governments who refer to citizens as customers do so in order to clarify the relationship between the public and the establishment. By saying they hold themselves accountable for the taxes they receive and pledge to provide good services in exchange, it frames the relationship in an economically driven way. Additionally, it makes the give and take seem more friendly and personal.

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February 25, 2014

‘When the Night’ By St. Lucia

St. Lucia is the solo project of Jean-Philip Grobler, a Brooklyn-based and South African-born electronic artist who has done remixes for the likes of Passion Pit, Foster the People and Charli XCX. “When the Night” is an electronic album inspired by 80’s synth pop that has its share of catchy choruses and masterful production. Songs on the album are all incredibly dance-worthy, with driving beats and rhythmic synth action, and they’re all pulled together by Grobler’s well-suited pop vocals.

Madeline Wells Issaquah High School

Madeline Wells
Issaquah High School


‘I Am Malala’ By Malala Yousafzai

When she was just 15, Malala Yousafzai stood up for her right to education in Pakistan and was shot by the Taliban. Miraculously, she survived and since her recovery, has been an outspoken activist and was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for her nonviolent protest. This book is her story, wherein she tells the tale of her family’s struggle due to global terrorism and their fight for education for daughters, not just sons.

Let’s Talk About It

February 25, 2014

Homework: What does Finland do that we don’t?

Students, how many times in the past week have you complained about your workload? What if I told you that this workload might be detrimental?

This is not the opinion of a mere high school senior frustrated by the amount of homework assigned by teachers. In fact, recent studies show the United States is consistently outscored in terms of academic ability by countries such as Finland, with radical differences in their educational systems, including — you guessed it — significantly less homework.

By Helen Wang Skyline High School

By Helen Wang
Skyline High School

So, how are their students so successful? There are many explanations, one of which is that they have more free time. I know I speak for many when I say that having 30 minutes of homework a day, rather than three hours, would make me feel less stressed. Instead of drowning in pointless papers, we would be able to do more things that we truly cared about.

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